Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Posted by LaPaz, Jungle Watch correspondant from Spain.

The last vocational show of Kiko and his hosts gives us much material for sewing many costumes. 

One of them, the old tale about love between Neocatechumenal Way and Ortodox Church invented by Kiko and denied by the own Kirill, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russias, Primate of Orthodox Church since 2009.

People who lie as they eat or drink or sleep or walk use to admit without any embarrassment that their listeners are completely stupid. Compulsive liers think others eat their own lies without digestion. Just swallow and swallow.

Cultic leaders use to be like this. Narcissistic, megalomaniac, compulsive liers. 
A self-respecting cult leader needs to be glorified, admired, praised. He is supposedly touched by God to be more special than the rest. He is elected to understand better what is God's willing for everybody. 

If you question him, you are questioning God and you are doing Devil's work. 
That is why any trully beliver dares to say "the empereor is naked".

I do not think we could stop cultic leaders birthing. Hans Christian Andersen and his "The Empereor's New Clothes" reflect some aspects present in human being from the beginning of times. 

My hope is, as well, always will be intelligent people, honest and brave enough to say "NO" in front of him. Anyway it is quite sad to check intelligent, honest and brave people are statistically less numerous. 

I wonder why to be catholic is at the end something that obeys statisticall's laws more than God's mandates. If we look at catholic Church just now, we find that people capable to face cultic leaders are close to danger of extinction.

For example, last day at Kiko's show we had many cardinals and bishops. According to Kiko's words, those who have done the Neocatechumenal Way were just three news and maybe another three we already knew. 

How many of them are not in the Way or do not deserve the title of "Bishop of the Way"? Even being NCW supporters or friendly, how many of them are not walking nor never will be walking? The great majority. So, why none of them was able to stop Kiko "messing" to tell him the Truth?

I just only watch Cardinal Dziwisz being brave enough to give Kiko a cutting remark using his admirable fine irony. 

The rest, all laughing or keeping silence. I was admired by Cardinal Schonborn, that one who claims there are not cults within the catholic Church, listening to one of greatest Kiko's lies without lifting a finger!

Let's refresh his eminence's memory. All I am going to say was already published in Cruxsancta in January 2014! It is such a disgrace to know things remain the same. 
Today I will write a summary offering my sources.

Here you have a link to original in Spanish

"El Camino Neocatecumenal mostrará su forma de evangelizar a sacerdotes ortodoxos rusos.
Acuerdo de sus iniciadores con el patriarcado de Moscú".


Neocatechumenal Way will show its way of evangelization for Russian Ortodox priests.

Agreement of its iniciators with the Moscow Patriarchate.

MOSCOW, Sunday, October 22, 2006 ( .- According to an agreement reached with the Russian Orthodox Church, the Neocatechumenal Way will teach and train Orthodox priests in the evangelization process that follows this new ecclesial reality.

This has been revealed to Zenit by Kiko Argüello and Father Mario Pezzi, initiators and leaders of this movement, who along with Carmen Hernandez, met on Thursday 19 with the Metropolitan of Smolensk and Kaliningrad Kirill, chairman of the Department of Foreign Affairs patriarchy, to agree to such collaboration.

Told by Kiko, during the meeting the Metropolitan they presented what is the Neocatechumenal from its basic conceptions, reaching an agreement that will include, in a first stage, teaching the principles of evangelization of the Neocatechumenal Way and, in a second, the training of Orthodox priests.

"We do not intend in any way to proselytize," said Father Pezzi. "Metropolitan Kirill and the Orthodox delegation accompanying him have welcomed us very cordially and were aware that we had informed our visit to Cardinal Walter Kasper," president of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity.

The initiative to bring the methods and principles of evangelization which follows the Neocatechumenal Way to the Russian Orthodox Church was born in the same movement and has been a multiyear process that is crystallized with the agreement reached with the Orthodox Church.

"In our meeting with Metropolitan Kirill we have explained that the Way claims that the faith of people grow to occur they can then change and love. We have come to Russia to show our love, "said Arguello.

"In Europe, he continued, men are abandoning Christ and society is increasingly penetrated by individualism, what only matters is the satisfaction of "ego", the pleasure of our "self". There are few people in the churches. Therefore, God is preparing a new evangelization and the Russian Orthodox Church knows there is a must for a different way of catechizing. "

"Russia, like Europe, needs Christ. Here are millions of people who are alcoholic or commit suicide because they do not know Him. We must proclaim the Gospel and evangelize, it is take the man out of the situation that destroys him "he said.

