Saturday, November 30, 2013


First, don't come here. Every time you do you increase the page views, which in turn creates more interest.

Second, start your own blog and refute my claims. But see if you can do it by actually refuting claims rather than mere ad hominum attacks. Everything I've said is about what has been actually done or said, backed up with documentation. See if you can do the same. 

Third, stop giving me reasons to respond. You'll notice that I hardly every post something out of the blue. It's usually a response to something. Besides, responding to me gives me too much credit. I am completely powerless. I have no pulpit, no letters before or after my name. I'm just a lay person with an internet connection. And if my claims aren't true, then there's nothing to worry about. Soon no one will pay attention and I'll just go away. 

Have a nice day.

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