Thursday, July 13, 2017


  • Anche qui in Italia vi siamo grati per la lotta che avete sostenuto. Con la speranza che il cammino venga definitivamente annientato alla radice, non solo a Guam ma da tutte le parti, con un drastico intervento di Papa Francesco.
    Ma mi sembra solo un sogno.

  • TRANSLATION: Even here in Italy we are grateful for the fight you have sustained. Hoping that the Way is finally destroyed at the root, not only in Guam but in all parts, with a drastic intervention by Pope Francis.
    But it just seems to me only a dream.

  • Yes, it will remain only a dream if you wait for Rome to do anything. Know your history. ALL CHANGE for the better has ALWAYS been effected from the bottom up, many times by lay people and sometimes holy priests and religious, and only rarely by a bishop, and even more rarely by a pope. Read the book TRIUMPH linked near the top of the sidebar. 

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