Tuesday, December 17, 2013


The situation in Agat these last few days exposes something many of us suspect: SOMEONE ELSE is running things. 

The Archdiocese has an official policy, promulgated in its Statute, relative to a funeral Mass in the presence of cremated remains.

Fr. Jason Granado, the pastor, who denied the funeral Mass to the subject family, could not have been ignorant of that Statute. As a priest ordained and incardinated in the Archdiocese of Agana, and especially as a pastor, it is unthinkable that he did not have a copy of the Statute or at least know where to find it. 

Before I go on, let me say that I know and like Fr. Jason, and have known him since his earliest days at the seminary. Also as a resident of Agat, I see him from time to time in social settings and he appears to be well liked by the parishioners. In short, he is a good and sincere priest and of a kind and compassionate disposition.

So then why the refusal of a funeral Mass to the grieving family? 

The Church allows for only two possibilities: 1) the cremation of the remains was inspired by motives contrary to Christian teaching (Can. 1176 § 3), or 2) a funeral Mass had already taken place.

According to the family member, the family is deeply Catholic and never would have done anything purposely contrary to the Catholic faith (which is why they desperately wanted a funeral Mass). The remains were cremated for economic reasons. Their loved one was killed in the states and the remains had to be transported back to Guam. There was also no prior funeral Mass, the family wanting the funeral to be held on Guam.

So we have the following:
  1. The promulgated Statute of the Archdiocese of Agana allowing for a funeral Mass in the presence of cremated remains
  2. No canonical impediment to the celebration of a funeral Mass in the presence of cremated remains.
  3. A pastor who could not have been ignorant of 1 and 2 but still refused a funeral Mass in the presence of cremated remains.

Thus, unless the Archbishop was willing to violate the Statute he himself promulgated, the only possible answer is that Fr. Jason is taking orders from someone else. I think it's the latter. And I further think that this sad little episode gives us a peephole into a much larger problem...much, much larger. 


  1. To the NCW MEMBERS .... Let me tell you a story.....

    Now, which is the True Church? There are now three hundred and fifty different Protestant churches in existence, and almost every year one or two more are added. Besides this number, there is the Catholic Church.

    Now, which of all these various churches is the one true Church of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, for all claim to be the Church of Jesus?

    But, my dear beloved people, it is evident no church can be the Church of Jesus except the one that was established by Jesus. And when did Jesus establish His Church? When? When He was here upon earth. And how long ago is it that Christ was upon earth? You know our Christian era dates from Him. He was born many centuries ago. That is an historical fact admitted by all. He lived on earth thirty-three years. That was about nineteen centuries before our time. That is the time Christ established His Church on earth. Any Church, that has not existed this long, is not the Church of Jesus Christ, but is the institution or invention of some man, but not of God, not of Christ.

    Now, where is the Church and which is the Church that has existed this long? All history informs you, it is the Catholic Church. She, and she only, among all Christian denominations on the face of the earth, has existed so long. All history, bears testimony to this, not only Catholic history, but Pagan history, Jewish history and Protestant history, indirectly.

    The history of all nations, of all people, bears testimony that the Catholic Church is the oldest and the first. It is the one established by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    But, my dear friend, if you admit that the Catholic Church is the first and the oldest, the Church established by Christ, why are you not a Catholic? To this they answer that the Catholic Church has become corrupted, has fallen into error, and therefore, it was necessary to establish a new church. A new church, a new religion.

    And to this we answer, if the Catholic Church had been once the true church, then she is still true, and shall be the true Church of God to the end of time, or Jesus Christ has deceived us.

    Hear me Jesus, hear what I say! I say, that if the Catholic Church now, in the nineteenth century, is not the true Church of God as she was 1854 years ago, then I say, Jesus, Thou hast deceived us and Thou art an impostor! And if I do not speak the truth, Jesus, strike me dead in this pulpit. Let me fall dead in this pulpit, for I do not want to be a preacher of a false religion!

    Wise words from a wise priest... Now you decide your salvation...

    by Fr. Arnold Damen, S.J. (1815 - 1890)
    Imprimatur: Michael Augustine, Archbishop of New York.

  2. Dear Susan,

    What is your point? The NCW is part of the ONE TRUE CATHOLIC CHURCH.
    You are the only one separating the NCW from the church?
    Just because the NCW communities have celebrations within their communities, this does not mean that they have separated themselves.
    If this is the case, then you need to repeat your thoughts to every other group that decides to meet outside of any church and on any other day than Sunday. The truth is that every other group/movement within the Catholic Church do meet away and beyond the Mass, not just as consistent as the NCW.
    Let me share with you a little something about another group within the church that is almost similar to the NCW.

