Friday, April 22, 2022


 By Frenchie

Fr Wadeson

officially "retired off island"

Fr Wadeson the Neo Presbyter who changes addresses as often as most people change shirts, is again

at the center of another scandalous affair.

Kandit News just revealed in a column yesterday a new document  about how the Apuron's administration continued to cover up for child abusers.


You can read the  article Here

Tim Rohr on this website did a long and difficult research about father Wadeson.

It was Junglewatch  findings about his residency in San Francisco that led to Archbishop Cordileone to removed him from authorization to work in that Archdiocese. He then escaped to location unknown, before being spotted in a New York parish tied to the Neos, he then was again on the move, escorting Boston (the Archdiocese of Cardinal O'Malley, the biggest backer of the Neos since the fall of Mc Carrick) Catholics to the Holy Land. 

You can consult the many articles on Wadeson in the junglewatch files by typing Wadeson

He showed up from time to time on Guam to celebrate Mass in Agat, another Neo's stronghold.

Finally we discovered him, hiding in Alabama in a parish near the EWTN studios where the Gennarini's

heir is sitting on the board of directors.


Finally after being summoned back on island by Archbishop Byrnes, he was allowed to retired off island. This means that we still pay for his retirement stipends. The last we heard, he is still moving along the predator railroad, run by the NCW

He has been seen in several locations where the Neos  like to congregate.

Apparently the Law firm of Anderson in the Twin Cities is asking for information related to Wadeson, and they seem to be on the hunt for possible victims, from this failed priest, who seems to have a propensity to be always one step ahead of the searchers.

Sounds like the story is far from over.

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