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  1. Is it true that father Jeff is in Rome?

  2. Tim is the Buzz available to listen?

  3. Be Ton needs a little more time. Tick Toc

  4. Great interview, Tim. Your comments and answers to the host's questions were clear and understandable, supported by facts and documents as you stated, which you can produce. You've been involved in this project for years, your responses and comments come naturally and truthfully.

  5. Tim the church Thief nothing but a real estate man boring boring boring

    1. Poor anon at 2.47. Tim is a lot more than a real estate agent. Which in itself is probably a lot more than you ever achieved.
      Unlike you he is a true Catholic that sacrificed a lot for the Church, when there was a lot to loose and nothing to gain.
      So crawl back under your rock, go back to your little lies and innuendos. After all this is what you shall be judge upon in the end. Sad sop that you are.
      Va de retro satanas!

    2. boring boring boring another anonymous October 11, 2017 at 2:47 PM, unable to deny the message, so he attacks the messenger.

  6. Yes. RMS is a total flop, a failure to the highest degree. I can not imagine why people would fight so hard to support an institute that doesn’t work.

    I guess the KAKA (Kiko arguello look aid) will make people do whatever they are told. Very disturbing.

    1. Actually, it did work, and exactly as planned. 17 presbyters ordained to begin the total take over of our diocese. And had it not been for what was initiated by this blog, they would have completely succeeded.

    2. Mr. Rohr would you elaborate regarding the rms presbyter factory as it would apply to the following ncw article and footnote?

      according to the 2008 ncw statute; art.10 § 3. The neocatechumenal community is entrusted to the pastoral care of the pastor/parish priest and of the presbyter appointed by him (cf. art. 27). In addition, the community, by means of a vote, chooses a lay responsible and some co-responsibles,31 who are confirmed by the pastor/parish priest and the team of catechists. These collaborate with the presbyter to ensure blah blah blah.

      Footnote: 31 At the beginning of each step of the neocatechumenal itinerary of the Way, according to the Guidelines for the Teams of Catechists, the responsible and the co-responsibles are confirmed by the team of catechists, in agreement with the pastor and the presbyter of the community.

      Does the article & footnote indicate a presbyter for every community? “presbyter of the community”.

      curious about the amount of fruits required, to fulfill the current kiko kingdom.

    3. In order for the NCW to undermine parishes and ultimately the Church, it had to get in them first. Stating in the statutes that the NCW was “entrusted to the pastor,” etc., was the ticket.

      Of course in practice that has never been the case. Pastors were forced to bend to the will of the catechists and the responsibles since they had the force of Apuron: thus Apuron’s threat to 3 Filipino pastors in 2008 to serve the NCW or get out.

      And yes, there is supposed to be a presbyter for each community which is why Apuron was in such a hurry to ordain them. The NCW conspiracy is based on the idea of the small community supplanting the parish, and presbyters, lots of them were the key.

      This is why Apuron’s RMS was also so important and why we had many times more the number of seminarians for our tiny island than other RMS seminaries in much larger dioceses. Apuron’s RMS was where all the rejects could get ordained because Apuron was under the control of his Catechist: Pius and ultimately Gennarini.

      Now, why was Apuron under their control? That’s where Adrian and David come in, and what they knew.

  7. Interview is great. However, I see a problem of credibility. It is one sided. It looks as if Tim goes on the offense because of the article of the Vatican Insider. It is a reaction to 'real' allegations. Tim'd have greater credibility if Bishop Byrnes were the one speaking or with him during this interview.

    Tim is by no mean qualified to speak in matters of faith. He could just be regurgitating false, old, corrected, etc. allegations against the Way in order to attack the one who is attacking him.

    Where is Bishop Byrnes? 'our' Bishop. Tim speaking on behalf of all Catholics in Guam give the impression that Tim is the brain or head of the Church and the Bishop is just a thing there, who is only important if he agrees with Tim.

    The Bishop is the one, appointed by Rome, qualified to answer questions in matters of faith. Let him launch the accusations or agree with Tim in everything Tim says.

