Saturday, September 17, 2016


Sorry people, there's no other way to say it. Hon is a LIAR. Hon is a LIAR. Hon is a LIAR. What an insulting, pathetic joke of a cleric this man is. I don't care if he's a bishop. So was Judas. 

HON: the Bill the legislature passed will have some very damaging unintended consequences. 

What an #$%! He talks to us like we don't know what the @#$% we are doing. "Unintended?" You @#$%. The bill will have consequences EXACTLY as we intended. We want to put a barrier between our children and damaging people like YOU forever! Get it! HON! Get it? 

HON: As happened in thirteen other dioceses in the U.S., the result will very likely be to drive the Archdiocese into bankruptcy. Bankruptcy will mean the forced sale of Church properties that currently house our schools and social services.

Hon doesn't know @#$% about bankruptcy. What a pathetic, lying fear-monger this fake bishop is! Show us one diocese which was forced to sell a school. 

HON: In other states where similar laws were enacted, the results have been school closures and the cessation of vital services. 

LIAR. LIAR. LIAR. Show us, Hon. Show us. 

Now check this out. Did Hon just suddenly learn about the "danger" of this legislation? The bill was in the news for months. The bill had two public hearings and not a single word from the chancery. Not even written testimony. The bill went to the floor and NOT a single word from the chancery. And now that it's passed they are suddenly springing into action? Huh?

I'll tell you what happened. Hon got to Rome and got his ass chewed out. No red hat for Hon if this bill becomes law. So he's scrambling to save his ass and offering us Apuron's ass as bait. He's saying "look, I'll get rid of Apuron, just don't sign that bill!" 

We don't care if you get rid of Apuron, Hon. Apuron is history. If he dares set foot on this island again, he's gonna get "magellan-ed." 


Only a couple of weeks ago you were mocking the victims and now you are "reaching out" to  them? Only a couple of weeks ago you were lecturing us on "deepening our faith in our bishop," and now you are telling us you are pushing the pope to get rid of him? Only a couple of weeks ago, you were mocking the people of Guam from the pulpit, and now you are begging our help?

What changed, Hon? What changed? 

Actually, NOTHING changed. You got your ass chewed out and now you want us to stick our head up yours. Well SCREW THAT. 


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