Friday, July 15, 2016


Posted by Frenchie

More fake a smile, would be very difficult to find.
Only a life long politician, could do better, even then, under strong duress.

The Maltese incarnation of evil on Earth has made himself very scarce lately.

He has been rarely seen around the island since the arrival of our Vatican appointed Apostolic Administrator. Actually he was seen at the official introduction of Archbishop Hon at St Anthony and St Victor, and a few days later at the fund raiser gala for his own creation: " the Fake Seminary" located on the ill acquired Yona property.

Since then, he has retreated behind the Wall gated property, surrounded by his fake students, and a small cadre of Neo devotees. Only the strong olfactive  signature of his presence can be detected as you drive by.

So, what is going on with our unwanted guess?

  • Well he has been doing what he does best: working in the shadows, directing the traffic and the insane arguments of the Diana's blog, making sure that the buzz words are picked up by all the presbyters, catechists, "responsibles"  and other mouth pieces working for him. 
  • He has been gathering information on Hon and Nowak thanks to all the Chancery personnel doing his bidding.
  • He has tele-guided  Cristobal and Lirch to continue intimidating the clergy, and influence our  Apostolic Administrator, at least until after the first three weeks, when our jet lagged prelate finally woke up. (at least partially) to what was going on.
  • He has run interference locally, thanks to the neo-presbyters and the bought for priests who sold out for a few pieces of silver, or for silence on their past.
  • He has continued to feed Genarrini a lot of intel to allow Filoni to guide, hinder, slow down, and sabotage what ever little moves poor inept Archbishop Hon attempted.

He has turned the fake Seminary in a War Bunker, where he is running his war room, directing his troops here, and organizing the defense with Genarrini.

The British have a formula for this kind of situation.

The Chancery is officially running the "government"
Pius is running the Shadow government. Preparing for a turnover.

                                                          Pius the smoke and mirrors

YOU SEE FR. JEFF?   :  This is what really is behind door #1.......
A Seminary? Hardly !!! it never met its own Statutes, and as you shall see very soon, it does not meet any Vatican Standard, and is NOT affiliated to the Lateran.

So, dear Archbishop Hon,

while you are safe ( and we pray that you are) behind the walls of the Carmel, the real power is actually behind the Walls of the Gated Bunker in Yona.....any questions?

We have one for you: How long are you going to run this charade????


  1. Wormwood: Oh Uncle you would happy to know I’ve finally tired down that troublesome militant in ‘The Jungle’ who’s been exposing much of our father’s plan to destroy our Enemy’s Church and those awful faithful children of The Lady.

    Screwtape: Yes I see, but celebrate not just yet Wormwood for another troublemaker is in his stead and just as irritating has answered his calling and so far proving to know our history. And may I remind you, NEVER NEVER impute a word of insolence to His Mother, that Woman of Genesis, for even all the powers of HELL has no power over her and WE the devils are compelled to bows at her feet, DO YOU UNDERSTAND WORMWOOD!

    Wormwood: (GUUULP)…yes Uncle, but not to worry, our Adherents in the collars, the epicene and enervated ordained ones who are doing our deeds are awaiting edict from the one with the pious name and the esteemed Proxy has issued petitions for unity, forgiveness and forgetness, hehehehe, my little ruse Is working!

    Screwtape: Wormwood, quickly conceal the words of the man of Peter so the faithful are not enlighten of Rome’s recent decree.

    Wormwood: My brothers Dementorisbus and Chaostus are already at work. The island of San Vitores, once Ladrones will revert. We continue to make stride in these churches who no longer believe in the miracle of the Eucharist and have no regards to any of their Sacraments, hahahaha. If only they knew our foreign theology is forming their minds into little sprites. That new theology of that man of art, no longer the Fisher man, but the man who paints his image over the Anointed One.

    Screwtape: HELL awaits them my dear nephew Wormwood, our father below Is most grateful of your labor, the greater the heresy the more they will believe!

    1. Excellent. Perhaps better than the original!

  2. What a joke is Putrid attending Gala with Hon wearing his smelly monks robes. A bigger faker there never was. Hope hi is in daily, hourly contact with his directee....Br Tony. He really needs direction. To the place of deposition.

  3. My understanding is that RMS is a corporation sole and, together with the real estate, separate from the jurisdiction of the archdiocese. It is how Pius can remain on the property and not be ousted by Hon or anyone of the real church - at least for now. Determining the land ownership question then either by church or civil act is the only way to flush the rat out. This is the worst instant of any invasive specie Guam has encountered. Tony brought it in through his luggage. It was hidden in the bundle of money he was carrying from Giuseppe that Customs missed or overlooked.

    1. RMS is not a corporation sole. The realty of the Archdiocese of Agaña is owned by a corporation sole with our archbishop (still Apuron) the incumbent. In 2011 Apuron gave away the real property in Yoña to a non profit Guam corporation that we often call RMS. Apuron does not control that non profit corporation.

    2. ok, can you comment then again on the property matter, ie title and ownership. I ask because evicting Pius is the only way to get this rat out and maybe off the island. Certainly, he isn't going to be recalled by his masters.

    3. Carmelite Fathers are so irresponsible to leave the rat here. I'm guessing they do not want him around. Far away on the little island. Perfect solution to their stinking monk. Go in peace, Carmelite priests. You are rats too. Thanks so much. Not.

    4. Well anon at 3.11 you are right. Chuck had started and gathered a petition to remove Pius. When Chuck did send the petition to the General of the order, he received a flippant answer from the regional. I then answered to the regional in a long and pointed letter. It can be find on files under our respective names. You shall see that the Carmelite want him as far away from then as they can. His reputation precedes him.

    5. 2PM. RMS corporation, not the Archdiocese of Agaña corporation sole, owns the real property.

    6. A Carmelite Dung Beetle! Rare and evasive species from the Maltese islands. Like rodents they prefer sewers and are nocturnal.

  4. Thousand OJ fist pumps on this one!

  5. "Good riddance" is a common theme in Pius' life. Now he clings precariously in Guam but holds on for dear life through his usual devious plots lest he finds himself thrown out into the streets again. He got it so good with seminarians serving him hand and foot, even with the colonial rituals of serving him coffee, and he is not about to give up those perks. A Carmelite at that, demanding obedience like a deranged despot, when he should be quietly praying for the sanctification of the world! What an OCD!