Saturday, February 4, 2017


(posted by Frenchie)



 Unfortunately, as we have demonstrated on this blog on multiple occasions, evil often disguise itself  in order to confuse and/or abuse us.
During the past few years, we have seen corrupted persons within our Church aiding and abetting Evil deeds, for the benefit of a nefarious group that many of us are now seeing as  heretical.

Most of their actions are based on the use of deception and fake news.
The CCOG, in its letter to the Presbyterial Council, did a very good recap of all the fake statements made by one individual only, many of them made in the local media, or in the Umatuna.

Here we go, the word has been let loose, fake news.

I am sure most of you, since the results of the last election, have had your fill of the terminology now employed on almost every media. Yet, in order for us to better understand the evil we are fighting, here in our church, but also around us on a daily basis, it is important to separate the weeds from the wheat,as we are told in the parable.

 Many of us do not realize how stormy the skies around us really are. We are being constantly bombarded by distractions and made up stories, with the intent to divert us from the realities that some people do not wish for us to see and understand.
This is at the core of what evil is.
Not only are we the targets of evil inside of our Church, because of the corruption that has been allowed to grow within, but we often forget that we are also the targets of evil in our daily lives as well as in our Nation.

I recently wrote a piece in another blog, entitled: " The true stakes of the game being played" where I highlighted the  relentless media campaign of false news and lies against the incoming administration.
This could have been written for the struggle for our Church on Guam.

From the savaging of the reputation of Fr Paul and Msgr James, to the continuous misinformation by Cristobal, in all of the public media, and through their network of online campaigns, and willing trolls like the Zoltan or the pathetic little Chan, which colported the fables spread by Pius, and Genarrini Inc.

The trail of whispers, false issues, rumors and plain lies that we have  been subjected to for years, has allowed the faithful of this diocese to be deceived by an evil serial abuser, and his cadre of willing abettors, which in the end were recuperated, manipulated and instrumentalized  by a modern day cult, that we know under the logo of the NCW.

We had become a unique opportunity for a man with a huge Ego; Kiko Arguello.  The full control of Guam's Archdiocese would have allowed this snake oil salesman, to accelerate his scheme of Presbyter churning, Money laundering, and Soul snatching. Unfortunately for him and his team of hoodlums, they over reached and woke up a welcoming people whose good nature they mistook for gullibility.

We are now at a new crossroad. We have won several important battles, thanks to the dedication of thousands of anonymous, and the hard and relentless work of Tim, Chuck, the LFM, the CCOG, La Paz and countless others.
While these are nice, they are only some small footsteps along a long road.

Our fight is far from over,  the forces which we gave a bloody nose to, are not down.
They are relentless, deceitful and vicious. We need to steel ourselves for the next stage.

We need to clear our minds and our souls. We need to remain humble and faithful to our Lord, because the upcoming struggle shall be full of obstacles and booby traps.
The Deceit and the false news shall meet us at every step, and will take many different appearances.

Lets not forget that much of the evils around our island, and around the world at large is done in our name. If we stay silent, we allow this evil to develop and grow.

St Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle....


  1. The motto on Apuron's episcopal coat of arms should be changed to a Latin translation of Sir Walter Scott's famous old saw: "O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive".

  2. God Bless you Frenchie for all you do for the true Church.

  3. The evils? More than we think. Apuron had a network of boys, men, and and women in his lair of sin. Even some priests, deacons and nuns and of course the laity who joined, supported and covered for him.

  4. Yes Frenchie, Evil versus Good, black & white, night & day, falsehoods & the TRUTH. And today we're greeted with a newly erected sign at the Cathedral "An Invitation to Heresy"!
    Fr. Gofigan allowed the Neo to sell their KAKA before giving the blessing at the 7:30 Mass.
    He fought the good fight at Santa Barbara but has failed to protect the parishioners at Cathedral.
    Who's in control of this Archdiocese?

