Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Posted by Bruce Williams

The Gestapo style removal of two priest from their positions without due process was justified because they were obstacles to the NCW plans for Guam.

Monsignor James Benavente and Fr. Paul Gofigan are apparently on the blacklist of the Apostolic Administrator. They’re not assigned to any committee and an assistant to AB Hon, stated there may have been good cause for their removal. AB Hon are you familiar with the legal term “culpable”?

Your silence is remarkable! You come from Hong Kong a former British colony now under communist China, a country were terror and propaganda rule the masses. The Church in China is not immune from this terror. Maybe you are “numb” to Gestapo tactics and the lack of due process. For the record, Guam is a U.S. Territory! Citizens have inalienable rights! The Church takes it cue from a higher authority, therefore the atrocities above are signs that the “smoke of Satan” has entered the sanctuary.

Pius the Samnut, who rules the roost at the RMS under the watchful eye of the Jersey Gangster Guissepe Genarinni, is the “Puppet Master” and AAA was the “Puppet”.

The “poison” responsible for the above atrocities is Kiko Arguello’s Kool Aid, the “cause & effect” that inspired JungleWatch, the C.C.O.G., LFM and Silent No More!  

Justice is coming! 


  1. Idiots where's Timmy, yeah right courage!!!!

    1. Tommy is around. Hehe.

    2. Tommy is around. Hehe.

    3. That's rich. Anonymous coward calling someone out on courage.

  2. A coward is Hon refusing to sign the summons served him.

  3. If he refuses the summons, we hope the layers for the victims bring it to court and convince the judge to have proper authorities impress on Hon that he is not in Rome, but in Guam and has to follow the laws of the land.

  4. Same shit with these delusional morons different day.