Thursday, September 14, 2017


Posted by Chuck White

Emmanuel, writing from Bogota, Columbia, reminds us that the Neocatechumenal Way is "approved". 

Approved!  Approved! Approved!  All the machinations, shenanigans, and sectarianism is approved!  All of Kiko and Carmen's doctrinal deformations approved!


  1. Now if they can use the approved grammar, punctuation, spelling and syntax we'll be in business!

  2. Well, Emmanuel, do not confuse "blessings" with "approval". The NCW operates under a vale of secrecy. Kiko's written teachings are not to be found and are only to be viewed by NCW catechists and those who have drunk Kiko's version of "Catholicism".
    Why the secrecy?
    Our Lord's words where not kept for a select few, but where to be spread to the ends of the earth that all may be saved. Three hundred years after His death & Resurrection, His words were memorialized in the books of the New Testament.
    If Kiko's written teachings ARE NOT available to Rome or the Pope, how can they be approved?
    Kiko has "influence" in Rome like Crime Syndicates have police & politicians in their pockets! Money cannot buy you happiness but it can corrupt disobedient souls who are prone to the snares of greed and power.

    I will pray for all the souls that "walk" blindly in the WAY to see the LIGHT and the ONLY WAY.

    The WAY is a Jewish-protestant cult that operates, like a wolf in sheep's clothing, in secrecy and in opposition to the One, Holy & Apostolic Church.

  3. Hi Emmanuel. Peace be with you. Christ died on the Cross to buy your freedom. Do not be foolish (Galatians) and return to slavery in Egypt. I discovered after more than 20 years in the Way that I had been deceived. God loves you and wants you to enter eternal life. RETURN to mother church! Trust God and all will be well.

    1. He is in the mother church, what are u talking about?

  4. He should stop using ad verecundiam argumentation, and know the differences between "approved" and "recognized". There is no one pope's approval, nor even JPII, he only "recognized" the ncw.

    Let me remember you something: I "recognize" my wrinkles and warts but I do not approve them. I "recognize" my hemorrhoids, but I do not "approve" them either.

    If he is right, I want to see all the "nihil obstat" in the ncw's documents. And the "imprimatur", of course.

  5. I expect I've been an insider in the neos for a lot more years than you have, Emmanuel.

    The "approvals" were only "obtained" by a process of attrition plus a large measure of bait and switch.

    Then perusal of their content shows that for example the "statute" doesn't provide at all for members of "communities" of the Ex-Neocatechumenal Way, namely where it is not under any bishop that had apparently been hoodwinked into "protecting" it.

    Moreover, the "statute" is nowhere honest about the length of the so called "itinerary".

    Then again, Bishop Arrieta has admitted the NCW is "not recognisably" an itinerary of formation and RMSs do not "recognisably" train priests.

    Perhaps they haven't sufficiently promoted you up the greasy pole of "catechists", "cantors" and the like for you to experience first hand the subtle and not so subtle pressure and manoeuvrings.

    Therefore, don't take it so seriously!

    In the UK we Catholics have always thought the Catholic Church is supposed to be "eccentric". But the Catholic Church in general was never supposed to be as manipulative as the NCW really is, nor the cloak for property fraud that it is.

    Hoping that helps!

  6. Rose de los Reyes (Seattle, WA)September 15, 2017 at 2:22 AM

    Emmanuel came late to the “Approval” parties held every now and then in both “The Thoughtful Catholic” and “JungleWatch” blogsites. But that is okay. Today he serves himself as fodder to JungleWatchers for another entertaining moment as we face, once again, another claim that the NCW is “approved!” An inherent character or nature of something or someone doesn’t need to be pointed out (much less emphasized) because it is obvious. By the high volume of times the NCW has to point out and claim that it is “approved” is enough to tell you that it is NOT approved.

  7. The Neos will probably run witches covens under jungle cover for Halloween. Dust off your drone video cameras and do flyovers of them.

  8. They don't even have to make it that colourful, 8.04 A.M.

    Emmanuel, you'll come to my point of view in time, trust an insider, relax!

  9. The comment by 8.04 A.M. got me thinking a great deal.

    28 years of singing fake "Holy Spirit Invocations" WHICH THE LEADERS NEVER INTENDED TO BE GENUINE has had its impact and sadly continues to, on frail neighbours I know.

    Notice the Red Brigades members don't end up ordinary "community" fodder not going places - they are all in central and senior places, pulling the strings of us little ones, making dangerous overtures to prelates and bishops.

    Necrotising Cacoethic Witchery.

  10. Emmanuel Dude,
    It is your cult that has dubious approval, the fact the NCW is trying to get approval of their statutes and Kiko's novel ideas contrary to the orthodox teaching of the Church. It is Kiko and you brainwashed followers who do not want to Obey the Church, and are trying to inject Kiko's version of teaching. What proof do you have that the NCW is a gift of the Holy Spirit? Do you really expect us to take your word for it because you say so, or perhaps because Kiko boy says so? Unlike you cult followers, we are not easily deceived by the words of man. We know the tree by the fruit it produces, and we have seen that the NCW is nothing but rotten fruits.

    1. Emmanuel, building on 5.24's reply, time honoured healthy values in good boundaries and dynamics within the Church are what testifies to the Holy Spirit. Their absence is what gives the game away, notwithstanding what the Vatican's doctrine department might allow to slip through on a bad day - and the people that have been appointed there are mostly ones whose arms have been found easy to twist anyway.

      I've learned the difference the hard way and am smiling. So, corraggio old bean!

      In addition to all that, when the body of alleged "approvals" of the "way" are looked at all at once we see a mass of contradictions, things that are never complied with, different "versions" to be "used" on different occasions, and so on.