    I will CAPITALIZE everything that is shared between the two groups, just called different things.

    To be honest, Ive experienced the Cursillo Movement and if you research, the Cursillo movement also originated out of SPAIN. The Cursillos are a series of COURSES(catechesis) shared over a 4 day RETREAT(convivence) during this retreat there are DECURIAS(communities) formed. After the retreat the decurias are encouraged to have REUNIONS(celebrations) with the decurias. Every so often all the decurias are called for a big gathering called a ULTREYA(big hotel gathering) just not held at a hotel but rather a social hall.
    The NCW has been accused of strictly listening to Kiko, well this feature is not unique to the NCW. I was once asked to give a Rollo(catechesis) during one of the retreats. I thought I was going to be given a topic and few guides/pointers. Well, I was wrong, and to my surprise I was handed a written script and was told not to add or delete anything written in that script. What was worse was I didnt even know who wrote the script. There werent any references to the Bible or to the CCC. There is also a share of CLAPPING, DANCING and SPANISH MUSIC throughout the retreat.

    I only share this because it seems you are singling out the NCW for "their" way of doing things. I just wanted to share that most of these things are shared in similarity with other groups. If your view of these things makes you feel that the NCW is not part of the Catholic Church then your view must be consistent towards all others. In my research I have found out that most of the Spiritual Retreat formats you see today are based on the Cursillo Format that preceded them. Even Kiko himself experienced the cursillo movement way before he began the NCW in Madrid.

    So Im not sure how you can go on thinking that the NCW has seperated themselves from the TRUE CATHOLIC CHURCH. If you read further into this blog and all the comments, there is not one member of the NCW that has mentioned they are no longer part of the catholic church. In fact everyone not in the NCW are the ones instructing NCW members to leave the church.
    The NCW has consistently responded to our church in its mission and continues to do so.

    As for my salvation....I have already been saved, is being saved and I have hope that when that day comes I will see my maker face to face.

    1. I too am pretty familiar with the Cursillo...let me point out a few differences from the NCW. We do not have weekly masses just for us. When we do have masses family and friends are invited, and we have it in a proper place, and follow all liturgical norms.

      The first day of our retreat we lay out our plan...to make you a leader in your parish. And, yes our rollos/classes are scripted to make sure the teachings are correct and valid and follow Church doctrine. However, speakers do have the flexibility to add personal stories and experiences to their topic.

      There are other differences, but these are the major ones. Movements are good things. They are intended to bring Christ's presence to us in a stronger and more personal experience. I believe this is the goal of all movements. I agree that the NCW does this also. However, look at all the movements on Guam and only one seems to cause problems with the larger Community as a whole.

      The NCW should take a close assessment as to what is causing this rancor and look at changing it. Conforming with Church statutes is not optional, but the good news is that it is not that difficult either.

      Good luck to you!

    2. I've known the Cursillo, I've experienced the Cursillo, you, Anonymous NCW, are no Cursillo.

    3. Dear anonymous, December 17, 2013 at 1:18am

      You are wrong....very wrong! You are holding a celebration, service, Eucharistic "mass" outside of the church. JESUS DOES NOT BELONG OUTSIDE THE CHURCH! No other catholic organization that I know of has held a mass outside of the church or chapel. There are churches and chapels all over the island but your group decides to best hold it in a social hall or hotel or the back of a church but not IN A CHURCH??? I can understand if there are non existing churches ...but helloooo... There are churches. There are groups that meet outside the church ...I agree...for meetings...not for masses....this part you are wrong on... They do not hold masses outside the church. Every group can meet for catechetical reasons or for functions outside of church there is no issue here..but to hold a mass outside a church (chapel) away from the church is SO VERY WRONG!

      Your mass was created by a man .... The way you sit...the way you stand ...the way you receive communion... The way you dance around an altar...MAN MAN MAN...not JESUS.

      Your way claims to go back to the Old Testament ways... Did you not read?
      Now, where is the Church and which is the Church that has existed this long? All history informs you, it is the Catholic Church. She, and she only, among all Christian denominations on the face of the earth, has existed so long. All history, bears testimony to this, not only Catholic history, but Pagan history, Jewish history and Protestant history, indirectly.

      Let me put this plain and simple for you...and for your leaders...

      Why don't YOU STOP HOLDING YOUR MASSES and just go to church like everyone else??? Is that too hard to do??? OR.... Is there a PROBLEM???

