Sunday, July 24, 2016


Posted by Webster

In a recent PDN article, Hon is quoted as saying that his "actions and decisions may be far from perfect, but are motivated jointly by solidarity, goodwill, and a profound sense of the unity of the Church".

First, let's get one thing perfectly clear. It is not "may”. Hon’s actions and decisions to date ARE far from perfect.

In fact, for someone with such lofty credentials and sent personally by the Pope to clean up the mess in Guam, he has been a failure. For seven weeks now, he has dilly dallied around Guam with this Kumbaya aloof attitude expecting the people of Guam to just set aside their anger, frustrations and contempt for Apuron and his cohorts because he is now here, our savior. Without meaningful and significant changes and actions, taken immediately and decisively, something that Hon has had over a year and half to investigate, ponder, discuss, analyze, and decide in Rome, there can be no unity.

Now, let's look at the rest of what Hon said. He said that he has been motivated by "solidarity, goodwill, and a profound sense of the unity of the Church".

Solidarity with whom? Apuron and his cohorts? The Neo? The victims in Nice, France? Because it certainly has not been with the innocent and suffering victims of Apuron’s vindictiveness, crimes, fraud, malicious and defamatory attacks. Hon, you cannot have solidarity without first reaching out to those who have been unjustly maligned, displaced, destroyed, and debased.

As for Goodwill, Hon has lost whatever goodwill was generated in the beginning (by what was hoped to be his cleansing and unifying presence) by his misplaced and misguided priorities, aloofness, and lack of decisive action. When a person is badly cut and bleeding profusely, one best do something first to stop the bleeding before attending to the rest of the body.

And Unity? Without justice, repentance, and taking immediate and decisive action to correct a wrong, you cannot have reconciliation and unity, no matter how “profound” one feels.

Hon, we are not asking that you be perfect. Just do the right thing, and if you cannot figure that out, I strongly suggest you mosey on back to Rome and have the Pope send someone who can.

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