Thursday, October 17, 2013


Bill 195-32, the INFANT CHILD'S RIGHT TO LIFE ACT would mandate normal medical care for a child who survives an abortion procedure. The bill does NOT require the doctor to save the child, but only to acknowledge that once expelled from the mother, the child is a legal human being under the laws of Guam, and is not to be treated as medical waste. Four of the Five women below opposed the bill. Only one supported it.

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  1. Lou, saving the life of a child who surives an attempted abortion is no different that saving the life of a child who survives a fire set by an arsonists. Don't we all expect the first responders to rush the child to the ER? Who cares that the arsonist is the mother of the child?!! The public expect, and mandate if necessary, that the medical team should do their best to save the child's life? Who cares how much it will cost? Every life is precious; every life is a gift from God.