Monday, October 30, 2017

PDN: Brouillard to provide sworn evidence in abuse lawsuits


  1. Not a good move. Reportedly, he has dementia symptoms at age 95. If taken seriously, he could discredit the victims.

    1. How would you know...unless, you are...

    2. Anon at Oct 30 @ 11:58am is an idiot. He assumes Broullard has dimentia because he is 95. Wrong. An attorney for the plaintiffs was surprised at Broullard's ability to recall and respond to the deposition.
      Anon idiot obviously trying to discredit Broullard. But why?
      Is anon idiot Apurun trying to cover his rear by discrediting Broullard, just in case Broullard reveals that Apurun knew all about it and did nothing.
      Or maybe Anon idiot is Dr Eusebio or any other number of neo kooks trying to protect "their" bishop.
      Message to all can have your bishop. The real Catholics of Guam gladly give him to your religion. Just don't bring him back here. Send him to your Domus spaceship to be with Luis and Harold.

  2. Last question asked should be “Did Apuron know of your abuses, and did he ever ask who the victims were so he could reach out to them?”