Saturday, July 4, 2020


A few days ago, Tony Diaz, Director of Communications for the Archdiocese of Agana, released a statement relative to the discontinuance of Apuron's stipend. 

There was an immediate backlash on social media indicating that there are many who do not understand why - more than two years after Apuron was found guilty of the sexual abuse of minors by the Vatican - that Apuron has continued to receive a stipend via the "collection plate" of the Catholics who have already been burdened with paying for the bankruptcy wrought by the same Apuron. 

Typical of this archdiocese's historic treatment of the laity, there was a "none of your business attitude" in the release. 

That's too bad. The release was a wonderful opportunity to heal the wounds at many levels. 

First, there was the opportunity to explain that the current archbishop was bound by canon law to continue Apuron's stipend given that the Vatican stopped short of laicizing ("defrocking") Apuron. 

Second, there was the opportunity to demonstrate that we can trust the current archbishop in demonstrating that more than likely there was "good cause shown" to the Vatican big boys (i.e. the CDF* and even the pope), that - due to the bankruptcy - it would be immoral to continue to pay Apuron his stipend when us "lowly" lay Catholics are already being made to foot the bill to keep our parishes and schools open because of what Apuron did.

*CDF is Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith which was ultimately the Vatican authority which pronounced Apuron "guilty." It is also noteworthy that this is the first time in Church history wherein a bishop was found guilty in a trial before a Vatican tribunal. 

And, third, it was an opportunity to educate everyone about what happens when church law and civil law come into conflict, something all of us need to know more about these days. 

However, none of this was done. And it remains to be seen whether or our current archbishop (via "Fr. Ron" and "Tony") will tell us "the rest of the story." 

As far as JungleWatch Nation (and specifically Tim Rohr, the author of this post) is concerned, the real issue is WHY?, several years hence, the leadership of the NCW, i.e. David Atienza* - "arch" NCW "catechist" for Guam, is permitted to continue to defy Archbishop Byrnes at almost every level: 

(1) Atienza's refusal to provide Archbishop Byrnes a copy of the NCW Catechetical Directory - so AB Byrnes can perform his canonical due diligence inquiry into the NCW doctrine; 

(2) why the NCW (via Atienza) is continuing to "celebrate" their "Eucharist" according to their own - and mostly prohibited - rubrics right under the new AB's nose; and  

(3) whether or not the NCW's (i.e. Atienza's*) continued "black trash bag" collections - or a portion thereof - are being routed to Apuron. 

We encourage Archbishop Byrnes to take a "deep look" at the "deep state" which still runs what is left of this archdiocese and which led us into bankruptcy in the first place. Hint: They are right next door.

*According to this, Atienza is being sustained and supported by the tax-payers of Guam. 


P.S. Do not think that we are not aware of the "rest of the story." 

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