Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Here's an interesting comment:

If you haven't already, check out the Wiki entry for Cardinal (Edwin) O'Brien. He appears very much to be a faithful, courageous and orthodox defender of the faith. Obviously, he has to take claims of scandalous conduct by a knight against an archbishop very seriously; and, without more information, accept the view of the archbishop and admonish the knight. So, his letter to Tim does not diminish my view of him. I just hope and pray that this situation will induce the Cardinal to more closely examine the Church on Guam. In addition to the Church being cleaved into two competing churches, there are problems that have been 25 years in the making that desperately need to be addressed.

The key line in this comment is "without more information". Well, the Cardinal was given more information, twice. And I have not been "admonished"…as apparently the Archbishop was expecting. There has only been silence from the Cardinal. Maybe it was because of the "more information"? I am holding off on posting the "more information" in my second letter. However, I am sure that the Chancery has a copy. 

Given the gravity of the Archbishop's accusations against me to the Cardinal, and given the lack of a reply, there can only be one of two conclusions: 1) The Cardinal is lax (hardly!), 2) the Cardinal sees the problem. He may still choose to kick me out of the Order, especially now that I have posted so much more. But I think he sees that all I am really trying to do is prevent the indiscriminate destruction of a priest...and maybe even a whole diocese. 

For Cardinal O'Brien's letter to me, see this post. For my first reply, go here

Some have asked what I want out of if getting something will make me go away. I want nothing. And it's too late. But it would be nice if the Neocatechumenal Way actually conformed to its Statute and its leaders come clean about why it hasn't. If they don't, then I will. 


  1. The apostolic nuncio needs to act on the Guam situation

  2. The apostolic nuncio needs to act on the Guam situation