Monday, June 6, 2016


LFM Member to Cathedral Mass goes yesterday: Would you like to sign the petition to stop sexual abuse.
Mass goer: Have some respect. We just got out of Mass.
LFM Member to Cathedral Mass goer: Oh, so you're for sexual abuse, then?

The End.

And along Marine Corps Drive this morning:


  1. That was a good come back. You're either with us, as God is or you're against us (and God).

  2. I thought it was the best time to ask. You just got out of church. The mass is the highest form of prayer, if I am not mistaken.

  3. What is the petition? How does a petition help stop sexual abuse? I think it is very wrong for the peitioner to make such an accusation after he/she was asked to have some respect. Remember that for the rest of us who aren't part of this LFM or CCOG movement, for some of us our silence is like the silence before the arrogance of Pilate.

    1. LOL. So comforting your sad self to Jesus.

    2. Tim not everyone is with you including us regular mass attendee. Take your mongols and get out here!

    3. Well Anon at 5.23, we have always known that there were many weak and coward Catholics like you, who pretend that going to Mass, and doing nothing about evil in our midst was OKAY!

      Guess what? It is not...
      And neither Tim, nor his Mongols will get out of here....just so that you can remain comfortable in your little corner...

      Your silence is your acquiescence.

      Your ESL level and your reference to mongols is straight out of Kiko's proto Judeo/protestant sect verbiage.

      The fact that you want to continue putting your head in the sand is fine, with me. That is your privilege if you want to look stupid with your rear end sticking out.

      But covering up for a child abuser, is low, very low.

    4. STFU Frenchie! Keep sucking Tim's vile.

    5. Hey that your a$$ talking? Bring it on bo-boy!

    6. Your hard earned $$$ at work....RMS, a half baked factory of KAKA.

  4. Stupid is as stupid does. You can't fix stupid.