    Also, if the accusations of Tim against the Neocats are as real he claims to be, then even the Vatican would be quickly closing dioceses with Neocats or RM seminaries all over the world. Something smells. The Vatican is not a stupid organizations. The went after the SSPX and now they are building bridges. They went after LIFETEEN's liturgical abuses. So, the fact that they seem to 'like' the Neocats speaks volumes against Tim hitting back after being accused of being involved in a larger scandal than he seems people want to believe.

    Hope you can clarify.

    1. Tim speaks for Tim. If you want to go on the show and counter my claims, just call KUAM. I’m sure Jesse would be glad to have you.

      As for Archbishop Byrnes, he has weekly and even bi-weekly press conferences known as “Updating the Faithful.” He also has his own newspaper.

      As for the Vatican, had we waited for them, Apuron would still be here.

      But feel free to go on the show. Would love to hear your side…except that we never will because you are too cowardly to even put your name on this comment.

    2. Tim, I respect the work you do. I don't doubt that your intentions are 'noble'. My intention is to bring to light a few of the questions that are raised by those who are following this situation in Guam and are looking for honesty in the process.

      About my name... you know the answer to that. Your MO is attack anyone that disagrees or questions your opinion. i.e. You tar and feather anyone that you don't agree with. You and some other people that comment here pride themselves in doing that. Don't believe me?I can find many instances in your blog. Ask yourself, who would want to contradict anyone known to insult those who try to express a different opinion?

      However, I have yet to hear you say there is anything good about the Neocats. Perhaps in the beginning you did, but now, you sound convinced that your experience in Guam is enough to judge the whole reality. That is myopic and suspicious. The interview was a biased hit piece and not 'fair nor balanced'... that is on The Buzz, not on you. You must recognize that most people with common sense are interested in the future of the Catholic Church in Guam, but not enough to get tar and feathered.

      Moreover, most people with common sense do not see black and white. Only radicals do. Life is grey for those who are grey headed. Like in every 'reality' in the Church, there are the saints that start a religious movement and then there are those following them. There was St. Francis, thin as a fiddle because of fasting and we all are well aware of the image of the Fat Franciscan Monk that is a wine and dine connoisseur. Perhaps there is a catechist in a corner of the world that had a bad day and said something inappropriate or heretical, perhaps a Neocat beginner made a mistake in one eucharist, "perhaps" many things could happen contrary the faith in communities formed by people that come after abandoning the faith for many years, the far away, the disenfranchised. Neocats will make many mistakes, people will see things taken out of context, etc. To brand the WHOLE Neocats as a cult is being dishonest or tone deaf with reality.

      The Neocat is rescuing dioceses and parishes that were about to close or that were non-existent, no vocations, etc. Guam had mostly Filipino priests until the Neocats arrived. The Statutes, like it or not, were approved in a long process (10 years) by 5 dicasteries. That is a fact. What a catechist say in one parish or a catechumen say in another was not approved by Rome. The fact that this is nowhere mentioned in your website is another reason for being suspicious about your intentions. i.e. it is not a balanced accusation.

      Fact: the RMS was not just for Guam, but for the entire Church of the Pacific. If Guam doesn't like it, THEN it is true that those who disagree with Apuron's goal are being selfish. But it is also true that the Bishop of Guam has total power over these priests, he can even order them not to implement the Neocat in parishes if he wants and these priests are bound to obedience by their Priesthood vows. Nowhere in the interview do you mention this.

      I write this as food for thought. I have a hope that you are a reasonable man. Perhaps being so involve doesn't give a clear perspective of your own doings with respect to what the john doe in the street of Guam thinks. All I am saying is that these little nuances, rise suspicion over your motives and intentions... or perhaps you are just misguided. I am sure that these words are like salt on a wound because you are very proud. We all are? However, it takes character to be able to receive criticism and take the good and reject the false with respect.

      Anyways, we will await the verdict from Rome. Neither you, or your comments, nor me and my comments (with my name on it) can affect THAT outcome.

    3. I think I’ve been there done that with you. The pretend “respect my work” and further pretense at both sides.

      However, I should be flattered that you think that 20 minutes on an obscure talk show that you probably wouldn’t have even known about had I not posted it, somehow deserves “equal time” when Apuron and his Kiko’s have all the power.

