Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Posted by LaPaz, Jungle Watch Correspondent from Spain.

Last news from El Callao, Perú, where lay catholic people are fed up with their neocatechumenal Bishop, Mons. Del Palacio, because he treats with closing all non neocatechumenal parishes.

"Callao necesita pastor" (Callao needs a Sheperd) has uploaded a video in Facebook (I am not able to link it directly here, please go to
https://www.facebook.com/callaonecesitapastor/videos/vb.913185662083111/956078631127147/?type=2&theater ) where some of them are in front of -I think- Mons. Del Palacio's office asking Pope Francis to rebuild Callao Church with banners and shouting "no more extorted priests", "stop threatening" and similar.


Just one example of how paint things there with the Way, the neocatechumenal bishop and the lay catholic non neocatechumenal people . Cruxsancta shows some pictures I copy here for you (original in http://cruxsancta.blogspot.com.es/2016/10/todos-somos-iglesia-pero-unos-mas-que.html)

1. Here we see Mons. Del Palacio and, left in the picture Fr. Richard Cordova, former parish priest in San Gabriel de la Dolorosa, where that picture was taken. Notice the neocatechumenal style of paintings behind them.

2. Fr. Richard Cordova was sent to María Auxiliadora Parish, where the parish temple is absoltely non neocatechumenal, as you can see in next pictures (notice there are kneelers and there are not any Kiko's paintings).

3. Of course, Fr. Cordova decides there is time to change that parish of "natural religious" and starts "neocatechumenalizing" the temple, of course wiht this nice image of María Auxiliadora by Kiko presiding the church.

4. Lay people, who at least give the money to undertake the refurbishment, did not like it. And this is how the neocatechumenal new parish, Fr. Cordova, found his so loved Kiko's mural! It has just disappeared!

5. Finally, the neocatechumenal bishop, very ungry, considered he had to speak with those "natural religious", very determined to stand up in front of him, and it seems he has adviced them, full of love, they can not forget they are going to die someday....then, why wasting your time arguing over a simple picture? 

Maybe Bishop Del Palacio understates strong determination of such "natural religious", as well as he gives any importance to threats of death suffered by non neocatechumenal priest in his diocese. 

Kiko, you are tightening the rope too.


  1. Tim blogged on this Bishop last year. http://www.junglewatch.info/2015/02/you-memorizes-this-name-for-present-and.html.

    Thank-you LaPaz.

  2. Evil, heretical, unscrupulous. These seem to be the common threads that run through the kiko fabric. Time to toss this piece of rag out of Guam!

    I know this is unfair to the inhabitants there, but I've heard talk of a mission to Mars, for only $200,000 per person. Maybe kiko can saddle up 500 of his closest friends to start a community there on Mars.

    Yes, I know it's unfair to all Martians, but they can choose to stay on the other side of their planet.

  3. Rose de los Reyes (Seattle, WA)October 6, 2016 at 1:58 PM

    Thank you, LaPaz for another enlightening piece. It looks like Guam is not the only diocese targeted for a full-on Neo take-over.