Monday, July 10, 2017


Posted by Tim

Now that Deacon Steve has been appointed delegate to the neocats and Archbishop Byrnes has called for Apuron's removal, it may seem like we are zeroing in on success. That's exactly what the neocats want you to think. So don't. 

Even now, they are amassing at RMS, readying themselves for a full onslaught on Archbishop Byrnes with all their fakery of obedience and submission. To add to the 70 neocats who already live there, previous "missionaries" to Guam have been ordered back to Guam and have already been seen wandering about the community. 

And do not think that the sale of that property will solve the problem. They will move in with members of the communities and continue their plot from there. 

And why are they doing this?

Apparently, it has become obvious to them that Apuron will be taken down. In fact, it appears that someone on their side already knows. Examine this comment from The Diana as left on my blog here:
AnonymousJuly 8, 2017 at 11:57 AM
Fail to see how Archbishop Apuron can have a fair due process system.
No matter outcome of this case Guam needs the NCW Clergy and communities for the future of the Archdiocese. Clear NCW are the future of Guam.
The comment is very telling. Someone already knows the outcome of the case and he or she is preparing The Dianas for the inevitable, and at the same time attempting to discredit the Vatican's decision due to the lack of "fair due process." 

This is why the focus has shifted from saving Apuron to saving the neocat communities. But why?

Kiko's cult cannot afford such a public failure as the failure of his cult in Guam would be. No single bishop in the world, at least not recently, has stood up to the neo's and demanded to both review their directory and that they conform their liturgy to their own statute. 

Kiko cannot afford a failure here because it will immediately have a domino effect around the world and Kiko's mega-billion dollar heretical empire will come crashing down faster than the fall of the Third Reich. 

The Kiko's strategy is two-fold: 1) continue to work with the weak pastors on non-neo parishes - and sadly there are plenty of those, and 2) smother Byrnes with bullshit. 

I believe that Byrnes is quickly getting battle-hardened and with the right help, such as Deacon Steve Martinez, Byrnes will be able to easily see through their fakery. However, the parish priests (many of them) are another story. And this means that the battle for your Church, your parish, will have to be waged at the parish level. 

Remember now, these guys are good. They know how to give you just enough bones to keep your head in the dog bowl and keep you begging for more. You'll be offered position, privilege, power...anything to buy you. You must remember that their whole history is fraught with subterfuge, deflection, denial, fraud, pretense, and above all: strategy. 

Recently, in speaking about whether we will win or lose the "war on terror," President Trump said: "The fundamental question of our time is whether the West has the will to survive.”

The fundamental question of this moment in our Church is whether the people who call themselves "true Catholics" have the will to move beyond the efforts of the LFM, the CCOG, and JungleWatch to take the battle upon themselves. The neocats are betting that you don't. 

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