Thursday, January 4, 2018


  • Tell me just one name who was "persecuted" by these guys. You cannot! Why? Because there is none! You are only making up threat, so that you can cowardly hide in darkness and spit out your "alternative" truth. 
  • Dear Joanne, 

    Zoltan was threatened with his job and intimidated when speaking during the public hearings at the Guam Legislature. An ethics complaint was launched against Jackie Terlaje. Deacon Tenorio is being accused of using donations for his personal use without any substantial evidence. Monsignor David was called to step down from his position only because he walks in the Way. Some parishioners in Yona signed a petition to keep the NCW away from their parish because they believed we are not Catholics. Some of the NCW kids are being bullied in school. A brother in a community related to me that his son who goes to a Catholic School was being bullied by fellow classmates when they learned that his son was walking in the Way. He instructed his son to turn the other cheek and to pray for his bullies. Personally, I would bring the matter up to the teacher and principal. This is only a sample. There is much more.

  • Yes, Diana continues to hide in the darkness. But that's okay. Without Diana's "darkness" the effort to oust the Kiko's never would have gone this far. Quite on her own, she kept the struggle alive with her "alternative truth."

    Truly, there really was nothing for us to engage for quite a long time except for The Diana. She kept spouting things that eventually spurred the action that eventually took out Apuron and has now taken out the Kikos.

    Here's a picture taken two days ago of the "sign," that once said

    Redemptoris Mater Seminary.

    Truly, we have much to thank The Diana for. In fact, as you know, lately we haven't had much to post about here at JungleWatch. So, many thanks to Diana. Truly :)

    In fact, Diana's above litany of "persecutions" not only reminds us that the Kiko's aren't real Christians, since real Christians give thanks for persecutions, not COMPLAIN about them! But the little litany also gives us a chance to again trot out David's bastardization of a privileged office.

    Out of the goodness of his heart, Archbishop Byrnes, personally appointed by Pope Francis to lead our diocese in the sordid absence of that Apuron guy, not only permitted David to be appointed to the Presbyteral Council, but went so far as to demonstrate good will and conciliation when he personally appointed David the "Vulnus" to the College of Consultors.

    And what did David the Vulnus do? Almost immediately, he and three other warped Kiko-priests stabbed Byrnes in the back. First, let's reread what Byrnes said about it:

    Full letter here. And here is the same termination letter to the other traitors: Rudy, Alberto, and Julio. All four of these traitors USED their positions as members of the Presbyteral Council to stab Archbishop Byrnes in the back:

    And here is the letter the FOUR TRAITORS sent to the ArchKikoServant Filoni-Baloney:

    PDF copy here.

    Thank you, Diana. Truly. We could not have done this without you. :)