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Posted by LaPaz, Jungle Watch Correspondant from Spain.

Dear readers, I hope some day Kiko will have a bath in the crude reality from where he landed off many decades ago. If we continue thightening the preasure fence over him, through the joint efforts of the three main references in internet about the NCW cult, his empire will collapse sooner or later.

It is very simple. There are many people in the NCW totaly burned by the increasing demands on money from above. Just remember Italy and Spain, the european reefs for Kiko, are still inmersed in a brutal economical crisis. Maybe the NCW has some millionaires among its followers, but the vast majority consists of workers from which was called middle class. That middle class 'died' with the crisis. Almost in Spain, it does not exist anymore. Common people are suffering a lot. And Kiko has been living as a millionaire since the begining. He does not know what real life is.

Just an example: for him, a bill of 50 euros is like 1 euro for common ruined people. He says he throws 50 euros for a poor man every day when he visits the parish near his luxury home in Rome. For Kiko, a bill of 50 euros is like small change money. In Spain, there are many families where the only income is a salary of a part time job of 350 euros. The most lucky ones charge a salary of 1.000 euros (we say it "being a mileurista worker", mil euros=1.000 euros) for a full time job. Minimum interprofessional salary is aprox. 700 euros.

If Kiko had to live with 700 euros per month, could only pay for a rental room in a shared flat in Madrid. But remember his father was a prominent military rank under Franco dictatorship. And remember he has lived for decades with Carmen Hernández Barrera, the Supreme, a daughter of a Spanish millionaire included in Forbes list.

The only idea that charming couple of aspirants of saint had about precariousness was the gipsies in the picture when their burgeois adventure in Palomeras' barracks. By the way, I had never seen a picture of Carmen's room in there, I think she visited barracks during the mornings and the evenings, then she used to come back home at night. It is my conclusion, maybe I am mistaken...

In my opinion, the mayority of neocatechumenals around the world have been deceived by Kiko and Carmen high level of life. One of the most effective things the strange couple has ever sold about them -and, by extension, about the upper teams of catechists and itinerants, priests included,- is the myth of evangelization as precariousness.

Although I belive there are some neocatechumenal members in mission who realy live in precariousness, in the sense of living with large economical constraints, but all former members do know many others who don't. 

There are authentic neocatechumenal family sagas who live as truly maharajas, just because they have a lot of influence and power among their catechumens. Kiko Argüello has institutionalished a new social class, those kind of people who live thanks to neocatechumenal black money, with all included for free (home, cars, school, university, travels, vacations, food...everything!). They receive favored treatment (and not only from the neos but also from the Church establishment).

That is the way of life Kiko has instilled in his most powerful itinerants and catechists. I am sure if Italian former members and so Spanish talkers (from Spain and Central plus South America) who left the Way could seat around a table, we could draw a map with the most prominent neocatechumenal sagas around the world. Those who are ´black label' catechists or, in Spanish, "catequistas pata negra".

Of course, Gennarini is one of them. But we have not to look so far, please notice how are the itinerants who catechize in your region. Imagine the descendants of the sons of the first neocatechumenal itinerant who got there for the first time...probably they will live dedicated to the same work than him. Just professional missionaries. They will receive blessings generation after generation explaining (neocatechumenal) faith is the best heritage at all. Of course!

In the NCW, the 'black label' catechists generate RM's priests with high aspirations to bishop in a 100% neocatechumenal diocese, to be RM's rector or being head of a great team for the new evangelization in some decisive places. Of course, 'black label' catechists' families are a hatchery of musicians for the Neocatechumenal Orchestra, of itinerants for the prominent posts in every stablished missio (for example, the boss of all who work for free in RM's seminaries, such a lay abbess), of architects for the new Kiko's aesthetic, the boss of salmists in the most powerful neocatechumenalized areas and so on. Wonderful!

A few days ago I read the experience of a married couple of neocatechumenals who were my friends from decades ago, although our friendship stopped when I was expelled from the Way. They are part of a neocatechumenal saga, he comes from one of the first neocatechumenal families who went in mission, in fact his father and mother were one of the main founders around Kiko. When I was reading their testimony in a catholic website, precisely one of the NCW's propagandistic communication mean, and I was laughing a lot. 