    1. The Pastor of the Cathedral allowed the sign to be put up yesterday.without going into details the pastor had been warned about doing so. There does not seem to be a cognitive reaction from our new Bishop, regarding a moratorium or any other measures regarding this issue.
      As I wrote last week, Arch. Byrnes seems to believe that this issue can be resolved after he fixes the finances, and handles the lawsuits.
      I,like Tim, am of the opinion that Filoni has given him a map to follow.
      What I hear from Rome, is that
      his style will win the fence seaters, and allow for the NCW
      to stay in business for the long run.
      This is why I am warning people to be weary of false news and distracting issues.
      The invitation to joy falls into that category.
      It is obviously a well thought of distraction.
      The Archbishop claim that he was not warned is far fetched at best.

    2. Diabolic Neocats remain in control of the archdiocese. So far, inert Byrnes seems terrified of Guam. He's not the right bishop for such a monstrous job.

    3. Fr. Paul has control of the Cathedral. He does not need Big Daddy on the hill to tell him to clean up the mess created by the wimpy David and his Neo Babysitters. He can do it but he's not. Maybe he's waiting on the White Knight, Monsignor James, to do it for him. Well Monsignor James is not going to the Cathedral. He's going to concentrate on St. Anthony.

    4. Pastors can remove Neo abuse. Byrnes will back them up.

    5. And you are playing right into the Neos' hands

    6. Byrnes was not aware. His first week back was spent with off legal team. Nothing else. Second week is trying to catch up. Pastors or this case the Rector are in charge. They can take action. Let's hold them accountable.

    7. Why then don't we publish a brochure to hand out to parishioners when the NCW are running their cult recruitment sessions that informs our unsuspecting brothers and sisters about this cult. I’m sure such an information brochure would be useful not only in Guam but everywhere.

    8. This is an excellent suggestion.

    9. Question: where is Pius? If he is gone, who is his replacement. Important information, people.

    10. CCOG need to start producing anti neo information to give out at all Masses.

    11. We should not refer to the information as "anti neo information" when it is the truth about the NCW.

    12. Mary Lou Garcia-PeredaFebruary 7, 2017 at 4:40 PM

      If I remember correctly, there are already materials available from the Laity Forward Movement — they used to distribute handbills after Masses at different parishes … until the picket line started in June 2016.

      Maybe those who don't want to picket but still want to help spread information about the heretical cult can contact Lou Klitzkie for a copy. Then the handbills can be reproduced and distributed to counter the "Neo Commercials" or just inform the parishioners.

  5. Father Paul is too weak and narcissistic to stand up to the Neo's. They run ramrod over Paul. They run the show at the Cathedral. Will we ever get our mother church back?

    1. Fr. Paul has to do it. Otherwise that will be his legacy.

    2. You are so right about Fr. Paul. The Neos have gotten to him. Jucutan proudly announced this evening at the 7 pm Mass that Gofigan will lead off the talks on Tuesday, the start of the new series of catechisis. Also, Jucutan allowed a Neo to address the congregation right after delivering his homily. Neos were passing out invitations at the doors of the cathedral after Mass. To my dismay it certainly looks that they are not going away soon.

    3. Maybe it's Fr. Paul that should go away.

    4. Join us at the picket line on Sunday. Posting anonymous comments don't move the markers.

    5. Lots of your Anonymous supporters don't live anywhere near Guam. Don't ignore them. Their objectivity is very valuable and they can offer you good ideas.

      The physical distance between them and your battlefield, plus their experience in similar disasters, gives them a broad perspective on your situation. In many instances when people are agitated and too close to the action, they can't see the forest for the trees.

  6. You're still up the creek without a paddle. Byrnes is pandering to the Neocats instead of going ballistic on them over their dreadful liturgical abuses.

    He rambled on to that TV news reporter about the importance of Christ in his life, but he's not concerned about heretics dsecrating his Body and Blood on altars that look like wreckage from a black mass.

