Saturday, September 17, 2016


Sorry people, there's no other way to say it. Hon is a LIAR. Hon is a LIAR. Hon is a LIAR. What an insulting, pathetic joke of a cleric this man is. I don't care if he's a bishop. So was Judas. 

HON: the Bill the legislature passed will have some very damaging unintended consequences. 

What an #$%! He talks to us like we don't know what the @#$% we are doing. "Unintended?" You @#$%. The bill will have consequences EXACTLY as we intended. We want to put a barrier between our children and damaging people like YOU forever! Get it! HON! Get it? 

HON: As happened in thirteen other dioceses in the U.S., the result will very likely be to drive the Archdiocese into bankruptcy. Bankruptcy will mean the forced sale of Church properties that currently house our schools and social services.

Hon doesn't know @#$% about bankruptcy. What a pathetic, lying fear-monger this fake bishop is! Show us one diocese which was forced to sell a school. 

HON: In other states where similar laws were enacted, the results have been school closures and the cessation of vital services. 

LIAR. LIAR. LIAR. Show us, Hon. Show us. 

Now check this out. Did Hon just suddenly learn about the "danger" of this legislation? The bill was in the news for months. The bill had two public hearings and not a single word from the chancery. Not even written testimony. The bill went to the floor and NOT a single word from the chancery. And now that it's passed they are suddenly springing into action? Huh?

I'll tell you what happened. Hon got to Rome and got his ass chewed out. No red hat for Hon if this bill becomes law. So he's scrambling to save his ass and offering us Apuron's ass as bait. He's saying "look, I'll get rid of Apuron, just don't sign that bill!" 

We don't care if you get rid of Apuron, Hon. Apuron is history. If he dares set foot on this island again, he's gonna get "magellan-ed." 


Only a couple of weeks ago you were mocking the victims and now you are "reaching out" to  them? Only a couple of weeks ago you were lecturing us on "deepening our faith in our bishop," and now you are telling us you are pushing the pope to get rid of him? Only a couple of weeks ago, you were mocking the people of Guam from the pulpit, and now you are begging our help?

What changed, Hon? What changed? 

Actually, NOTHING changed. You got your ass chewed out and now you want us to stick our head up yours. Well SCREW THAT. 


PDF copy here


  1. Hon holds the title APOSTOLC ADMINISTRATOR but actually he is neither.

    1. File Bankruptcy Soon -- Voluntary or Involuntary!

      One of the great benefits of bankruptcy is that it gets all litigation involving the debtor (Archdiocese of Agaña) under “one roof,” so to speak, through the process of bankruptcy ancillary proceedings.

      Any dispute to which the debtor is a party (plaintiff or defendant) must be decided in the federal bankruptcy court -- beyond the reach of NCW Cult. This would include defamation actions, a quiet title action over the RMS property, RICO claims for fraudulent ordination, and any claims by survivors of abuse that was abetted by institutional cover-up.

      There is an Automatic Stay on all civil litigation anywhere in the USA as the bankruptcy court sorts things out.

      Frankly, bankruptcy would save the Archdiocese a great deal of money in attorney fees alone, considering all the pending and impending litigation. All attorney fees in such cases must be approved by the court.

      God created Purgatory because He is infinitely just, but infinitely merciful.

      Bankruptcy is the civil law attempt to emulate that divine justice and mercy in the financial sphere.

      To the extent possible, the just claims of those injured by the Archdiocese and its “employees” operating under a culture of blackmail will be satisfied, while the faithful within the Archdiocese are shown mercy in a fresh start without overwhelming debts.

      Selling off the Yoña property and the Chancery would be well worth the purification of our Church.

      Needless to say, in bankruptcy ancillary litigation, the actual abusers can be forced to disgorge personal assets and any ill-gotten gains.

      Fraudulently concealing assets in bankruptcy proceedings is a federal crime. So it is quite possible that predators who have avoided imprisonment due to running of the statute of limitations may once again find themselves facing the same fate if they are not fully candid about their assets.

      The beauty of bankruptcy is that we do not need to wait for the tedious workings of the Chancery to do so.

      Even a single survivor can file an involuntary case to place the Archdiocese into bankruptcy.

      Let the race to the courthouse begin!

    2. Actually, the Archdiocese remains in control as to timing or necessity, which would likely depend on a financial analysis of the value of the pending claims. This is still unclear.

      The Diana blog has posted a 2002 article from Slate about when Archdiocese of Boston was contemplating filing, which notes that involuntarily bankruptcy is inapplicable to charitable organizations.

      Enactment into law of Bill 326-33 is a prerequisite to the Archdiocese of Agaña having significant liability in the first place.

