Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Posted by Tim

I normally don't like giving these LOSERS any time or space on my blog, except for when someone sends me something I can have some fun with. The Diana writes:

So NUMBER ONE is that John Toves WAS SUCCESSFUL in removing Apuron because, umm, Apuron is gone. John's visit was the first crack in the once impenetrable dike. Apuron and Adrian knew this which is why they threatened to call the cops on him and why Apuron threatened to sue him rather than see him. If there ever was an obvious admission of guilt, it was that sh*t-eating grin on Adrian's face when Toves got in it:

I wrote then that Apuron could have diffused everything right then and there by meeting with Toves and simply telling the media later that Toves was mistaken. But when your life is one complete LIE, as Apuron's is, normal things do not come to mind. And sooner or later you'll do something really stupid, like sending the sh*t-eating Adrian out to run interference while Apuron cowered in his office closet.

And as if to emphasize both his guilt and stupidity, Apuron followed up Adrian with this little gem:

Deacon answers questions about John Toves complaint from Undercover Neo on Vimeo.

And yes, Toves was disappointed that no one came forward. And the reason is that more than one person had contacted Toves while he was on island in November of 2014. However, there was no law yet to protect them and the CCOG had yet to be formed, so given Apuron's threats to sue Toves, it is not surprising that no one joined Toves at that time. 

One of the people who had contacted Toves and related his story was Ramon De Plata. And contrary to The Diana, Toves did not know De Plata prior to their meeting in November of 2014. By the way, now would be a good time to relate what De Plata saw:

PDF copy here
Media files here, here, and here

Seriously, do you think you could ever listen to Apuron preach from the pulpit again knowing that that he used that same mouth to suck the penis of a ten year old boy? 

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