    1. Anon 3:04. I'm not up the creek without a paddle. I'm not speculating. But you are.

  7. Are we back to square one in this fight for transparency, truth & justice from the Chancery? Nothing like NCW blatantly muscling their way back into the CB & basically giving us the middle finger.
    Fr. Paul has displayed his true colors. This is most troubling indeed! We must remain steadfast in this continuing struggle!!!

    1. so it appears that the ncw communities must have coordinated with the priest responsible for the parish, and in the name and authority of the bishop.

      Art. 6 [The Neocatechumenate is implemented in the parish]

      § 2. Since the pastoral work of Christian initiation is vital for the parish,14 the implementation of the Neocatechumenal Way must be coordinated with the proper function that the pastor/parish priest* has in each parish community (see c. 519 CIC),15 providing, also with the collaboration of other presbyters, the pastoral care of those who are going through the Neocatechumenal Way.16

      14 See CONGREGATION FOR THE CLERGY, General Directory for Catechesis, 91; also see 64: “Initiatory catechesis is thus the necessary link between missionary activity, which calls to faith, and pastoral activity, which continually nourishes the Christian community. This is not, therefore, an optional activity, but basic and fundamental… Without it, missionary activity lacks continuity and is sterile, while pastoral activity lacks roots and becomes superficial and confused: any misfortune could cause the collapse of the entire building.”

      * i.e. the priest responsible for the parish (parochus), referred to as pastor in the US and as parish priest in the UK and other countries.

      15 See SACRED CONGREGATION FOR DIVINE WORSHIP, RCIA, 45 [corresponds to 13 of the 1988 US edition]; CONGREGATION FOR THE CLERGY, General Directory for Catechesis, 225.

      16 See c. 519 CIC: “The pastor (parochus) is the proper shepherd (pastor) of the parish entrusted to him, exercising pastoral care in the community entrusted to him under the authority of the diocesan bishop in whose ministry of Christ he has been called to share: in accord with the norm of law he carries out for his community the duties of teaching, sanctifying and governing, with the cooperation of other presbyters or deacons and the assistance of lay members of the Christian faithful.” See c. 281 CCEO

  8. My whole point, was that moving forward we will continue to be faced by challenges.
    Over the last 4 years, our adversary have learned not to take us for granted.
    Never underestimate your opponents.

    Do not be distracted by the useful idiots of the likes of Zoltan and the legions of anonymous. Do not let Diana throw hooks for us to bite on.

    Most of all do not act like a bunch of arrogant Neos.
    Rome invented the divide and conquer approach.

    From the looks of some of the comments over the last two months, some of us are falling in that trap.
    Arrogance leads to blindness.

    Determination is essential, as long as we do not forget our goals.

    Archbishop Byrnes, is still an unknown quantity here, lets remain focused.

    I start perceiving a successful strategy on his part.
    Play stupid, let the local priests take the blows for him, divide and conquer.

    If he is Filoni's man, we will have to be steadfast, he is a lot sleeker than poor stupid Tony or Adrian.

    A little humility in all of us shall not hurt, we will actually need it.
    If you do not comprehend who makes what where and how, do not extrapolate, it is not useful.

    What has made this blog and Tim, successful in this fight so far, is the fact that everything that is published, is verified and tested.
    As opposed to Diana's joke of a blog.

    It is important, that we do not stoop to the level of our opponents.

    1. Thanks, Frenchie, for reminding us to remain focused and not be distracted by all the noise. Just hope that CAB Brynes is not playing us for fools. He can see we are a determined group and not easily swayed by "making nice"! The NCW is a big cancer that must be completely eradicated if we are to reclaim
      our Mother Church.

  9. It appears that the cunning NEO's have done it again. Hon restored Fr. Paul's name and gave him position of rector of the cathedral, and now the NEO's are using Fr. Paul to turn against us. I hope Fr. Paul sees through the devious plans of the Kiko's and puts a stop to all the NEO activity against approved Liturgical practices.