    3. “An involuntary case may be commenced only under chapter 7 or 11 of this title, and only against a person, except a farmer, family farmer, or a corporation that is not a moneyed, business, or commercial corporation, that may be a debtor under the chapter under which such case is commenced.” 11 U.S.C. § 303(a) (emphasis added), available at

      Thus, a nonprofit corporation which is acting as such cannot be placed into involuntary bankruptcy.

  2. I think that once all the Petitions are submitted to the Governor, CCOG should request for copies of them under the Sunshine Act and print them in the newspaper so everyone knows in the community support Child Abuse.

  3. I thought only Apuron was capable of such underhanded tactics. I was wrong.

  4. Interesting statement how the potential of this bill could lead to school closures. Where was Apuron when St. Paul's in Ordot shut down as money flowed to RMS. Where was Apuron when Mt. Carmel was on the verge of being shut down before Mike Phillips stepped in to save his beloved alma mater.
    Hon, Rome is burning but We, the Church, with faith and persistent
    determination will rise up from the ashes just as the phoenix did.
    You have really overstepped your bounds...Mt. LamLam is about to erupt!!!

  5. Bob, he is a "traitor" of sorts. Hides behind Our Lady of Sorrows and throws Apuron at the pit bulls. Why does Hon have droopy shoulders and a flat forehead. When you tell him of the church problems on Guam he shrugs his shoulders, when the CCOG pushes him he slaps his forehead. He hasn't done anything without being pushed first. Sell the Chancery! It has become too much like a palace anyway. The Catholic Church has lost its moral positioning system (Moral Compass). Let's see, what's more important, our children or buildings. Well of course, it's a no- brainer, buildings!! We can always make and rape more children, but where are we going to get new buildings? His letter is so Neo, full of words and no facts. Which Diocese went bankrupt? How many schools were sold? Scare the locals and they will do anything. Bill 326-33 was designed to help victims!! Being sorry does not cut it!!! Only Justice Will!! Using the Mass to cover up lies and abuses makes Hon equal to Apuron. Stay in Rome Hon!! Send us Bishop Schneider!! We remain "Silent No More!.

  6. Hon has no integrity whatsoever! And like all men of courage and integrity, Hon has run to Rome like Apurun the pedophile!

    The only message that should be read at Mass is "Hon & Apurun have flown the coop".

  7. Archbishop Hon your letter is a disaster you really have no idea how deep this abuse is. How many have suffered because of apuron and others.

  8. I actually started these comments a while earlier before Tim posted his blog – so let me edit those comments to incorporate some revelations from his latest blog. Then continue as I had started to say…….

    Just my own take, but….. To all concerned: Let’s stop fretting whether the Governor will sign the bill into law! Bill 326-33 will become law - with or without the Governor’s signature. If he signs it, it becomes law. If he doesn’t sign it, he can either let it lapse into law without his signature, or return it to the Legislature with his veto. But seeing that the bill passed with a 13-0 votes (2 absences), vetoing the bill wouldn’t make political sense since all the Legislature needs is 10 votes (2/3 of 15) to have it overridden – and then it becomes law. So, whichever you look at it, Bill 326-33 will become law – even if 10,000 signatures are obtained against it. It’s basically a done deal!

    The question is what to do about Archbishop Hon’s letter from Rome (dated Sept 15, 2016 – Rome date). There had been earlier “talk” that Archbishop Hon will be instructing his priests and school officials to lobby the Governor to not sign Bill 326-33 into law, and even involve school children into signing petitions.

    It had been reported that at least in two churches (Cathedral and St. Anthony’s) priests had spoken from the pulpit in opposition to Bill 326-33. Shame on these priests. And it had been rumored that he was going to call on other priests of the Archdiocese to publicly lobby (from the pulpit) for the Governor’s veto of the bill! Now we have living proof of his intent – his Sept 15 letter from Rome, asking the laity to do exactly that – on the ground that it would create grave financial damage to the Church coffers in Guam!

    I encourage every priest or school official, or member of the Catholic Laity, to defy any such order from Apostolic Administrator Hon. Come out in OPEN DEFIANCE against an immoral request. Let the Catholic community know that standing up in defense of Bill 326-33 is your way of declaring your protection of our children against sexual predators.

    Instead of worrying whether Bill 326 gets signed into law by the Governor, concentrate your energies in protecting against any future abuses on our children by sexual predators – by refusing the request of Archbishop Hon to lobby against Bill 326-33. Too late! Plenty of time to have reflected on what Archbishop Hon is reflecting on just NOW. He has had his opportunity to speak publicly “on behalf of the Church” – but he didn’t! Bill 326-33 is as good as law! Now let the chips fall where they will.

    There was plenty of time (months) since Silent No More started this movement – with petitions, push to introduce the bill, public protests, hold public hearings, submit testimonies for or against the bill, debated on the legislative floor, submitted to the Governor for signature . And now (on the 11th hour) we are being asked to take back our public testimonies, make us look like fools – all because “the Archdiocese will be exposed to unlimited financial liability”! So be it! Let justice prevail!

