Saturday, February 4, 2017


posted by Jose M.

You just can't make this up. It is the lead (and only) post for Saturday over at Pius' anonymous blogger's site, "An Insider's View."

The title of the post "Could It Be?,"   "Diana" states that  a comment is made here on Jungle Watch by it's author, Tim. A few days later what he posted on Jungle Watch is repeated as an anonymous comment to "her" site   . . .

Yeah.  Me too.  I don't know the answer, let alone the point, to "Could it be?" either.

Someone did try to save "Diana" from further embarrassment, but they ("Diana") decided to double down:

So instead of  waiting for a punchline, it's time to make "Diana," the Herald of Pius, the punchline, yet again.

Not only do we get a crack pot exposé (sarcasm for the uninitiated), the ANONYMOUS blogger, "Diana," using a false nameaccuses Tim of the "crime" of blogging anonymously!

Read it for yourself:

Dear Archbishop Byrnes,

What better place to learn about the NCW than to turn to Pius' own "Insider's View."  It is the blog that the NCW created and it's communities are instructed, by the lead NCW catechist of Guam,  to follow "Insider's View" for information.

Not only are the NCW communities instructed to follow "Diana," Pius links to it on his website.

It is easy to see what is being promoted as "unity" by the NCW on "An Insider's View" and  grievously through the instruction and endorsement of the NCW's lead catechist on Guam, Fr. Pius.

Is your "vantage point" re-calibrating yet?

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