    1. Dear Anon at 7.54, and all other courageous anons who suddenly turn on your local priests.
      A) when you play chess, you don't telegraph your moves
      B) You have absolutely no clue, at what is going on behind the scene.
      C) you are willing to give the benefits of the doubt to complete strangers, yet you pounce like a pack of boonie dogs without having all the facts, on your local priests.
      D)The Catechesis are already in full swing at Merizo, Umatac and Barrigada, without any rebuke from the Archbishop.
      E) Your local priests, including Fr Paul are working hard within the confine of the rules to address the issues of the existing communities in the parishes, the celebrations and the calls to joy.

      Ultimately while each priest has to face their personal duties, the buck stops on the Archbishop's desk.

      So far Byrnes has refused to address these capital issues.
      He told us his priorities, what we are facing are not on that list.
      Remember,the old adage, don't throw stones when you live in a glass house.

    2. Pray tell, how else are we to interpret Fr. Paul's actions in accommodating the NCW? Who is the gate keeper @ CB &
      other NEO run parishes? Please clarify...I'm somewhat confused.

    3. This may make some angry for repeating this, but just cease with the anonymity. At least contact one of us and use a pseudonym to let us know you posted. That other "site" is full of those cowards - including it's author! . . . Are we not more courageous?

    4. Anonymity is irrelevant. It's the message that counts.

    5. I understand anonymity in some cases which is why I permit it. I wonder if this blog would have accomplished anything if its author chose a pseudonym.

    6. True. Pope Francis would not want the world to know he reads and comments on JungleWatch.

    7. 5:21 AM I fully support the anti-Apuron cause, but that presumptious statement attributes way more importance to Jungle Watch than it actually has.

      If Pope Francis wants to know what's happening on Guam, his Press Corps and spies on the ground will give him whatever information he wants in a matter of seconds. He doesn't have to use a digitally insecure blog that could expose the ID's of Vatican City computers.

    8. Andrew Camacho, what are you smoking? Jungle Watch is the last thing on Pope Francis' mind. If he wants news about Guam, Byrnes and Filoni can give it directly to him. Guam's situation is precarious, but it's not a Vatican priority.

    9. Andrew is being facetious. Geez.

    10. Same for 7:18. Andrew is being facetious. But one way or another, it was this blog that brought attention to the evils in this diocese that DID get the pope's attention.

    11. While Andrew was being facetious, and Pope Francis certainly has a busy schedule. He does read the reports from the Nuncio, with great attention.
      While there are definitely people in the Vatican that do read and consult the Jungle fairly regularly.

    12. Dear Anon at 3.05,
      in order to judge any action, of any type, you need to judge it in its entirety.

      As an example easy to understand, if you had tried to judge the actions of Apuron by their single selves, they would have looked erratic, contradictory and even demented in many cases.
      Once this site, started putting these actions by Apuron, in their context, which was one of coverup of past misdeeds, of chasing power and fame at any cost, the whole castle of cards, started being very logical and therefore we were to able to expose and denounce it.

      In the case at hand, you are trying to come to conclusions, while having only a small part of the equation.
      In order to understand the reason(s) of the public "call to Joy" at the Cathedral/Basilica, you need to have the whole picture.
      So far we only have a curtain slightly open, which still mask the whole scene.

      This site has always, since its inception, tried to find out the whole picture. I know Tim, myself and many others are working diligently to uncover what the rest of the curtain is still masking.

      My suspicion so far, (and it is only my suspicion) is that father Paul wanted to have a strong reaction, which he got; in order to highlight the conundrum the Guam Catholic Church is facing.

      That Conundrum is as follow: What to do with the existing communities (NCW) within each parish?

      This is the 800 Lb Gorilla in the room, which Archbishop Byrnes has so far failed to address.

      Like it or not, we have several parishes with NCW communities, which are very active.
      To name a few: Umatac, Merizo, Barrigada, Agat, and of course St Anthony/St Victor and the Cathedral Basilica.
      The first four have had their Catechesis in full swing for a couple of weeks already, without much fanfare.
      I do not have a report of St Anthony yet.
      After this past Sunday, everybody is aware of the Call to joy at the Cathedral.