    FANOHGI, CHAMORRO! FANOHGI, KATOLIKON GUAM! Which side of the line on the sand do you stand? (jrsa: Sat, 9/17/16)

  9. Got word earlier tonight about Hon's letter. When I started to read the actual letter, I couldn't believe that he was actually pushing for the removal of AAA. However, after reading the second half of the letter, I was brought back to reality. AAA appears to be the sacrificial lamb or some type of barter to appease the laity in order to get them to support the Governor's veto of the Bill. Disgusting!! Agreed that the Archdiocese had the opportunity to voice its opposition months ago during public hearings. Too little, too late I say! Tim, please provide more hard evidence that Catholic institutions (schools, etc.) and critical services they provide won't cease even when pedophiles such as AAA are successfully sued. I think this will allay some of the laity's concerns.

  10. Bankruptcy protects debtors!

    As a matter of law, the very purpose of bankruptcy is to provide a “fresh start” to debtors and potential debtors, such as the Archdiocese, giving them some protection from the unpayable amounts owed to creditors and would-be creditors such as our abused survivors.

    Look it up.

  11. Hon's letter is absolutely ridiculous. He talks about unintended consequences?

    What Hon forgot to mention are the following unintended consequences:
    Hon knew of sex abuse when he was here in January 2015, which resulted in an unintended consequence of enraging the people of Guam.
    Hon knew since 01/15 of Apurun's abuse of sex abuse policies and did nothing, resulting in the unintended consequence of allowing further abuse by Apurun.
    Hon allowed the NCW idiots to control the Church which resulted in the unintended consequence of splitting the dioces to where we are today.
    Hon did absolutely nothing to protect victims or our youth until lawsuits were filed, which was an unintended consequence.
    Hon reached out to Apurun in his first prayer service while totally ingoring victims, which resulted in the unintended consequence of making the legislature wonder why the diocese showed no care for the victims.
    Hon did nothing to address the legislature's bill which resulted in the unintended consequence of giving the senators the impression that the Church intended to do nothing about the sex abuse crisis.

    No need to go on further.

    When you treat the victims like shit they will sue you, when you treat them with dignoity and respect they will not. The consequence is what you made it to be.

    The laity has been screaming for help for more than three years and Rome has done nothing to address a whole string of legitimate issues. The consequence is the bill now before the Government. How dare you tell us we should understand the unintended consequences.

    We have seen this trainwreck coming for a long time while Rome fell asleep at the wheel. Maybe the unintended consequence you should be aware of is that by our reaching out to Rome, and its refusal to act, you are also an institution liable for lawsuits. There's an unintended consequence you probably haven't considered.

    Well, get ready!

  12. Inarajan - Figures Don't LieSeptember 18, 2016 at 1:14 AM

    I have been doing some homework tonight to try and find out the truth about bankruptcies, sex abuse lawsuits, and their impact. I hope to finish up early in the morning so we can have a discussed based on facts, not one sided scare tactics.

    So far it looks like we are being bamboozled. The Church saving its ass, by saving its assets, rather than caring for the victims. I'll get back, even if I have to stay up all night.

    This is a very disturbing effort by the Church.

  13. Inarajan - Figures Don't LieSeptember 18, 2016 at 1:19 AM

    By the way, I believe the Holy Spirit is on the side of the laity.

    Tonight's gospel at mass ends with: "No servant can serve two masters.
    He will either hate one and love the other, or be devoted to one and despise the other.
    You cannot serve both God and mammon.”

    It seems like the Church's biggest priority is to save assets.

    Question for Hon and every priest who reads the letter:
    Are you serving God or mammon?

    1. Rose de los Reyes (Seattle, WA)September 18, 2016 at 2:59 AM

      With Fr. Hon's letter about saving the Church's assets being distributed and read at this Sunday's masses, many parishioners will be listening to the homily carefully to see how the priest can preach to its congregation about serving God, yet a few minutes later, advocating for the protection of the Church's assets at the expense of justice for past and future child sexual abuse violations. Oh, the irony ... I agree with you, Inarajan. Today's reading is clearly on the side of the Faithful. Fr. Hon and the rest of the clergy and religious, take heed. You taught us that the scriptures are God's words --- well today, God has spoken on this issue. And he was clear with his words.

  14. What an insult to this island. Hon thinks we are stupid. Maybe David the ass had something to do with it but when I think of it, pius also said he's headed to Rome to speak to his superiors. Well we know why now. Diana, you hear the Holy Spirit now?

