Wednesday, July 18, 2018


(Posted by Frenchie)

on 07/12/18 Anonymous stated in an answer to F. Leon Guerrero ( a parishioner at the CBA) the following:
"What does it matter whether a person running for office is a neo or not? People were against Telena Nelson and when she was under fire, it was those same people who supported her? Has she in anyway helped the Neos since she has been elected?"

Beside the obvious horrendous grammar, I think most people understand the core of the question:
Why does it matter?

On the face of thing, there is nothing wrong in any individual, putting themselves in front of the voters to request that they trust him/her to represent them to the best of their abilities.

At the same time, years of democracy have taught us, to beware of the packaging, and look closely, at what and who is behind it.

In  the particular case of the Neos here on Guam, if we follow their Mantra, that they should be judged on the fruits of their labor; then we should be very, very worried about any Neo Candidate.

 A couple of weeks ago, I posted on this blog a short expose about the candidacy of  Lou&Josh.
This expose, followed another one, based on an article published in the Pacific Island Times, which
evaluated the various candidates for Governor, as well as the connection between  the Lou&Josh campaign, and the Neocatechumenal Way.

Unbeknown to me, this generated a heated debate on the Diana's blog, where I was called every name in the book, plus some choice bird's name. I guess these two expose, must have come too close for comfort for the Neo's establishment, and following their well established pattern, (and since they could not attack the message) they attacked the messenger.

Nothing new here folks, just the typical Neo platitudes and usual hate mongering. Yet at the same time it showed me that if the hornets were that much worked up, my little article must have been way too closed for comfort for the Neo establishment here on Guam.
One comment of particular interest was forwarded to me by one of our readers, after an exchange on the Diana's blog, regarding the involvement, or not of the Neo leaders in the decision of their followers to run for office. One of their infamous contributor: "Jokers  Wild" felt it was necessary for him to intervene in the heated debate taking place there.

July 7, 2018, at 4.12am
"Why doe FRENCHIE think we are being told to support Lou&Josh in the Gov Campaign? Is there something I am missing?
Or is this a poor excuse of a write-up due to the lack of reader content, or readers in general?
Frenchie even goes on to say that Telena Nelsons entry in the Senate was part of a Neo driven agenda. I was at a specific meeting (WYD PLANNING) where Father Pius told Telena he feared, (was against) her running for Senator.
Im just amazed at how desperate they are to attack the NCW in anyway possible.

-Jokers Wild"

(sorry for the grammar, it is verbatum)

How interesting that the Joker (which we have suspected as being a cadre of the Neos) confirms here that he attended a meeting to talk about Senator Nelson's campaign, which was attended by Pius as well.
How ironic, that by trying to deny that they are dictating what to do to their followers, the Joker actually ended up confirming that they did actually have a meeting on that subject. Of course he spins it to tell us that holy Pius was against it. We all know what to make of the Neos and their spinning.

What he does not address of course is the fact, which was noted and relayed by the Pacific Island Times, which is that LOU&JOSH campaign is totally run by the neo cadres.

In my original post, the question was not that the Neos were campaigning on behalf of that Governor's race, but rather why they would support LOU&JOSH, given that they are overtly, one the biggest supporter of abortion on island, and the other an open advocate of gay rights.
If anything this agenda, is in total opposition to what the Neos officially teach publicly.

What is it? Are you for or against Abortion and Gay Rights?

 Again the NCW is trying to have their cake and eat it..... Not very consistent.

You are either for or against.....if you are against? Why support these two? If not for access to political power?
This is why it matters......


  1. Lou is pro abortion, and publicly, therefore not Catholic (neo or Roman)!!

    1. You are correct "concerned Catholic", this is why I ask the question: Why are the Neos helping her campaign?
      Obviously it is not for her lack of Catholic Positions.

      What is really going on? That no one is willing to ask...that includes all the local medias and so called pundits, on their little radio and TV shows.
      They are very willing to expose scandals that tarnish other candidates, but they are dead silent on this issue. (Except for the Pacific Island Times. Even then, it was done in an indirect way) Where are the Malafunk, Kristal Paco, or any of the so called independence movement backers at the UOG. Dead silence.
      Yet it is hard to find a more prominent colonialist movement.
      Puzzling at best.

  2. In 2013, Lou LG publicly testified against a bill that would mandate normal medical care for a child who survived an abortion - a child lying on the table, writing, and screaming for life. We have the video. It's on this site. Fortunately, the sponsor of the bill stood up for that baby. And it passed into law.