Sunday, February 25, 2018


Just for old time's sake, let's have a little fun with The Diana. "She" says:

Ah, Diana. You flatter us. "Law-enforce and authority..., etc.?" Gosh. Such power. Thanks. But we are quite happy with Archbishop Byrnes. It may have taken awhile, but he has seen through your scam. Seminary closed. And soon the NCW? 

I say yes. And here's why. 

Not because of your heretical teaching, which has become increasingly obvious (e.g. "Jesus is a Sinner" i.e. meaning Jesus is not God - aka Arianism), but because your leadership absolutely disobeyed a simple request: to provide Archbishop Byrnes, the absolute authority in this diocese, with a copy of the NCW's Catechetical Directory

Archbishop Byrnes made this request last March, and for nearly year now, your leadership has not only played Button, button, who's got the button?, but thumbed their noses (if not a a different finger) at Archbishop Byrnes. 

How sad for you. 

Truly, Archbishop Byrnes came to Guam last year really willing to listen "to both sides." His closure of RMS and his crackdown on the NCW had nothing to do with what was actually taught...but with how you acted.

Bye Diana. Will miss you.