      What I know about Father Paul is that he certainly had to have expected the faithful justified anger and push back.

      I am sure we shall revisit this issue, before Lent.
      By then you might have a much clearer and more accurate picture of the real situation.

      Stay focused, keep the faith.
      God bless.

    13. Mary Lou Garcia-PeredaFebruary 7, 2017 at 5:19 PM

      I checked with a friend at SASVCC and so far no "Invitation to Joy" has been issued there. Although I'm curious to see whether the new pastor Msgr. James Benavente will provide a chance for a new community to form, considering that the parish's multiple communities synthesized into a single one due to dwindling membership in the former ones.

    14. Frenchie, I certainly hope something is done before Lent is over. I remember with horror that each 9:30 am Palm Sunday mass at the cathedral the NCW process in loudly with tambourines and guitars with arrogant, smug looks on their faces, rubbing their victory in our faces. And they sit in the front pew which has been reserved for them. It's sickening. When Fr. Paul was installed I started donating a lot of money again because he (supposedly) is not NCW. Now I will have to reconsider.

    15. Hello anon at 8.40, I think we all want action now, not tomorrow.
      Yet patience is a virtue.
      The timing for any action is as important as the action itself.
      P.S: I can affirm without any doubt at all, that father Paul is definitely not NCW.

    16. If Father Paul is not NCW, why then did Jucutan bill him as one of the speakers when he invited the congregation last Sunday to come and listen on Tuesday's opening of catechesis?

    17. What Fr Jucatan says and does, is up to Fr Jucatan.

      He ultimately shall be responsible for his statements.

    18. I might also add, so shall you. Even as an anon.

  10. I am greatly disappointed in Fr. Paul. I supported him and prayed for him when he was unceremoniously evicted from Sta. Barbara and followed him to Tamuning and then to the Agana Cathedral, hearing Mass when he is the Celebrant. But, after last Sunday, NO MORE! Someone suggested it before and I think it appropriate to repeat it now: Stay away from the Masses of Neo-priests or priests who are Neo supporters, like Fr. Paul. But, if you must attend the Mass of such priests, STAND UP AND LEAVE if a Neo starts to talk about their religion! I left Fr. Paul's Mass at the Agana Cathedral, disgusted and disappointed with Fr. Paul. I will not go to any of his Masses anymore. Nor will I even talk in his defense anymore, either.

    1. Dear Anon at 5.15, I guess you are an adult, and you can make your own decision.
      Had you listen to the Homily of last Sunday's mass, and understood it, you could have connected the dots.

      You chose otherwise. This is your certainly your right.
      Good luck with the rest of your life. I pray that the Holy spirit guides and protects you.

      May be one day, you shall be blessed with discernment.

  11. Since the Neocats refuse to follow Catholic doctrine and liturgical traditions, Byrnes can, and should, ban them and their recruitment campaigns from the archdiocese. He is not protecting the Faithful. They can't even go to Mass in peace.

    There is no doubt whatsoever that Neocats adamantly reject Catholic teaching and that must not be tolerated. The Vatican definitely did not approve their heretical catechesis, liturgical abuses and cultic practices.

    In Lincoln, Nebraska (US), former bishop Fabian Bruskewitz publicly and formally excommunicated Catholics who belonged to subversive organizations such as Planned Parenthood, Call to Action and the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX). The Lincoln Diocese remains hugely successful, with flourishing vocations to the priesthood and religious life. No crazy Neocats there.

    1. My point exactly, You nailed it.
      The need for the Archbishop to make a clear statement is the same for all the faithful on the island.
      This is not an issue for the Cathedral only.
      Even if Fr Paul was to take unilateral action there, what do you do with the other parishes with communities?
      Do you leave them hostage to the NCW?

      Ergo, we deserved a clear position from our new Archbishop.