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Bishop Michael Byrnes has a tough job ahead dealing with a multitude of problems. Catholics are pulling for him, praying for him and wishing him the best. Of course we can count on the one who over the years created the problem to do his best to spoil the start of Bishop Byrnes' assignment. Count on apuron:

Image result for apuron guam“It is with great joy that I welcome the news of the appointment of Bishop Michael J. Byrnes as coadjutor archbishop of Agana by the  Holy Father. This is a most welcome answer to my requests for help in the governance of the island at this time,” Apuron said in a one-page statement sent Wednesday afternoon by his private attorney, Jacqueline Terlaje. Guam PDN. 

As usual it's all about apuron. Poor Bishop Byrnes starts with the endorsement of probably the least respected person on island..

As with Archbishop Hon, we can expect that there will be a learning process for Bishop Byrnes. 
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Some things Bishop Byrnes has said:

According to KUAM news:
Image result for apuron guamWhen asked about the Neocatechumenal Way and his familiarity with the issues here Bishop Byrnes responded “I have some familiarity, not close, I’ve never been part of the Neocatechumenal Way. The reputation is good, you know, in the broad stroke and we are Catholics together… So we should be able to find some way. I know there’s a division and faction and my heart is sad for that, but I know there’s some way… I mean if we believe if Jesus I the Lord then he is the Lord of all us and so we’ll sort this out as Christians”.

...Bishop Byrnes said. He added that he is aware of some of the issues here on Guam, but the first thing he will do when he gets here is meet and listen and hear both sides, “I don’t want to come with any preconceived notions on how I will handle this, until I see the situation for myself and that’s the only way for me to get a grasp of it, “ he told KUAM News.

PNC News
Another issue Byrnes will like have to address is the controversial ownership and leadership within the Neocatechumenal Way and the property in the middle of that controversy: the Redemptoris Mater Seminary. 
At this point, Byrnes says it's too early to form an opinion or to "take sides.""To listen; that’s the first plan. My main expertise is the scripture and the constant direction of the scripture is to listen to both sides before you judge; the limited knowledge. I know right now is there seems to be a taking of sides. I have no predisposition to take a side other than the side of Jesus, honestly," said Byrnes.
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There aren't two sides, Bishop Byrnes. Catholics (no initial adjective required) don't take liberties with the liturgy, do want priests not presbyters in their parishes, abhor the gratis alienation of the patrimony of the church, will strive to recover the property that was given away, have no tolerance for a bishop who was mean to his priests, abhor child molesters and will go to some lengths to help victims of child molesters seek justice.

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