Monday, February 6, 2017


Posted by Tim

This past Sunday at the Agana Cathedral there was another "Invitation to Joy" by the Neocatechumenal Way.

These "invitations" typically are testimonials given by lay persons followed by an invitation to attend a catechesis, and occur in place of or attached to the homily or immediatley before the dismissal and final blessing. 

At this point, I am simply gathering information. Here is what has been reported so far. Please feel free to add what you saw in the comments if you went to Mass at the Cathedral this weekend.

  • The "Invitation" was given at each Mass except for one: the 9:30am Mass at which Archbishop Byrnes as the celebrant.
  • Members of the Agana Cathedral NCW communities sat together to the right of the altar (from the perspective of one facing the altar).
  • Most of the members of the NCW communities did not receive communion.
  • At one of the Masses, the "Invitation" was given during the time reserved for the homily with the other "Invitations" given immediately before the Dismissal.
  • Fr. Jucutan, at at least one of the Masses, sat with the NCW members as part of the congregation.

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