Thursday, May 18, 2023


By Tim Rohr

My interest was recently piqued when I came across the term “Procrustean bed.” 

At first glance I thought I was seeing the word “crustacean” and thought the reference was to a lobster or something. 

However, after a few tries, I got the spelling right and located the definition of  “procrustean.” And here it is according to

“Tyrannical governments can be Procrustean, as can certain clubs and organizations. This marvelous adjective characterizing pointless or ruthless demand for conformity owes its meaning to a son of the Greek god Poseidon: Procrustes, who stretched his guests or cut off their legs in order to make them fit his bed.”

Wow “cut(ting) off their legs!"

What is even more interesting is that the phrase "Procrustean bed" is used by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) in the abortion case: Webster v. Reproductive Health Services, 492 U.S. 490, 517 (1989)

Here is what the Court said:

We think that the doubt cast upon the Missouri statute by these cases is not so much a flaw in the statute as it is a reflection of the fact that the rigid trimester analysis of the course of a pregnancy enunciated in Roe has resulted in subsequent cases like Colautti and Akron making constitutional law in this area a virtual Procrustean bed. - Webster v. Reproductive Health Services, 492 U.S. 490, 517 (1989) 

How apt given that abortion not only cuts "off their legs" but their arms, head and torso too.

This is who you elected, Guam. And twice. 

Note to "Archdiocese of Agana." Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now? 

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