Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Posted by Tim

Pius the Putrid, aka "The Stinking Monk," is the "Head of the Snake." And RMS is the SNAKE. Snakes are quiet. And The Sinking Monk and RMS have been kind of quiet lately, wouldn't you say? Maybe Archbishop Hon needs a reminder of what he learned in January 2015. The following is from THE ULTIMATE TREACHERY:

In January of 2015, the Deed Restriction was discovered and made public. In the same month, a Vatican delegation arrived on Guam to conduct an Apostolic Visit. The former members of the finance council met with the delegation and provided them with a copy of the Deed Restriction as well as the history of the archbishop's attempt to convey the title to RMS outright and their subsequent termination from the council when they refused to do so. JungleWatch does not know if the Visitators confronted Archbishop Apuron on the matter, or, if they did, what they advised him to do. But it seems that something happened because Archbishop Apuron suddenly got busy trying to cover his tracks.
It's time to review this whole sordid story. Read it here.

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