Tuesday, October 30, 2018


(posted by Frenchie)

Just as one last debate is still on, LLG continues to "rope a dope"on most of the tough issues, continuing instead in avoiding the write in candidate, and attacking the republican candidate, who until a couple of weeks ago had avoided the limelight, but who suddenly found a new life by bringing forward the issue of abortion.

Of course her NCW cadre who are some of the best at avoiding to address real issues, by hiding them under a cloud of distractions, have coached her not to use that word, and instead speak of a
 culture of life.

What is a culture of life LOU?

When you endorse Abortion, the despicable destruction of a living being by tearing apart piece by piece their limbs, how can you talk of a culture of life?
When you endorse Planned Parenthood, that Eugenic entity who profits from the sale of babies' parts,how can you talk of a culture of life?
When you spend millions of dollars on advertising to drown any opposing voice,
how can you talk of a culture of life?
When you embark in a campaign of lies against your own party's opponents, by destroying their reputation and their record, How can you talk of a culture of life?
When you use identity politics, and nativism to attack your opponent, how can you talk of a
culture of life? 

Well ladies and gentlemen, you "Deflect, Deny and Destroy"

For the long time followers of this blog, doesn't this remind you of something very disturbing and familiar?
For our less regular followers, or new readers: it is the core of the tactics of the 
Neocatecumenate Way

That cancer which hide itself inside the Catholic Church , like an evil retrovirus, to better destroy the host body.

During tonight's debate, we saw their candidate to the governorship Deny and Deflect,
but we also saw and heard the disruption of small groups of "activists" in the crowd.
That is one of the many facet of Destroy

This my friend is a short window into what an LLG administration would look like, with the Neocats in the background.
Aggressive, arrogant, disruptive and flat out dishonest .

LLG under Neo influence is looking more and more like the corrupt Clinton machine of vote rigging, backroom deal, intimidation .

So why is the NCW plan unraveling?

Simply because, they wanted to do to our political system what they did to the Catholic Church, creep in under the radar, pretending to be something they are not.
Pushing a fresh and different candidate, who will bring a new way of doing politics.

What we have found over past two months, what we have discovered, is that instead of a new way of doing politics,
The Neos have coached Lou& Josh to be their new puppets.
It shows in everything they do.
That was not the plan, it was to be a discreet and unnoticed operation.

This is where things are unraveling.

Lou is everywhere, denying she lied, trying to pose as a victim of vicious rumors, while she used rumors and innuendos against the Aguon campaign.
In this she is helped by very willing yellow journalists, who dare pose as independents.
Now that she is faced by a rekindled BOTA campaign, she is avoiding all the difficult issues that are tied to her unabashed support of the murder of innocent beings.
Only the most blind of the Chamorro activists refuse to see, that she endorses the ethnic cleansing of 
brown babies.

Three weeks ago the Umatuna wrote a lukewarm expose, on the need for Catholics to vote based on Catholic issues, Two weeks later the Chancellor, in a state of panic in view of the loud awakening of the pro-life movement, judged it appropriate to silence these voices by reminding people of the IRS guidelines (put in place to silence religious entities) for keeping their tax status.

While the Chancellor and the Vicar General are conspicuous by their lack of leadership, the laity continues to move forward.
Nothing can stop an individual to voice his/hers concerns. Despite the fact that the Chancery and their lukewarm leaders (who refuse to lead), the laity shall not be silenced.

The Neos that are still embedded within the administration of the Catholic Church, the moles of Kiko and his agents, shall not be able to silence us. 

If you are a Catholic who refuse to be silenced, the choice is clear.


  1. The choice is very clear, Write in AGUON/LIMTIACO!!!

  2. These are the fruits of the NCW, they will do anything (lie, cheat and deceive) to promote the "way". If you are in the NCW, you are formed to walk in this way and you eventually lose your sense of right and wrong.

    Lie, cheat and deceive = NCW

  3. "Deflect, Deny and Destroy"

    Pretend that they are doing churchy things (oh and by the way they are EXEMPT from all safeguarding arrangements and all financial oversight)- deny that they never told or tell us members what the deal is - suck the initiative and time out of our lives. How worldly.