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Posted by Robert Klitzkie

Clock ticking for Guam's Catholic church to respond to libel and slander lawsuit

Posted: Jul 26, 2016 4:51 PM
Updated: Jul 26, 2016 5:29 PM
By Krystal Paco

There are new developments to report in the alleged child sex abuse scandal that's has rocked the local Catholic Church.  Archbishop Anthony Apuron and the Archdiocese of Agana have been served. Four people have come forward accusing Apuron of sexual molestation, which he has denied. CONTINUED

Apostolic Administrator Hon found out on Friday that there’s a little more to the job than spouting platitudes. Sometimes reality interferes. Hon was served with a summons and complaint in law suit brought by Roy, Doris, Walter and Roland against Apuron and the Archdiocese. Han was served at the Chancery and apparently didn’t take it very well. Here’s a quote from the return of service filed by the process server. “According to Christopher Allen, a special process server for the courts, ‘Mr. Savio Fai refused to sign receipt of documents and tried to give the documents back to me.’” Not much harmony there either, Archbishop.

As the lawsuit progresses unity and harmony probably won’t be among its salient features. While every lawsuit has a personality of its own, some aspects are pretty predictable, like the deposition on oral examination. If Hon is summoned to a deposition he’ll be placed under oath and questioned by at least two lawyers. The lawyers will probably figure that Hon has a lot to say.  Here’s a line that appears in paragraph 27 of the complaint that Allen served on Hon, “Accordingly, all statements issued by the Agana Archdiocese prior to Archbishop Hon’s appointment are equally attributable to Archbishop Hon as to his predecessors.” That’s a mouthful, if you would but remember all the attacks on the four survivors at the end of the Apuron régime. Depositions and other discovery devices help ascertain the facts that can be used to turn at least some of the 50 Does into real people.

That line from paragraph 27,  “Accordingly, all statements issued by the Agana Archdiocese prior to Archbishop Hon’s appointment are equally attributable to Archbishop Hon as to his predecessors,” doesn’t surprise me nor should it surprise Hon. On July 1 a couple of us had shared some considerations with Hon. Here’s one:

The above is bolstered by Apuron’s video message from Rome that Archbishop Hon is here at Apuron’s request.  Silence rather than repudiation by Hon legitimizes the Apuron Rome video. Apuron’s picture, column, name on the masthead of the Umatuna Si Yu’os, Apuron’s picture and message claiming to be persecuted in the program of the June 12 Gala at the Hyatt, Apuron's public letter to the Filipino community and Apuron’s listing as the Pastor of the Cathedral parish (on June 29!) create the impression that Apuron is still in complete control of the archdiocese (coupled with Hon’s inaction until yesterday) and that Hon is just a horse holder.  The continued “apuronization”  continues to be validated by the silence of the Apostolic Administrator.’

Hon could have saved all of us and himself a lot of trouble if he had begun the deapuronization of the diocese upon his arrival. Because he didn’t, his encounter with Christopher Allen might be only the beginning of a series of more encounters with reality.


  1. The Apostolic Administrator is holding a press conference tomorrow. Probably just a coincidence, right?

    1. Mary Lou Garcia-PeredaJuly 26, 2016 at 10:00 PM

      The date is quite a coincidence — maybe the Apostolic Administrator planned his press conference as a birthday present to the Creator and Past Administrator of JungleWatch.

    2. What an Awesome "Birthday Present" this would be! What are the odds that all that you have been fighting for is going to be realized on Your Birthday Day Tim Rohr! My God is Not Sleeping and This Is Your BiBa Kumplianos Tim! Thank You for Protecting the True Catholic Churches and True Katolikus on Guam!

  2. What time is press conference for international viewers watching. I hope it can be live stream.

    1. The press conference live streams on KUAM's Facebook at 10 AM.

  3. Instead of trying to put distance between himself (Hon) and a oervert (Apuron), Hon chose to try and protect his good old boy Apuron. Very bad decision to side with a oervert and ignore the victims.
    Looks like another sad but classic example of how Rome is mostly clueless to the reality of sex abuse. It is amazing how Hon thought he could just tell the process server to just go away and that was a solution. Just like Apuron, Hon has his head buried up his xxx, strike that. Hon has his head buried in the sand.
    Sorry Archbishop, it didn't work for Apuron and it won't work for you.
    I hope your press conference shows a glimpse of reality and not a fantasy can't we all just get along!

  4. Apuron has been served. Only question remaining is whether Hon and Rome will continue to hide him or will they order him back to Guam to face his victims. Hon will do the wrong thing but I hope the Holy Father is still reading JungkeWatch so he can do what is right.