They told the typical miracles as the rest of itinerants of the world tell: one day we had no money and the bell rang and we find an envelope with a lot of money because God provided...One day my car was ruined but next day I found the keys of a new one somebody bought for me...Miracles rain over them with a extreme ease!

Yes. But they did not tell what kind of missio was their. She had at least three women for help with children and cooking and ironing and cleaning up. Those women were 'paid' (?) by the neocatechumenal communities of that country, or maybe by any other grateful soul. The real shame was they supposedly were sent on missio to one of the poorest countries in the hemisphere, where many people are starving.

She had a women at home just to withen clothes. Imagine the precariousness! She felt like a marquise. Of course, their children assisted the best school for foreigners, also 'paid' by locals. And yes, they had 10 children and left home to go far away to bring neocatechumenal catechesis. But being "the son of one of the first neocatechumenal itinerants in the world". Their original community in Spain paid for their many travels, because one of the babies needed to come back several times a year for specific medical care. Of course, also paid monthly for the mortage receipt of that family's Spanish house. 

I just know one thing: there are many neocatechumenal itinerants (individual and families) who could not live so released as they do in missio if they would have to live like non itinerants in their original country or region. Kiko of course. They are a caste of professionals of evangelization.

And with the economical crisis whipping Spain, for example, there are neocatechumenals who have found in itinerancy and evangelization a more real output for their families. It is really suprising, but any Spanish neocatechumenal itinerant can lead a higher standard of living in missio in France and even in some latinamerican country than in Spain....where they had to stay unemployed, of course.

Of course Kiko maybe has no moneybag. But he has several personal secretaries who care about all his needs. Does Kiko want to eat fresh lobster today? Then, they will pay the bill at restaurant. Does he need to fly this afternoon to Ireland? Then drive him to airport and there is a private plane waiting for him. Tomorrow again to Vatican? Then pay for the private plane again. Next Sunday in Murcia for a little vacation? No problem. Again coming back to Porto San Giorgio?...

Money is not a problem for Kiko. How much? In cash. In hand. No taxes. No bank registrations. No explanations.

Kiko's way of life reminds the absolute monarch of the Ancient Regime. Maybe Louis XIV of France did not have a portfolio at all, surely he never had to pay for a coffee anywhere, like Kiko. He does not know how much has to be paid for a babysitter per hour. He does not know that the money to pay a weekend convivence maybe allows a whole family to survive some weeks.

Let's be honest: sometimes the tithes are limited for a neocatechumenal community with four times number of children than adults. I remember some families of my former community who never arrived on time to the distribution of the booty. Of course of course the needs of the responsible were the priority over the others. He had to wear a Lacoste polo for the beginning of the year's catechists convivence, meanwhile his multiple children had to wear old clothes and to the care of sisters of community for free (a service for evangelization)

Not to mention the coolest car for extra large families among the neocatechumenals: it was the main sign in the ranking of conversion in each parish. I remember authentic competitions. The coolest the car, the highest the level of its owner in the neocatechumenal parish's scheme. The son of Gennarini sayd with no embarashment they are evangelizators and they deserve the best, because they work for God. And God provides for them the excellence!

It is a scandal. Kiko has inoculated in them the mentality of living as a millionaire but without having to pay taxes as a millionaire. And wrapping it up as God's will. What a strange thing they preach in the same name of God than Mother Theresa. By the time, what a strange thing too nor Kiko nor Carmen had a picture whith her...when Mother Theresa was one of the most Catholic Church figures of their time.

Please, neocatechumenals of goodwill, do not give Kiko your money with which he works miracles. If you want, give that money for the Church, for any religious order, for any charity foundation. Kiko is a deceiver. Kiko fires money. Kiko lives as a renacentist prince. You know he does not like social or charity activities, why not? Because he does not care at all.

Kiko is throwing people from Church. Kiko is stealing the faith of many. God does not want it. Please, consider. Just read experiences of people who before today were just like you, as convinced as you, as devoted of the NCW as you are now. Just think maybe I could have been your old sister of community some years ago. Maybe your catechist. Maybe your responsible. Please, consider it.

Stop the neocatechumenal tap!

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