Thursday, November 3, 2016


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On July 23, Apuron sent a letter to Cardinal Filoni requesting Hon's removal as Apostolic Administrator of the Archdiocese of Agana. Apuron complained that Hon had exceeded his authority by:
  • Rescinding the decrees against the CCOG and Deacon Martinez 
  • Requiring the resignation of all officials, pastors and vicars of the Archdiocese
  • Requesting the presbyteral council to write to Rome calling for Apuron's resignation
  • Interfering with the investigation by collecting the testimonies from his accusers (which were forwarded to Rome), and retaining a civil law firm to defend the archdiocese
Puffed with Neocatechumenal power and firm belief in the power of their "Red Pope" (Filoni), The Diana and the Neocats were certain that Hon would soon be gotten rid of. Apuron assured them this would happen by November. 

What Apuron did not tell them is that the response from Pope Francis on September 30, was HELL NO.  Specifically, Apuron was told that Pope Francis' appointment of Hon was "per mandatum speciale Summi Pontificus, and therefore in the name of the Holy Father, against Whose decision there is no recourse." In other words, Tony, SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN.

Apuron's attempt to get rid of Hon appears to have sent Francis over the top because not only did he tell Tony to shut up and sit down, he underscored his intent to finally get rid of this pathetic pedophile (who he had already asked to resign on May 28) by appointing a bishop who not only now has the immediate right of succession to Apuron's episcopal seat (sorry Adrian), but was given special faculties by the pope himself to immediately administer all aspects of the diocese "without exception."

So this is why Tricky Dick and Dingbat Diana are rushing to frame Byrne's appointment as a victory. They think Apuron's attempt at hierarchical recourse actually worked when the truth is that Apuron the Molester just got a major slap down that he didn't tell them about. (LOL Tricky Dick and Dingbat Diana!)

But don't expect Apuron to go away. He intends to defy the Holy Father and return to Guam. (He's probably banking on Filoni becoming the next pope in a very short period of time. Watch your back, Papa Francesco!)

Here's a quote directly from Apuron's letter:

"(Hon's action) gravely jeopardizes my ability to defend myself and resume the stable governance of the diocese."

This should send shivers up your spine for you know exactly what sort of sick narcissistic vengeance Apuron would wreak if he ever did return. 

As usual, I have all the documents to back this up (thank you French underground), and I emphasize that all the foregoing is true and correct as follows:



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