Wednesday, June 2, 2021


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As we mentioned in yesterday's post, continue signing the petition. I would add that if you are willing and able, go and participate in the peaceful demonstration of support on Thursday the 3rd of June.

latest updates.

According to several well placed sources, the Chancery has reached out to Mr Perez to negotiate an agreement and a new understanding.

According to some other sources Mr Dennis Malilay, did the honorable thing and presented his resignation. He is unfortunately the latest person to be thrown under the proverbial bus, by what many now call the Detroit Mafia.

One wonders, when might the superintendent resign? If all these information happen to be confirmed. It would be the second time in so many months that he would also have been thrown under the bus by the people that hired and manipulated him.

As some of the contributors of the Junglewatch often underlined during the past 10 years, roaches seem not to like the light to be shined on them.

On the same front, the parents of Father Duenas might recall the strange letter sent by the chief financial officer of the Chancery, with the backing of Fr. Richards in regards to the finance of the school. This was a shot across the bow of Mr Perez, and an attempt to discredit his administration of the school. When this did not bear the fruits they were expecting, the bombastic and dictatorial CFO had one of her (now famous) temper tantrum.

It is most likely why several influential members of the Alumni organization are looking at alternatives, in their relationship with the Chancery. It would be logical for anyone loving this storied institution to want a better and safer administrative environment.

Is this how the Chancery wants to run its finances while being in chapter 11 reorganization?

More to come very soon.

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