Monday, December 16, 2013


From the blog of Fr. John Zuhlsdorf here:

I redirect your attention to Fat Man’s Rules of the House of God. Fr. Hunwicke, and many other priests, know that this Rule applies:


When you are in the hands of high ecclesiastics, you had better steel yourselves to the fact that when the pain starts, they are just getting started."


Hmmmm. "When you are in the hands of high ecclesiastics, you had better steel yourselves to the fact that when the pain starts, they are just getting started." 

That sounds very familiar: "It is to your advantage to resign immediately rather than experience a more arduous and painful closure to your assignment..."

Fr. Paul, it sounds like you better "steel" yourself...if you haven't already. They've only begun to hurt you. Sounds like "the rack" is next. 


  1. I am a friend of Fr. Paul and I would like to share another arduous and painful experience inflicted by the hands of our "benevolent" Archbishop Apuron on Fr. Paul. Fr. Paul was asked by a classmate priest of his to cover the friend's masses in a parish in California while his classmate priest was on vacation for several weeks. Fr. Paul agreed and then his classmate priest asked Fr. Paul to get clearance from the Chancery in Guam which was standard protocol, and Fr. Paul was told by Fr. Adrian, the Chancellor, that it will be taken care of. The next thing Fr. Paul heard was his classmate telling him that his bishop said no because of what Guam told his bishop about Fr. Paul's status. Archbishop Apuron then send a letter to Fr. Paul denying his request even though it was not Fr. Paul who was asking but his classmate priest. This shows that Fr. Paul has already being blackballed or blacklisted by Archbishop Apuron even though his appeal had not been resolved, and shows that Archbishop Apuron is making good his threat that he will make it arduous and painful for Fr. Paul for daring to stand up for his rights by refusing to resign. The good name of Fr. Paul is being destroyed by Archbishop Apuron. I guess exerting his authority and power is more important to Archbishop Apuron than to show moderation, good judgment, and compassion in making decisions. If Fr. Paul was a neo priest, none of this will be happening.

  2. If Father Paul was the abuser, I would understand the Archbishop removing him from the parish, but he wasn't. He was just being compassionate and forgiving as Christ would have been.

    1. As we all know. The removal of Fr. Paul had nothing to do with what we have been told. That will come clear soon.

  3. I am so sick and tired of all this! When is something going to happen??? Father Paul is a good priest with a big heart and compassionate, maybe that does not count in our own Diocese. Oh...I get it is because Father Paul stood up against the man on the hill about bringing the NEO to Santa Barbara. Father Paul never turned his back against this, he just stated that it should be for the good of ALL parishioners, even the ones who had a history with the law! If a person wants to come back to his faith, we should open our arms to him/her and to make him/her feel WELCOME! I really feel for Father Paul because he really did not do anything wrong, but to WELCOME all into the church!!!! I AM TIRED OF THIS DIVISION ON OUR ISLAND.

    ANother thing, why two semaries? Why does Junie have to live in Malojloj? Why not move all the seminarians to Malojloj? Why is Father Kidd not a Pastor of a Church? These newly ordained semanarians (NEO) are Pastors in OUR CHURCH...Do they have preference over OUR LOCAL PRIESTS? WHY THE SPECIAL TREATMENT FOR THESE NEO SEMINARIANS? WHY DO THEY HOVER OVER THE MAN ON THE HILL LIKE THEY WERE HIS BODYGUARDS? THis is just going too FAR!!!

    Maybe Father PAUL should start the NEW WAY!!! Leading everyone back to the Basics of being a Catholic following the two greatest commandments of GOD. COME ON GUAM.....WAKE UP!!!!

    Losing the FAITH