Friday, July 14, 2017


Lots 90-2-R1- &91-1A-3-1: Redemptoris Mater Seminary

Agana Heights
  • Lot 20 REM-3-2-1: House lot behind church
  • Lot 247-2: 5,012 square meters behind Santa Rita Church
  • Lot 248: 25,756 square meters behind Santa Rita Church
  • Lot 240-10: house lot on Nimitz Hill
  • Lot 450-1-81: Corn Subdivision past old dump; no paved road
  • Lot 412-1-2A: 1.3-acre lot on hill behind Asan Urban Renewal
  • Lot 214-1: 1.1-acre lot on Maina Road across form church
  • Lot 2346-1: half-acre off Chapel Road
  • Lot 2265-REM-5: old Chapel across from San Vicente
  • Lot 2265-REM-8-1: building at corner next to chapel across from San Vicente
  • Lot 2264-1-2: half-acre lot across from San Vicente behind old chapel
  • Lot 2360-16: 1.1-acre Lot with building off Canada Road
  • Lot 5223-5-A-3: Part of Catholic Social Service in Barrigada behind Rev and Tax
  • Lot 5358-1-2-NEW: Building on half acre on Rt 10 near UOG
  • Lot 2360-15: half-acre Lot just off Canada Toto Road
  • Lot 2360-13: half-acre Lot just off Canada Toto Road
  • Chalan Pago
  • Lot 3245-2-NEW: house lot beside Chalan Pago Church, off Route 4
  • Lot 10062-6: lot and building near Summer Palace off Harmon Loop
  • Lot 1 Block 5 Tract 240: Lot off Ysengsong
  • Lot 3200B-REM-NEW: Chancery complex
  • Lot 8, Block 22: Kamalen Karidat Food center site
  • Lot 190-2- NEW (portion): old Carmelite; need to survey out church
  • Lot 27-7: house between Merizo and Inarajan on main road
  • Lot 91-2-3: beach front lot, 1,164 square meters
Ipan, Talofofo
  • Lot 9-20: half-acre along main road
  • Lot 3 Block 3 Tract 139: R2 zone lot near UOG, 1,230 square meters
  • Lot 501: large lot up in hill; no aaccess
  • Lot 530: large lot (4 acres) behind church. 
  • Lot 100-2: house lot across from power plant
  • Lot 3275-3-4: house and lot block from Ordot Church, near Alee Shelter
  • Lots 5-2, Tract 122: former Thomas Aquinas High School
  • Lot 1-A Tract 318: triangle lot entering Nimitz Estates adjacent to cemetery
  • Lot 4 Block 4: lot across from church; destroyed building
  • Lot 18 Block 1 Tract 2014: half-acre lot in Famha area
  • Lot 19 Block 1 Tract 2014: half-acre lot in Famha area
  • Lot 21 Block 17 Tract 232: Lot behind St. Jude along back road
  • lots 111, 13, 14, 15 B13: four  lots  around Talofofo church
  • Lot 42-3: 1,000-square-meter lot off road down to Umatac
  • Lot 5-1 Block 4 Tract 251: house lot near Chalan La Chance
  • Lot 7033-A: house lot near Marianas Terrace/Gayinaro Road
  • Lots 90-2-R1- &91-1A-3-1: Redemptoris Mater Seminary 


  1. Say, Tim. Is this an advertisement? You the agent?

    1. Sale of diocesan real estate must be approved by the Vatican. In my experience, all of that is done by the local bishop only, not independent agents.

      Gorgeous Church properties here were sold to pay for the catastrophic damage done by pedophile priests and religious. Genuine heartbreakers that only increased public disdain for the Chancery.

    2. Nope. Only properties only a certain dollar value set by the local conference of bishops. For CEPAC, it's 2 million. Only a very few of the properties for sale might be worth more than that.

      And in any event. The Vatican has no choice in the matter. The properties listed MUST be sold as a condition to the settlements. If they are not, then out of courts settlements are off and the diocese declares bankruptcy, handing everything over to the courts - including churches and schools which the settlement agreement is trying to save.

      The Vatican will have NO say in the matter once bankruptcy is declared.