  15. wtf hon. hon is fear-mongering. tim is right on: this 11th-hour move about the bill just shows that hon got his ass chewed in rome, and he's now scrambling to cover it.

    you know what this is? betrayal with a kiss for 30 pieces of silver--except that the kiss is coming all the way from rome.

    dear clergy of guam: please don't follow this order by hon. deep down, you know it to be a slap in the face of the victims--living and dead--of your confreres. do the right thing!

    dear governor calvo: sign the bill asap. don't just let it lapse into law.

    dear laity: rise up! enough is enough! be not afraid!

    personally, i'd prefer going to Mass under a temporary tent on ypao's grassy area, knowing that my Church is suffering but truly faithful and joyful, rather than going to a Mass in air-conditioned comfort, but in a church that worships the idols of status and material possessions, sacrificing children to them.

    below is background info from an article last year regarding the bankruptcy filing by the archdiocese of st paul-minneapolis.


    ``In most of the 11 other diocesan bankruptcy cases, parishes and schools were treated as separate entities. If the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis were to file for bankruptcy, chances are good, based on what we know from most other cases, that the doors of its churches and schools would remain open.

    ``In three dioceses' filings — Tucson, Spokane and Wilmington — schools, parishes and other entities were directly affected. The Diocese of Tucson's settlement classified parishes as independent corporations and froze parish expansion projects. During the Diocese of Spokane's 89-month bankruptcy, a judge ruled the opposite: that churches, schools and other assets belonged to the diocese, and could be sold, if necessary, to pay victims.

    ``In the case of the Wilmington, Del., diocese, many parishes' investments were found to have been commingled with diocesan funds, which made them available to creditors. Despite the fact that parishes believed their assets to be safe, they were lost in the proceedings. A bankruptcy judge later told parishes they had the right to sue the diocese.''

  16. Now it is obvious how to make Rome listen: file a lawsuit! With such a threat coming from the impending passage of the Sex Abuse bill, Rome is ready to throw apuron under the bus. And when the threat becomes reality, will Rome also throw Hon under the bus? I hope so. And, while we're on this subject, let US throw all the priests preaching against this bill under the bus, too! They do not deserve anything but our contempt!

  17. Belly aching still? You got what you want.

  18. Allow me to write a comment from Rome. I anderstand and agree totally with your indignation. But let me add a goog news. What happens in Guam, means de beginning of the end of the NCW, even more responsable then AAA, for what is happening in Guam.
    I rejoice, because in and from this far off island, the heretical NCW wanted to built up a model of perfection, that should show to the whole Church, not only to Guam, the perfection of his evangelization program to occupy the whole Church, not only Guam. Dont forget that the NCW has around 1,500.000 menbers around the world, more then 110 Seminaries "Redemptoris Mater" like yours, and "controls" a crowd of Cardinals and Bishops.
    The fight is indeed much more important then the little Catholic church in Guam. It affects the whole Catholic Church. It remembers me in some way, of what happened in the period Jésus lived. No one could believe that from Nazaret (Guam) should come something important. Natanael, who afterwards followed the LORD asked the Apostel Philipp: "Can something good come out of Nazaret?"
    So dont watch only your schools and chapels, but recognize that God has with you, Catholics from Guam, a great, universal project!.

  19. gofigan's ego got the best of him. same with the other ones. do you people really think the parents of the catholic schools will allow their schools to be shut down? can you imagine sister doris letting that happen or sister emeline? come on, get real! mary meeks and sister jean ann would never allow that to happen. FD on the other hand is so wishy washy, their administration are more girlie than all the studenta at AOLG. whatever the priests say in church, what is stopping you/us from taking the pens away from whoever is signing and tell them, they are signing the church's death certificate. tell them straight and pour holy water on those petitions. you can't trust Hon, you can't trust his minions inherited from apuron. you want the church back? take it back but stop whining about what disappointments these priests are and push back. fr. lito is laughable. that jerk is only about who is going to give him the thicker envelope, take him to fancy hotel parties and speaks in his language. this CCOG talks a good lot but hey, all talk, no action same as the politicians. finally, you think Calvo gives a damn about this issue? hell no. he's just as corrupt as the church and who is the team leader of his finance team? the NEO queen bernie artero. stop walking the sidewalks, walk into the church and do the protests.

  20. This is like telling a victim I know you were victimized but if we pursue this to the full extent of the law we will lose our home and our posessions!! I felt like the victims just got abused over again! This bill should be signed into law so that INSTITIONS will do there due diligence to protect our children from going through all the trauma of being sexually abused. SIGN IT ALREADY GOVERNOR!!!

  21. If Apuron bites the dust, lying Hon won't be responsible for his demise. The resignation noise he's making now is just a worthless P.R. game.

    If Francis decides perverse Apuron is more trouble than he's worth, he'll be forced to resign under cover of a fake illness. Hon has no control whatsovever over that issue.