Friday, November 22, 2013


"June" called in to the Patti Arroyo show and chastised Fr. Paul (who was on the air with Patti via phone) for speaking about his case publicly. 

It's a good bet "June" is a member of the Neocatechumenal Way since she refers to herself as "one of the worst" Catholics, language common to NCW members. And we can expect more "chastising" of Fr. Paul from other members as this case goes forward.

I will tell you why later. But for now, June, let's go over a few things.

Canon Law  (1742 §1) required the Archbishop to first discuss the removal of Fr. Paul with two pastors selected by the presbyteral council. And then, after the discussion, if the Archbishop judges that the pastor must be removed, he is required to first attempt to paternally persuade the pastor to "resign within fifteen days, after having explained, for validity, the cause and arguments for the removal."

The Archbishop DID NONE of these things

On July 16, 2013, Fr. Paul was summoned before the Archbishop and told to resign or otherwise endure "a more arduous and painful closure" to his assignment as pastor of Santa Barbara Parish. Does that sound "paternal" to you, June? I don't think so. In fact, that's the language of a mob boss: "arduous and painful". Seriously, June, from a bishop? Who writes this man's letters?

The Archbishop himself then went public with the removal of Fr. Paul with the Aviso published in the U Matuna on July 22. In other words, June, the Archbishop, went public first, and did so with complete disregard for Canon Law. This was a severe violation, not only of Fr. Paul's canonical rights as pastor, but a very mean and vindictive attack on Fr. Paul's character. 

In fact, it goes beyond that, June. Pastors cannot be removed without reason and a juridical process. Thus, the abrupt removal of Fr. Paul was a grave cause for scandal. In fact, the scandal and the damage done to our church would have been greater had not Fr. Paul had the foresight to write a letter to his parishioners explaining the situation and asking for their prayers for both himself and the Archbishop. 

And then, June, the Chancery re-inserted itself into the public sphere on July 22 with a press release (of all things) LYING about Fr. Paul's failure to terminate an employee in 2011*, making further allegations against Fr. Paul, and attempting to defame the subject employee by saying he was a danger to children when 1) his case did not involve children, 2) his crime was committed 32 years ago, and 3) he is now married and the father of two. The Chancery had NO evidence that the man was a danger to children and KNEW that there was no basis for their allegation. They simply chose to make it up. 

*Fr. Paul terminated the man's employment on October 26, 2011, as ordered. If the Chancery did not know this then they are grossly incompetent. 

So you see, June, the Chancery, with premeditation and malice, tried to publicly discredit Fr. Paul twice right at the outset, and you're upset that Fr. Paul responds to questions about this from the media? It's the Archbishop who took this fight public. He just didn't expect Fr. Paul to fight back. Well, he is. And many others are waiting to explode, not so much on Fr. Paul's behalf, his case is just the catalyst!

And you talk about obedience? Fr. Paul's vow of obedience does not include obedience to unjust acts. This is why Canon Law provides for recourse against such administrative decrees. Our church has historically been brutalized and ravaged by unjust prelates who are full of themselves and their power. Thus the Church in her wisdom has written into her laws protections from such men. 

But the real issue here, June, is not Fr. Paul, is it? The real issue is the Neocatechumenal Way. That's why you called in. Fr. Paul began exposing things about the Neo publicly that the rest of us aren't supposed to know, and you didn't like that. So you called in to shut him down. 

You're scared, aren't you, June? You're scared because you know that if the Archbishop goes down, then the Neo goes down. In no place else on earth is the Neo so protected as it is here in Guam. No place else on earth has a multi-million dollar piece of property like Redemptoris Mater Seminary. 

In fact, your Neo leaders, June, have already persuaded the Archbishop to sign it over to them so if something happens to him or when he retires, the Neo keeps the property, not us, not the Archdiocese of Agana, not the people who have been contributing hundreds of thousands of dollars believing (falsely) that this was our seminary. The Archdiocesan Finance Council objected, so the Archbishop fired them all. 

Do you want documentation, June? I have documentation. Go ahead, try to shut up Fr. Paul. Try to shut me up. Go ahead. I only need more reasons like the one you just gave me. 

But I'm not blaming you, June. You were lied to. And you're still being lied to. More to come. 


  1. Tim, What can we the faithful do to help Fr. Paul? I volunteer and help out at my parish, donate my services often to the diocese and I am frustrated that this is happening. I know that there are hundreds if not thousands out there who all feel that he was wronged?

  2. I believe at this point the only thing we can do, other than pray, is to let more people know what is going on. The chancery is like the legislature. If fears nothing but the press. And for now, this blog is the press. The Archbishop has shown from the beginning that he wants Fr. Paul out no matter what. There is no possibility of reconciliation. There have been several opportunities so far that the Archbishop could have worked things out with Fr. Paul privately. However, he has refused to. There's nothing left. I hadn't planned on getting in this far, but as you may have seen from the post regarding the letter from the "Grand Master", he has chosen to try to silence me as well. So here we go. We are not called to be obedient to injustice.

  3. Thank you Tim Rohr for speaking up for the catholic faith when it comes to unjust acts! We, Catholics, are most times told to be obedient by keeping silent or just "go with the flow" because it is considered blasphemous to speak against the priests and most especially to the Archbishop. It's time we make our voices known on the very things which go against our faith. HOW WRONG for Archbishop Apuron to divide our priests and our faith and to turn a blind eye...and HOW WRONG for Archbishop Apuron to abuse our priests who have done no wrong...May God have mercy on his soul!

    Continue to shine light upon the darkness that blinds us...thank you for being a voice.

  4. I think Everyone needs to take tine out to read the latest Exhortation from Pope Francis, "Evangelii Guadium" helped me today and it may help you too.

  5. To Anonymous November 27: So other than telling us to sit down and shut up, did you have a point?

    BTW, I have some interesting audio recordings. Would you like to hear them?