    3. Our diocese didn't have to declare bankruptcy, despite $70 million+ in abuse settlement payouts. However, we're not in great shape financially because of four disliked bishops in a row. Most people here support their parish only, not the bishop's diocesan begathons.

      The Vatican was definitely involved in the sale of Church property here. We found that out after they rubber-stamped the sale of some gorgeous, landmarked churches to secular interests. The beautiful interior of one was totally trashed by its new owner. Only the exterior is protected by landmark. The bishop simply removed valuable artifacts he wanted to sell and dumped the beloved buildings.

      The Faithful had no say in these matters. No independent real estate agents were involved. All property sales were done directly by the chancery.

    4. 11:32 AM, the aforementioned listing is a reminder of Apuron's stupidity that compromised the patrimony of the Archdiocese. This is just a partial list of the damage forcefully inflicted on the faithful people because of extraordinarily bad management by him and his staff. He preferred to party and to embark on international travels in first-class style while the Archdiocese of Guam incurred even more and more debts to impress Kiko Arguello and the Genarrini machinery.
      Loss of church property, however, is hardly a match to the loss of dignity, moral integrity, innocence, respect towards the Church we turned to for solace in our problems and for strength in our spiritual challenges. The years ahead will see marked deprivations and suspicions within and among the Faithful. This is the Apuron legacy. If NCW has any self-respect left in them, they should abandon their ill-conceived and ill-fated experimentation on mob mentality and dictatorial repercussions..

    5. NCW? Respect? Huh? It's not "ill-fated experimentation." It's a well conceived plan. And it is right on track. But the way to beat it is not to chase it out or even expose it, but for Catholics to return to right worship, the departure from which has let in more demons than just the NCW. I don't see it happening any time soon.

  2. RMS = Non-Essential. Ain't that the truth? Sell the property and send all the fake priests off the island, including Lurch. We don't need their fake religion.

  3. 11:32 Read the PDN article. Call the "Chancery" if you are interested! Then again maybe the Neos will call Tim to broker a good price for the "Semenary"!!
    BTW the Chancery is up for sale as well. Sometimes you got to tear down to build back up. What is being rebuilt is our trust in the people who run our Diocese. AB Byrnes is to be commended. He stepped into a sewer that Apuron and his cronies created and AB Byrnes is doing the best he can at this point. I pray for him and all who are trying to rectify the situation.

  4. The Yona property...have a feeling
    CORE TECH will own that and why not.

  5. Janet B - MangilaoJuly 14, 2017 at 1:43 PM

    A great day when the Church finally recognizes that the RMS property is non-essential. We don't need 30 seminarians and 40 missionary squatters living in the lap of luxury at our expense. Send them all packing!

    Like with Junee and the other two men from Malojloj, if there are any men worthy of becoming priests at RMS, send them to St Pat's or to Fiji. A seminary on Guam is ridiculous, let alone two seminaries.

    Close the fake seminary down and sell the land it occupies.

    One last thing I dream of... the day when I see all of Apurun's homes on the list of assets for sale. Guam homes, Las Vegas homes, California homes, who knows where else. Sell them all, make the bum homeless, and give the proceeds to the victims. THAT WILL BE A FINE DAY INDEED!!!

    1. Janet B - MangilaoJuly 14, 2017 at 4:12 PM

      One question maybe the AFC can look at - for Mr Duenas and Mr Untalan:

      The list of property above is what the Archdiocese owns as of now. Is there any way the AFC can look to see what property was owned, say 10 years ago, to see what may have been transferred to the NCW or kiko friends in the past decade?

      Understanding the corrupt nature of the NCW, it is very likely that they were taking advantage of the Archdiocese way before the RMS title transfer. Little lots here and there would be harder to detect, which means they would be likely to take some, just because.

  6. Making headway. Thank you Lord.

  7. The newspaper article said a retired California Judge will handle this. That means the archdiocese will probably get its ass kicked. Leftist California Judges hate the Catholic Church and they won't do it any favors.

  8. RMS is a tropical version of Hogwarts. Advertise it as such and jack up the asking price.

  9. If I were super-rich, I'd buy RMS, dump the Neos, demolish the hotel and build a luxurious private estate with an Olympic-size swimming pool, Japanese water garden and 24/7 armed security. A personal paradise.