During the meeting also were in the Cathedral of Moscow, on Friday 20 at night, Kiko, Mario and Carmen thanked the nearly 250 people from the Neocatechumenal communities of Russia and Estonia met on the occasion of this visit, training and supporting groups.

With songs in Spanish and Russian dedicated to God and the Virgin Mary, who inspired the Way, communities of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Volgograd and Estonia shared with Kiko, Mario and Carmen moments of conversation and prayer.

Also, as a sign of gratitude, the three leaders were welcomed at the Cathedral with the symbol of Russian hospitality: salt and a loaf of bread".

Surely Kirill, when heard Kiko preaching, noticed Russia needs to know JesusChrist and God is preparing a new evangelization there because russians are very bad. Surely Kiril had not thought before that Ortodox Church is quite bad too, because does not proclaim the Gospel for poor russians. 


In my humble opinion, 

And what happened then? 
Did Kirill feel Kiko's words like a little bit hurting?

We would never know. We can only suspect what an ordinary man had felt.
Maybe this...

At that time, 2006, Kirill was not the Primate of Orthodox Church. For them, this figure is equivalent to our Pope for catholics. Even if you are not orthodox, you have to feel respect for their "Pope" as for any of their religous figures.

Let's see what did Kirill answer then. Fortunately Kirill reacted fastly, not as our hierarchy do...they just laugh or act like being deaf.

24 October 2006, 12:52

Moscow Patriarchate dispels rumors of agreement with Neo-Catechumenate on evangelization training of Orthodox priests

Moscow, October 24, Rev. Igor Vyzhanov, Moscow Patriarchate DECR secretary for inter-Christian relations, has dispelled the reports that the Moscow Patriarchate and the Catholic Neo-Catechumenate movement concluded an agreement on training Orthodox clergy. 

The Moscow Patriarchate website circulated yesterday a statement made by the Neo-Catechumenate leader, Kiko Arguello, in an interview to the Zenit Catholic news agency that during the meeting between the movement leaders and the DECR chairman, Metropolitan Kirill of Smolensk and Kaliningrad, on October 19 an agreement was concluded whereby Neo-Catechumenate was to train Russian Orthodox clergy for evangelization methods. 

‘No final agreement was concluded at the meeting. We treated their proposals with great caution. Neo-Catechumenate, to my mind, is a very contradictory organization’, Father Igor said in an interview to Interfax

He also stressed that the position of the Moscow Patriarchate on the results of this meeting was officially state in the DECR communication press release of October 19, in which it was reported among other things that His Eminence Kirill in his talk with Neo-Catechumenate leaders ‘pointed to the need for a closer look at each other’s spiritual traditions, first of all, to see if the ideas of today’s religious movements correspond to the theological tradition of the Orthodox Church’. 

‘Naturally we have made no advances to Neo-Catechumenate’, the Moscow Patriarchate representative added. 

However, Kiko Arguello in his interview to Zenit said that according to the agreement allegedly concluded at the meeting with the Moscow Patriarchate delegation, the clergy of the Russian Orthodox Church would be taught evangelization principles in two stages: theoretical study and practical training. 

‘In Europe, people are abandoning Christ and society is increasingly penetrated by individualism where what is important is the satisfaction of the 'ego,' the delight of our 'I.' Few people come to church, that is why God is preparing a new evangelization. And the Russian Orthodox Church knows that there must be a different way of catechizing’, the leader of the movement said with confidence.

The Neo-Catechumenate Catholic movement was founded by its present leaders, Kiko Arguello and Carmen Hernandez in 1964. The principal task of the organization was declared as catechization of already baptized but not properly inchurched adults and bringing them to church life. 

Neo-Catechumenate is sometimes called a charismatic movement in Catholicism. It is disliked by some clergy and laity in the Roman Catholic Church for its insularity and excessively expressive methods of catechism."

Kiko, please, do not tell us more melodies!

Last day in your Vocational Meeting, Poland 2016, you were talking again about Neocatechumenal Way and Orthodox Church...with the same melody you played for Kirill in 2006.

