Friday, July 15, 2016


Posted by Jose Martinez

Thank you “Diana,” author of the website Neocatechumenal Way - An Insider's View, for reminding us today that your caustic NCW leadership is a major factor in the cause of the division in our Archdiocese.  If Archbishop Hon is truly interested in uniting our Archdiocese and eliminating the division, Fr. Pius should be on his short list. 

For now, let’s revisit an important milestone in the awakening of the laity of this Archdiocese:

In March of 2008, three Filipino priests, who were seeking incardination, were each sent letters on Archdiocese letterhead and were “offered” an undue ultimatum:  join the NCW or get out.    When these letters were obtained and revealed to their respective congregations, it ignited a resolve in a number of these priest's parishioners (among others).  They organized against the threats in the letters, against the NCW aggressiveness on Guam and against AB Apuron’s blatant submission to the NCW.   For, what I believe is, the first time in history on Guam, they gathered and protested against the Archdiocese on the steps of the Dulce Nombre de Maria Cathedral Basilica!

The revelations of these letters were the beginning of the exposure of the culture of fear and intimidation that is systemic in the leadership and methods of the Neocatechumenal Way that had infiltrated our Archdiocese.

Read an accounting of the three Filipino priests here.

View the letters sent to those three priests that threatened their service to their parishioners here on Guam if they did not comply.

But, back to the ultimate problem with the “Insider’s” blog and the evidence that Pius is an author of the division on Guam . . .

“Diana” is a person or persons who write under a pseudonym and was created specifically to counter JungleWatch.  In fact, if you follow that blog, it is mostly a direct response to these posts. As well, “Diana” is a coward.  “Diana” remains anonymous because the intent of that blog is to generate scandal without repercussion.  (Keep this in mind the next time someone dismisses "Diana" as just another blogger.)  They lack the fortitude to stand by their accusations and assertions by existing as a nameless "insider."
It is important to note that the NCW members on Guam do not make life decisions or engage in important actions without the express permission of their catechist of their respective communities.  Pius, as the lead catechist of all the neo communities on Guam, dictates overall, the lives of his devoted followers; what he says, goes – from major career changes, leaving off island, attending universities or colleges, running for political office and especially engaging in recognizable activity on the internet. 

To point, Fr. Pius sanctions the existence and content of “Diana’s” blog.  (it’s why I refer to “Diana” as The Herald of Pius.) He not only sanctions the activities of “Diana,” he almost exclusively links to the site on his own website.  “Diana” would not exist without direct permission from the lead NCW catechist on island.

The problem with this is that Pius as the lead catechist for the NCW, is a person of authority. Even now, he enjoys the (protective) privilege of holding the title of Rector for the Redemptoris Mater Seminary.  He is also a catechist for Archbishop Apuron, hence we can see where past decisions in our Archdiocese originated, as suspect those three letters from 2008.  (Fr Pius is not incardinated in our Archdiocese.)  Since he is responsible for the creation and existence of “Diana,” and added to the fact that he is held to a higher standard of discipline as per his position as the leader of the NCW on Guam and as Rector for the RMS, there is no mistaking that he should be held highly accountable for his endorsement and advocacy for "Diana's" blog.

To be clear, Fr. Pius’ removal will not automatically make things right on our island nor is "Diana's" blog the sole reason for this fissure. However, before Archbishop Hon can begin to heal the bleeding wounds of our Church, he should work on removing that which has pierced and continues to cleave our church through the orchestration of an instrument of division as a person of authority. 

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