Thursday, October 8, 2015


The parishes are receiving thousands of dollars in bills from a French publishing company for something they did not order: the Jubilee book, i.e. Apuron's legacy in hardcover.

 A "foreign guy" is personally delivering the bills. 

Pastors (except for Apuron's pets) are being caught off guard. They had no input into this. The "foreign guy" is simply showing up at parish offices and presenting the bill.

Apparently this is the punishment for those "bad pastors" who did not "meet their quota" for the Appeal.  

Obviously this STINKS of NEO. 

Note to parishes

DO NOT PAY. RETURN TO SENDER. You are being billed by a company for something you did not order. They have no legal right to demand payment. 

How stupid. Had Apuron billed the parishes there probably would be little they could do. But by letting this stupid NEO company do his dirty work, every parish billed directly by the publisher is on a legal footing to DENY PAYMENT. 

Obviously this is a desperate attempt by Apuron to fund his RMS boy-toy playpen.

Every pastor has a right not only to refuse payment, but to appeal to Rome. Sadly, most pastors will probably just pay the bill to keep the archbishop off their backs. And that's what he's counting on. But remember, pastors. Remember where that money came from. It's not yours.

Certain info on this invoice has been redacted for obvious reasons.

The publisher is 

And here's the payment instructions. SMH!

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