Thursday, March 23, 2017


Pacific Daily News: Former Santa Barbara student alleges priest sex abuse

Guam Daily Post: New lawsuit alleges abuse in Tumon parish

KUAM: 32nd person accuses clergy of sexual abuse

Pacific News Center: Another catholic school student accused defrocked priest of sexual abuse


  1. expect further cases to come forward against cepeda.
    What is shocking is that Apuron allowed him to continie when he knew of his abuse. This is the problem. so many knew did nothing to stop it. If you did take action dont expect to stay long on Guam. so I blame those who also allowed the abuse to continue did nothing to stop it. That is also the scandal here.

  2. What a horror for that poor boy. The abuse he suffered occurred at a required pre-Confirmation retreat. The crime occurred in 1986, but psychopath Cepeda wasn't secretly defrocked until complaints ignored by Apuron were sent to Rome in 2009! Cepeda has the option of returning to the priesthood with Vatican approval. He was kept on archdiocesan payroll as a Catholic Charities employee until 2010 when his laicization was exposed by SNAP and he disappeared.

    I taught CCD Confirmation classes for years and know how important those retreats are in developing an adolescent's personal relationship with the Church. They should never be stressful. Per a TV news clip on YouTube, several kids left the Church after that one so it's possible that more than one of them was abused.

    Cepeda is the worst kind of sadistic predator. Molesting a sleeping 15-year-old boy for bringing food into his room is beyond appalling. Growing boys are always hungry. This boy was sent to the homosexual priest's room as punishment.

    Someone said in another comment that defrocked Cepeda is diabetic and blind, but nothing was said about where he's living. I hope this man and all of Apuron's victims win their $5 million lawsuits. The criminally negligent archdiocese has no excuse for intentionally protecting their priest-assailant.