Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Posted by Tim

Kudos to Archbishop Hon! It appears that in his quest for unity and reconciliation, Hon is REALLY, and I mean REALLY reaching out!

For years the archdiocese has been famously at odds with the several attempts to legally normalize same-sex unions. In fact, it could be said that the initial spat back in 2009-2010 between Apuron (it wasn't really him) and Vice-Speaker Cruz, who championed the legislation, is what led to the larger war which eventually brought Apuron's accusers to the fore and ultimately Hon to Guam. 

But now we can all rejoice that the hatchet is buried and the local Church under Hon is embracing supporters of same-sex unions, symbolized by his very significant appointment of Sarah Thomas-Nededog to chair perhaps the archdiocese's most important committee: the new task force which will review the archdiocese's extremely problematic sex abuse policy. 

In 2010, when Nededog was a candidate for the legislature and Vice-Speaker Cruz' same-sex union (domestic partnership) Bill No. 185 was a burning issue, Nededog said during a KUAM interview:
"If I was to be elected and Bill 185 was to come before us right now today, I would vote for it..."
In fact, because of Nededog's public stance in favor of same-sex unions, Apuron blacklisted her in the August 29 edition of the Umatuna (then called The Pacific Voice). The Marianas Variety reported;
In its Aug. 29 issue, “The Pacific Voice listed all the senatorial candidates who “support the legalization of same-sex unions.” The 13 candidates include...Sarah Thomas-Nededog..."
We can also rejoice that under Hon, our local Church appears to be also softening its stance against birth control. In addition to her other many duties and professional credits, Nededog was (or maybe still is) the Vice President of Westcare, an organization which includes "pregnancy prevention" amongst its list of services

And while it hasn't been announced yet, there is reason to believe that Nededog will also play a significant role in the expected gubernatorial campaign of Guam's most famous abortion advocate, a person so dedicated to abortion that she publicly opposed legislation that would mandate normal medical care for infants who survive failed abortions. 

Seriously, we in JungleNation offer our apology to Archbishop Hon. We see now that he truly is "reaching out" to bring "unity and reconciliation" across the board. It's "wonderful news."

We only have one concern however. In her interview with the KUAM, Nededog said:

"When the archbishop (Hon)  spoke with us, I want you to know that we walked away from that interaction feeling very inspired and very supported in this work that we're going to do. There is a very strong recognition that the archbishop and the archdiocese want to make a very big push toward the protection of our children the most vulnerable people in our community."

The BIG PROBLEM with the current policy is that it does not hold the bishop accountable. One wonders, after this warm-fuzzy statement by Nededog, whether or not she will have the necessary objectivity, as the committee chair, to do what is necessary but may be something Hon does not like. If not, then we are no better off than before. Too bad Hon didn't pick Vince Pereda. After his testimony on Bill 326-33, there is no doubt about his ability!

Oh, yah. We just passed SIX MILLION views. 

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