      He had his own radio station, his own newspaper, and could get the press to print what ever he released. He had money and the backing of an international syndicate with tons of lawyers and mega-millions in assets.

      All I had and still have is a blog and a moment in the press from time to time. That’s it. So thanks. Very flattering that you think that what I say is so powerful that it must be “balanced” with the other side.

      Was I asked to appear alongside Ric Eusebio when he called his press conferences where he spouted off his mind numbing made up facts (which he never documented)?

      Was I asked for my input in the fairy tale that was recently published in Italy’s fourth largest newspaper - obviously the work of Apuron and his band of unmerry men.

      Was I ever asked by Adrian, David, Pius or whoever to give my side of the story? LOL.

      Yet, I’m on the air for 20 minutes for the first time in about a year and I’m supposed to have someone give the other side. Well feel free. Jesse would be glad to have you. But then you Kiko’s will never crawl out from under your rocks, which says all we need to know about you and discredits every other claim you make here.

      And BTW, we’re not waiting for any verdict from Rome. We’re looking for the one from the Federal Court. But actually, the only verdict Apuron and you should care about is not any verdict that will be given in this world.

      I have a clear conscience. I did absolutely nothing without a lot of thought and prayer. There were no lies. Everything I have said on this blog for the last four years has proven to be true over and over. Not once has your side ever been able to provide a shred of evidence for any of your claims. Only stories and more stories.

      Thanks for the demonstration of why the NCW is so dangerous for the soul…and mind. The world reads this.

    4. Dear Anonymous 11:14 AM,

      as to your comment: "The Neocat is rescuing dioceses and parishes that were about to close or that were non-existent, no vocations, etc." If a parish is so bereft of faith as you described it SHOULD close down. The pastor is certainly an ineffective leader and the people are not willing to support and build up their church. CLOSE DOWN THIS PARISH! Those with faith will seek a different parish. Guam is small enough that driving to a different village is not a major obstacle. Prune those branches that do not bear good fruit so the rest of the vine may grow and thrive.

  8. Anon @ 4:59pm
    If I understand you correctly you are just an observer. Don't want to get involved so as to give your name and are just giving your two cents on the story. Tim has skin in the game and he has to attack those who fabricate stories against him, that is common sense, at least demand that they prove their allegations.

    I too agree that the Bishop should speak on behalf of Guam's Catholic faith. One Bishop's 'prudence' is another Bishop's 'cowardice'. It is ridiculous to fix all this mess without the help and support of the faithful and the press. Where are all the members of this cult admitting that they have been brainwashed? Where are the priests and seminarians that have been falsely accredited as Priests suing the Neocats?

  9. Anon @4:59 Where have you been all this time, have you just emerged from hibernation? What Tim presented during the interview is not new revelation, but topics that have been beaten to death with all the discussions these past few years. You are now just sounding the alarm of credibility after all the issues have been brought to light, not to mention supported by documentations that Tim, and this blog and many contributors locally and abroad have presented. AB Hon, AB Byrnes, and the Vatican by removing authority from Apuron as AB and holding a canonical trial have in one way or another validated the problems that the Church in Guam has undergone in the past decades under Apuron's leadership. The shenanigans of Apuron and his minions and NCW masters have also revealed the destructive role that the NCW has played in the Church since it was allowed to take root in Guam and other place in the world. We have also received testimony from other places in the world that give credence to the divisive nature of this cult. I can only guess that the concern you have is not credibility of Tim, but credibility of yourself. You are an NCW follower that has not come to terms with the truth of the evil of your NCW cult, even when the truth is slapping you in the face.

    1. @ 3:39pm -- You may not agree with Apuron, what he likes, what he doesn't, but he had the Canonical authority to rule as he wished within the boundaries of his diocese and Canon Law. Everything he did was totally acceptable under the Law. The people spoke, Apuron was accused ('allegedly) and he followed procedure established by the USCCB following the Boston scandal (Zero Tolerance) which said that anyone accused must relinquish their position until it is clarified. The fact that Byrnes continues to be Co-Adjutor says it all. Apuron still is the leader of the diocese in Guam until removed by the Vatican... that has not happen and you are "willfully misguiding" people by insinuating otherwise. Besides the Canonical Trial was asked for by Apuron because, in his view, Guam is so corrupt by 'special' interests groups, that he was certain he wouldn't get a fair trial... I wonder why Tim is taunting Apuron to defend himself in Guam? Hmmmmm... It gives more credibility to the accusations that Tim is involved in shady deals and that he follows not Jesus Christ but his real philosophy 'Dollarocracy'.

