Monday, July 10, 2017



July 20 will mark four years since I began using this blog to raise awareness about the problems and challenges in our local church. As you can see from the counter on the right, we are closing in on EIGHT MILLION views. That's an average of 5,479 views per day. 

I added the Flag Counter about 2 years ago and since then 193 countries out of a total of 196 countries in the world have visited this blog. 

And as of today, I have written the better part of 4,279 posts, catalogued hundreds of documents, published 65,644 comments, everyone of them read by myself before I published them - as well as thousands more I elected not to publish (usually because they made accusations which could not be substantiated), and have personally added hundreds of my own comments. 

The one question I get most often is "Where do you find the time?" 

People who know me know that I run multiple businesses, have 11 children, run the Esperansa Project, host a weekly Catechism study, and in addition to writing JungleWatch, have spoken around the island at several CCOG events. I never know how to answer the question because I never think about "finding the time." It's just something that needed to be done.

This past Sunday was a major turning point for me. And the fact that I came home around 1pm and fell asleep until 8am the next morning was a sort of confirmation that my work on JungleWatch - at least as it pertains to the ridding this diocese of Apuron - is now in better hands than mine. (I do not mean the Vatican. I mean Archbishop Byrnes.)

While my work here has been a labor of love (for the truth), there is no question that the nearly eight hours a day I devoted to it for the last four years has cost me deeply. Many of you have recognized that cost and have shown your gratitude in cards, notes, assurances of support and prayers, "thank you's" and monetary donations. 

All of it is greatly appreciated and from time to time I express that thanks on this blog in addition to my personal notes and expressions of gratitude. 

As we move forward now - with our new found trust in Archbishop Byrnes (underscored yesterday by his appointment of Deacon Steve Martinez to the position of Delegate to the Neocatechumenal Way), I immediately (after yesterday) felt the need to personally reassess my commitment to this blog and to the work still to be done. 

My nearly 19 hours of sleep appears to have helped as I woke up with the belief that while I must continue, I had the simultaneous thought that I must also make an effort to make my work here a bit more "equitable" in a practical sense. 

To this end, I have added a SUBSCRIBE button in the right side bar. For anyone who would like to make an ongoing commitment to JungleWatchNation (which many are now calling it/us), there is now an opportunity to contribute $5.00 per month on a "subscription" basis. 

The DONATE button will continue to function as it always has - which is where any amount at any time can be donated. JungleWatch will continue to be free and publicly available to all. The subscription is completely voluntary and I thank you ahead of time for subscribing. 

I can already hear the howls at THE DIANA (LOL) about how I'm doing this for the money. Of course the poor Diana's have nothing else. They have never produced a shred of evidence to any of their claims, and now, per my previous post, it appears they have given up on Apuron. Heck, May Llanes still won't use her real name. LOL. 

Actually, having fun with The Diana's is the one thing I still look forward to. Everyday they offer new opportunities to discredit the Neocatechumenal Way - and in front of THE WHOLE WORLD.

Thank you for your support. The battle continues, even if the battle ground changes. For Satan never sleeps. 


  1. Tim, if anyone deserves compensation, help, remuneration, whatever you want to call it, it is you. But more than that, you deserve our deepest appreciation and thanks for the work you have done, the countless sacrifices you have made, and the service you have provided to us all these years. I am proud to become a subscriber to JungleWatch Nation. May God bless us as we continue this journey of faith and together preserve, protect and defend the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

  2. John C. Ada TovesJuly 10, 2017 at 3:51 PM

    Tim inspired me with his bravery and tenacity in pushing the truth. He has saved our island and the church. We all should show our gratitude in all ways we can. Tim, I'll always have your back.

  3. Kiss my as Rohr

    1. Well if you'd get your thumb out of yours maybe you could have typed the other s. LOL.

  4. One can never repay you, Tim, for your significant contribution in
    helping us save our Church. You generously gave your time, provided invaluable information that most of us weren't privy to and always substantiated everything.
    THANK YOU for giving us a forum to express our views & allowing us to communicate with other fellow Catholics. You, Sir, have earned
    our utmost respect & admiration! Biba Katolikos! Ann A.

  5. Oh 4:18 And are perfect examples of why everyone should continue to stay away from the NCW and continue to fight their presence in this diocese and around the world. NCW PRODUCES VULGAR and ROTTEN FRUIT!!! Sad. #WEAREWINNING

  6. Thank you Tim for exposing the TRUTH and corruption within the archdiocese of Agana.

  7. F. Leon GuerreroJuly 11, 2017 at 7:27 AM

    Tim, our island, correction, the whole world, needs more men like you. Your devotion to our Catholic faith, your pursuit of the truth at all costs, your hard work and unselfish leadership has inspired us to take on the beast, the corporation and its complex infrastructures. But more importantly, it has caused us to look inside to our own weaknesses and flaws and to study and reshape our journeys in our faith. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you (and your family) for all that you have done and continue to do for us. This pause is an opportune time for us all to reflect, analyze, study, regroup and make the changes needed for ourselves and our own families and communities. Si Yu'us un binendisi, che'lu.

    1. Thank you. Pls consider being a writer for JungleWatch.

  8. - Tim - I totally agree with all the positive comments above! I have been gone from Guam for a long time and did not realize what was happening to my Traditional Catholic Churches on Guam. You brought that up front and I am Forever and Truly Grateful! God's Blessings to You and Your Family Always!

    For those with the following comments:

    AnonymousJuly 10, 2017 at 4:18 PM - Kiss my as Rohr - What is as? Before you join the social media, at least learn to spell - not that you made sense anyway!

    AnonymousJuly 10, 2017 at 4:51 PM - fuck tim - Are you the same poster as 4:18? Wow! At least you know how to spell!