Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Posted by Frenchie

It has been pointed out, that Archbishop Hon is an Academic, and not an Administrator.
The last seven weeks are a painful, but strong reminder that this is a truism if ever there was one.

As an Administrator, Archbishop Hon, so far is getting an F, for failure.

On the other side he has demonstrated that he is adept and somehow, fairly successful as an opiate.

Archbishop Hon's goal to dull our senses, put the faithful in a dazed fog of relativity and fake actions is in full swing.

What have we seen so far?

  • After a very slow first four weeks, where he left in place the whole Apuron administration, (despite and against canon law) giving the Neos plenty of time to circle the wagons, he made some changes "ad minima"
  • The changes were few, and made to deflect from the fact that the Neos would keep most of the important posts.
  • Archbishop Hon selected wisely for his goals:

    Fr Jeff San Nicolas, (the Delegate to the Administrator) a jovial character, with a Friar Tuck quality, he has so far bought off on the whole reconciliation thing, spending countless hours meeting with whomever is willing to listen and interact. Fr Jeff is a likeable enough fellow, who is more of a cheerleader than an administrator, but he is a perfect choice for Hon. His connections with the Alumni of FD are of course priceless for the Administrative Vicar.  He is helped by another jovial and likeable person: Fr Mike.

Fr Mike truly believes in the reconciliation, even if he is probably very frustrated by the deaf ears at the Chancery, when it comes to the nitty gritty. As a well regarded local priest, he is taking a big risk if this approach fails.

Fr Lito Abad (the Chancellor) is a different number:
So far, he was better known to organize "pilgrimages" to odd places, and go on extensive trips.
Fr Lito is the quintessential "career priest", by choosing him as Chancellor, Hon has the perfect eminence grise, who will acquiesce to basically everything Hon puts forward. Also he is a good bridge to the Filipino priests.

  • But Archbishop Hon also made some costly errors to cool down the Neos.
He kept Apuron's numbers man, Deacon Kim, who is one of the most suspect member of the administration, since he is the one keeping the books, which we can only surmise is a whole load of
explosive data.
He put a seemingly cheerful, grand father like individual, in charge of communication Msgr Bibi.
Unfortunately, we all know the double facet of Msgr Bibi, who should have retired a long time ago, but continues to triple dip unabated.
He also kept Fr Jose Rodriguez as the vice Chancellor, the person who actually runs the day to day operations.

  • By these actions Hon kept in place the infrastructure of the Neos inside the Chancery, the real power, of the daily administration, and ultimately the lock on the administration. This is in itself an insult to the Catholic community at large.

Now that we understand what has been done, we can see the dangers of the approach of Archbishop Hon.

Since the beginning, Hon has insisted on reconciliation and unity. To most of us such lofty goal cannot be reached unless justice has been served. Hence the famous no justice no peace. This is even more disconcerting since, there is obviously no intention to correct the people that are at the root of the injuries and the injustices.
The main reason for it in Hon's eyes, being, that he does not want winners and losers. Yet, by failing to recognize this as a major injustice, he contributes to the deepening of the division.

You see, days in and days out the concept of Arch. Hon has of reconciliation is very skewed.
All what he does, is done reluctantly, and with intention to limit it to a minimum.

It has been rumored for a week now, that the Archbishop has finally agreed with Fr Paul and Msgr James that they had been wronged. Nothing concrete has been shown as we read these lines.
Official letters are supposed to be in the making, and are being drafted by a Canon Lawyer.
Quitagua of course has refused to be part of the solution, so one of the other three Canon lawyers, on island is doing the job.

Archbishop HON is slowly demonstrating to us, that he lives in a different world that we do....
This is because he is staying in an Ivory Tower.
This very dangerous, for two reasons:
1) there is delusion in anybody that thinks they have THE knowledge, because of their title or position
2) That disconnect is even wider because of the fact that the people that did most of the destruction and hurt in this diocese are the ones that really continue to run the diocese.


Tomorrow the Archbishop is having his first official Press Conference. It should be very telling.
We shall see, what comes down from that Ivory Tower.
Of course there will be another call for Unity and reconciliation, but the proof shall be in the pudding.

Are we going to be fed a few bones, or is the Archbishop going to really come down among us, and share our reality?

I guess, we shall find out in a few hours.
The natives are restless, and it will take more opium to dull their senses.

As for us, we shall continue to monitor this sad and avoidable situation, with hopes and prayers that Archbishop Hon, will start realizing that we are not some feeble minds, so easily fooled, by his artifices.


  1. It's a ploy again. Do not be fooled. Another bone will be thrown and unfortunately, there'll be some who will eat it. Keep guard, laity, for the battle is yet to be won. AB Savio, GET REAL! Know Justice, Know Peace.....NO Justice, NO Peace.

  2. Screwtape: Wormwood! Exactly what theatric maneuver have you for tomorrow’s expose’.

    Wormwood: Well uncle I was hoping to beat the enemies to the punch and have our esteemed Proxy-devil articulate a few words of wisdom to touch the hearts of the Assembly of the Law before the day of Jupiter! My brothers and I have hopes that the Assembly have had a change of heart and see nothing more than a few overly sensitive boys and that their lives are now quite normal as it were.

    Screwtape: Mmmmm….Wormwood you really are an imbecile! You must continue to delay the events, through man or nature so as to expend their resolve and wane their ensemble, remember detraction and disinterest is a very effective tools of the trade as we have used so many times in the past.

    Wormwood: Noted and thank you uncle, I shall not disappoint you again.

    Screwtape: I know you won’t, for you know the depths of which you will be condemned to, now look out for those Holy insignificant Priests, the ones who no longer fear the threats of our esteemed Proxy devil, for their hearts are burning with the same fire as that of their first Brothers in that room so long ago. We are called the Accuser, the Tempter, we who have no knees to bend to our Enemy. Invigorate the demons from our deepest recesses and corrupt the minds of these men so that they no longer recognize their Mother Church and our Enemy in that place called the Holy of Holies.

  3. Hon, this is not China. Take your regime and get out of our island. This is Guam and we have rights. You will soon see what living in a US territory with the US constitution. We will not be oppressed by a Chinese regime.

  4. AAA is a good example of leaders being actually out of touch with his people. He actually thinks that he is the same beloved AAA.

    AAA's skewed view of reality is also due to his constant back rubbing by 1% of the Catholics linked to NCW.

    The reality AAA is that you are now loathed and not loved by the Catholics you abandoned. Why?

    You bullied and fired your own non-NCW priests. You masterminded the occupation of our Church by training NCW priests to take over the churches of Guam. You even bullied people to fund your illicit press factory.

    But it is what you did to those trusting young boys. For your immediate sexual satisfaction you forced yourself on them. For this we do not want you back in our Church and please stop pretending to be our spiritual leader!