Monday, December 25, 2017


Merry Christmas.

Some notes. 

I have yet to receive a comment with anyone's name and contact information on it. So I guess no one has the guts to confront me in person and in public. That says a lot...and proves that I was right all along...which will certainly be shown in the end.

Kamalen Karidat will prove to be Apuron's real Gotterdammerung. And it may also prove the Gotterdammerung of certain government officials who have assiduously protected Apuron....

They MUST ask themselves if Apuron is worth it. 

The investigation into Kamalen Karidat probably would not be necessary had the Vatican did its job. But instead, Filoni did the job for them. And the announcement of the Apuron verdict has been indefinitely delayed. 

Why is this? 

We know that the verdict, which has already been determined per the announcement of Archbishop Byrnes - if it was "innocent of all charges"...there would have been a rush to the microphones and to the kiko-sychopants Zenit and La Stampa. 

But there wasn't. There was only delay, delay, delay. And still delay. 

So because the Vatican will NOT do its job. We'll do it for them. 

Kamalen Karidat was a SHAM operation from the outset - set up to take care of Apuron personally. Why else would there be 200-300 THOUSAND DOLLARS in a local bank account that no one can touch...legally, except by authorization of the KK board...of which Apuron is still the chair? 

A legal defense fund masquerading as helping the poor? Seriously? Why did KK need 2-3 HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS in an account that was off limits to anyone but Apuron and his KK buddies? 

Why...even now...are Apuron's pals rushing to exonerate KK with Rev and Tax? Something you will soon see. Or is it the other way around. Is Rev and Tax now rushing to KK? (You'll soon see that as well.)

On January 31, 2018, SDA will go to court  to contest a TWELVE MILLION DOLLAR tax suit filed by the Director of Rev and Tax, who sued SDA for non payment of taxes for running its clinic and health food store. SDA claims an exemption under "charitable" activities...the same as KK. 

Did the Director of Rev and Tax write SDA a nice little letter as he did KK and say "no worries?" Nope. He sued SDA for 12 million for back taxes dated almost the exact amount of time KK had been operating. 

If I was any one of the original incorporators of KK, I'd be pretty damn worried about exposure to personal liability. 

And if I was Archbishop Byrnes, I'd have a call in to Filoni. This is going to get ugly. I promise.

Merry Christmas. Merry, Merry Christmas.