Again, you has told your followers and many bishops and cardinals there are several neocatechumenal communities walking in "Orthodox parishes".

Again, you has told you and Carmen were talking and laughing with Kirill for two hours when you met him...and you said Kirill was "encantado de la vida"=amazing with you, seeming to be so familiar with you as if Kirill was your friend of the gang. 

This time we have internet to demonstrate you lied about Kirill and the NCW in 2006, when Kirill was not yet the Primate of Orthodox Church and you could not met him as if he was your colleague. You could have not meet him again after he becamed Primate, so you must be talking about 2006.

I hope our cardinals and bishops who look at your new clothes of empereor will be at least a quarter of brave and honest than Kirill was in 2006 with you. 

I hope they could loose just some minutes of their time to check your words with real facts through internet. If they are too tired to do it, I hope some of their court (they live as princes with a lot of assistant) would help them.

Who has ears to hear, let him hear!


  1. Thank you for this post, LAPAZ, another evidence of the lying bastard's grand illusions. You called him out on a blatant lie for his own glory. Somehow none of us are surprised by this customary deception that many high-ranking and ambitious clergy have bought from this despicable man. Stay vigilant and let us know about other lies that he keeps from us.

  2. Faithful people of Guam and the World:

    The Neocatecumenal Way is the enemy. Apuron is a neo. Forgiving and condoning of pedophilia is of the neo.

    Get rid of the Neocatecumenal Way!!! Now! Don't wait til you no longer recognize the Church that you love.


  3. Kiko stretches the truth to promote his cult. Years of discernment seems more like brainwashing to me. He says something that is far from the truth and is received as gospel truth by his cult members. For those not brained washed, they see the unfilered truth... a narcissistic old man with all the mannerisms of hitler.

  4. Thank you LaPaz! Your post is yet another brilliant write up of why the world has so many problems with the NCW.

    I am stupefied as to why the Vatican seems so blind to the problems.

    Yes they need to be pastoral in setting Kiko on the right path of honesty and respect for non-NCW Catholics and our cultural differences. Yes, the Vatican must proceed with care to correct the heresies the NCW promotes. Yes, they need to carefully bring the NCW to accountability.


    Kiko has been riding roughshod over the Church for nearly 50 years. When will Rome wake up and decide enough is enough? Are they waiting for Kiko to die, so they can work with his successor? That will be a futile effort, since all the next tier have been groomed by Kiko and share the same disdain for the true Church and "regular" Catholics. They are bigots and despise people not of their ethic and cultural heritage. Look at Giuseppi as an example. Will the NCW be better under Giuseppi than under Kiko? NO!
    We would only see more of the same.

    It is time for the Church leaders to reach out and smack down the NCW, to put them in their place and to hold them accountable for their actions. But because the Kikos have oodles of money they have bought influence in the highest circles. Little progress can be expected from Rome while the cash flows to Cardinal's and Bishop's secret bank accounts.

    Therefore, that leaves the dirty job of cleaning out the NCW to the local churches. And where local bishops are compromised, as is the case under the past bishop of Guam (Apurun) and the current Bishop of Guam (Hon), the role necessarily falls to the laity.

    Hon is not our savior. He is a Vatican bureaucrat sent to calm the natives. Well, we won't be fooled. We will continue to voice our disdain at all the abuses in the past, and in the present. We will not go away. We will not be silent. We will be strong Christian soldiers!

    Biba Katoliku!

    1. With love from Kiko at WYD 2016 In Poland:

      Then there is the island of Guam...brothers of, from Guam
      below Japan, in the Pacific
      three hundred brothers of Guam
      Courage! We pray for your bishop,
      we pray for you and for all the persecutions!

      AB Hon??? What say you?

    2. Janet B - MangilaoAugust 4, 2016 at 2:01 PM

      WHAT? Kiko offers no prayers for the victims?
      Typical. It's a mind over matter issue...they don't mind, because we don't matter.

      Kiko - your fake prophecy will soon end and it will be because of the true brothers AND SISTERS from Guam that take you and your corrupt regime down. I hope David Lujan finds a way to make one of those John Does "the Way"!

    3. more details on this coming soon

  5. The Russian Church stood up to Kiko! What's up Rome? Take off the blinders and see the Way for what it is, a cult and heretical movement!