      About the NCW, Tim has only gathered old accusations that each have their own context and/or have been resolved. Surely you wouldn't want me to judge all Guam citizens by the criminal actions of a few of its members? But that is exactly what you are doing, digging for anything 'negative' to destroy the credibility of the NCW.

      Yes I follow the NCW, but I am not a blind, brainwashed, idiot you proudly characterize everyone that is involved in the NCW and that is why you guys are the fools for looking pathetic while defending (hidding?) your 'cause' (pecadillos?).

    2. Apuron was first accused by John Toves in November of 2014. Apuron not only did NOT follow any USCCB zero tolerance guide lines but threatened to sue Toves into silence.

      Apuron did the same thing to Roy Quintanilla and Doris Concepcion in a press release dated May 31, 2016. One week before he was suspended by Rome.

      The fact that Byrnes is co-adjutor does “say it all.” With the verdict - according to Byrnes - already decided weeks ago, it says that Filoni and his corrupt Kiko friends are doing everything they can to squash it. And you say Guam is corrupt? SMH.

      And me taunting Apuron to defend himself in Guam? LOL. It was Apuron who said he wanted his day in court. It was Apuron who claimed his innocence. And now he doesn’t want a chance to prove himself. And it’s not a “Guam court,” it’s a federal court.

      As for the “old accusations,” I could immediately be discredited by the simple public sharing of the so-called “approved directory.” But it won’t be shared. It’s kept secret, just like everything else in the NCW.

      So whose hiding?

    3. @Anon at 11:20 Perhaps you should question the competent church authority in AB Hon who recommended the removal of Aupron, or the competent church authority in AB Byrnes who told us that Apuron's management of the Archdiocese of Agana is a "Disaster", Perhaps you could also question the authority of Pope Francis who decided to remove the faculties of Apuron over the affairs of the Archdiocese and gave them to AB Byrnes with succession rights. It is AB Byrnes who is authority over the Archdiocese of Agana, his actions of closing the RMS seminary is proof of this authority. These are not actions that Tim or anyone on this blog decided, but by competent church authority in the Pope and bishops guided not just by Canon law, but the Holy Spirit for the overall good of the Church. And I agree with you, it is because of a corrupt special interest group that the church in Guam and perhaps around the world is in the predicament that it is in. The divisive NCW cult. Reference the zero tolerance policy that Apuron had, we saw it implemented effectively when Wadeson, a member of the NCW was incardinated into this archdiocese and only when brought to light was he removed for his prior accusations of abuse, or the handling of NCW presbyter licken Louie, who was quickly whisked away and into hiding, and when Bro. Ton himself an NCW member was accused, not only did he not remove himself immediately, he threatened those bringing accusations with law suits. Apuron's policy is not zero tolerance but zero response policy. Your admittance that you follow the NCW, explains your position against all the documented proof provided by Tim and his blog, and gives us a clear indication that you are either blind or brainwashed, or both.

    4. Thank you for your defense, 2:38. However, in both the case of Wadeson and Lickin' Louie, the zero tolerance policy was NOT followed in that there was only their "whisking away" and NEVER an investigation as the policy required. Both still remain "at large." Wadeson has since attempted to prove his innocence but the best he could come up with was a statement by the LA diocese that it couldn't find anything (40 years later), and of course had he truly been innocent, he would not have run like Apuron. Sadly, Wadeson may have in fact been innocent, but Tony needed him "out a here!"

  10. Hey Tim I seen you on the show where in the heck did you get that big nasty nose from all the lies you tell it looks like s*** oh that's where all the s*** comes out of the mouth LOL

    1. Thanks for more evidence of the fruits of the Neocatechumenal Way. The world is watching. BTW, insults always make my donations go up. Courage.

    2. LOL. L O L ???????????? Omg.