Saturday, September 9, 2017


Occupy RMS 20170909 from Jungle Watch on Vimeo.

Sure are a lot of cars there. Do the seminarians all have cars? Or are these cars for the "guests" who made a "reservation!" LOL


  1. Wow, cars on jack stands, grass that's not cut. These half baked neoknuckleheads have trashed the place and to think they own all those cars. FD charges it's students that drive $100/yr to park while in school. These RMS tenants get free parking. I say NOT FAIR!!! When is this archdiocese gonn realize that they are treating these neos as if the rest of the faithful should carry on the expenses of these half baked neos.

    1. At the annual Catholic catechetical conference held at Father Duenas High School today, during a table discussion time, a foreign NCW "missionary" woman said their situation is precarious, that they might have to be missionaries somewhere else. Glad to hear it :)

  2. Hey, is that you Mario walking within the RMS compound?

  3. I think the car that's broken was dumped there by a seminarian for the diocese to either fix for his brothers. Or maybe he left it as a token of his appreciation for an outstanding job in producing neopriests to invade the Catholic Church and change its ways of celebrating mass.

  4. Lots of crashed up cars with plenty of battle wounds. When will they learn not to drive after drinking so much look-aid?

  5. Byrnes should be ashamed of himself for allowing RMS to run like a jungle dump. It's starting to look like Jonestown. He should evict the depraved Neos and totally shut it down! Immediately!

  6. Maybe they are taking an automotive class at RMS as a requirement to graduate.

  7. What kind of cars are those guys! You know your beloved Archbishop Apuron will never be seen riding in one of them Guam bombs. Their too cheap for his taste.

  8. Before the neos send hundreds of presbyters to China they need to stop preaching "to be a real man you need to have a beard!" American native and eskimo men will object to that as well as the chinese. Some prophet?

  9. Way to go Occupy RMS! The Yona dump yard should be written up for health violations by Public Health. But it is fun to see how poorly they manage their image, and how easy it is to expose them now that the armor of Apurun has abandoned them.

    Their lies have been exposed so many times, in so many different ways. And on this day of remembrance, 9/11, we remember the muslim terrorist attack on our nation. But it is also a significant date to remember the kiko-terrorist attack on our Church.

    On December 15, 2014, when Apurun was backed into a corner in Yona at St Francis Church about the illicit way the kikos celebrate their Eucharistic distribution, he did what he was accustomed to doing. Apurun told a lie, believing the people would soon forget about it, and the kikos could go on doing the heresy they so love to do.

    Apurun said the permission was granted and it was "somewhere". He would find it. Well, that was exactly 1,000 days ago, and apparently the documents must be at the Bank of Guam branch in San Francisco. That explains why Apurun has been there for the past 15 months...he's still looking. LMFAO

    Stupid kikos cannot admit they have lied to the world, so they continue to perpetuate more lies trying to prop up that big one. So Diana, can you please comment on why not even one kiko-bot has produced one shred of evidence to support Apurun in his big lie? We'd love to hear the spin on this one. It should prove to be very entertaining.

    But please don't wait another 1,000 days to reveal this mysterious document to us. Because long before the next 1,000 days you and all the kikos will be out of Guam for precisely this reason...your lies and your refusal to follow Church norms.

    Let's hear it Diana . . . tick tock . . . tick tock . . . tick toc

  10. Damn...... I'm jealous of that car. I want a silver Toyota 4Runner