    4. We are not talking about "meetings away from the church". We are talking about a Eucharistic Celebration, a Mass, which supplants the parish Mass. It fulfills your Sunday obligation and it does so regularly. No other group you mention has an ongoing Sunday liturgy that takes the place of the regular parish Sunday Mass.

      In addition, you have clearly separated yourself from the Roman Catholic Church by choosing to follow the instructions of Kiko in the manner of distributing Holy Communion instead of following the liturgical books like the rest of the Church and demanded by the Pope.

      You are outside the Catholic Church, and we are sorry for you.


    Who IS running the Church? Obviously not our chosen leader. Leaders don't hide when things are being torn apart. Not only has the Archbishop allowed the Church as a whole to be torn assunder, he has done nothing to try and protect the NCW. That is curious. I guess this must the the topic of his homilies at his private masses with his community in his private residence on Saturday evenings, but it doesn't help the public view of the Neo.

    Is it Obi-Vicar Quitugua? He seems to be following the Archbishop in playing hide and go seek. But this is no longer a game. This is serious business and our Church needs all hands on deck. Time to earn your pay Msgr.!

    Is it Darth Adrian? He too seems to be following the great disappearing act of the other two. This trinity of "leaders" have kept hidden and are trying to ride out a storm far more vast than they can imagine. Every school age child is taught that "Trouble does not go away because you ignore it."

    As our "leaders" you are either captains or rats. If you three are our leaders, then be a Captain and take control of the helm. Speak to your crew and do a damage report. See what is working and utilize it. See what is not working and fix it or throw it overboard. If you are unable or unwilling to this this then we the people of Guam ask you to do just one simple act of leadership. Wire the Vatican your resignations, step out of the wheel house, slink down in the life boat, and paddle silently away like a rt leaving a sinking ship.

    At least then the Vatican can send a rescue team to save us before the storm sinks the whole ship.

    No one...we are adrift and the reef is getting nearer.

    1. If the Vatican had really seen a problem, I believe it would have been dealt with already. But from the looks of it, there isn't any problem.

    2. Glad to see you think there are no problems, how wonderful to wear those rose colored glasses! But if you open your eyes you might discover that things are broken. Please don't be like the third picture on the right hand side under "Popular Posts" and bury your head in the sand. At least try to be a vehicle for change, from within in your case.

      As for the Vatican, the Catholic world is a huge place, and there are problems all over the place...Catholic universities teaching contrary to Catholic doctrine, Religious sisters supporting abortions, persecution from Governments, etc. But, from what I have recently seen, I know the Vatican is now starting to become familiar with the problems we have here on Guam. Will it come to the point that they take action remains to be seen.

      By the way, just because a thief isn't in jail doesn't mean he isn't a crook!
      Believe me, the day is coming.

    3. Yes. And this new pope is more interested in the little people than with institutions. This is exactly the type of problem he has expressed concern with recently. If he finds out, then I am sure he will see to it that someone come take a look.
      We haven't heard from the clergy yet because they are scared, they see what has happened to clergy in the past. But in private, they talk, and they are just waiting for someone above the Archbishop to come so they can speak freely, without fear of retribution.

    4. We'll see Janet. ;)

    5. Rome has seen a problem, and has been dealing with it:

      (from Inside the Vatican)

      With a letter written personally to Cardinal William J. Levada, Benedict XVI has ordered the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to examine whether the Neocatechumenal Masses are or are not in keeping with the liturgical teaching and practice of the Catholic Church.

      A “problem,” in the Pope’s judgment, that is “of great urgency” for the whole Church. Benedict XVI has been alarmed for some time about the particular ways in which the communities of the Neocatechumenal Way celebrate their Masses, on Saturday evening, in separate locations.

      His sense of alarm was increased by the plot woven behind his back in the curia last winter. What had happened was that the Pontifical Council for the Laity, headed by Cardinal Stanislaw Rylko, had prepared the text for a degree of blanket approval of all the liturgical and extra-liturgical celebrations of the Neocatechumenal Way, to be made public January 20 on the occasion of a meeting scheduled between the Pope and the Way.

      The decree was redacted according to the guidelines of the Congregation for Divine Worship, headed by Cardinal Antonio Cañ­izares Llovera. The founders and leaders of the Way, Francisco “Kiko” Argüello and Carmen Hernández, were told about it and joyfully told their followers about the imminent approval — all unbeknownst to the Pope.

      Benedict XVI found out about the text of the decree a few days before the meeting on January 20. He found it illogical and mistaken. He ordered that it be scrapped and rewritten according to his guidelines.

      For the rest of the article, go to:


  4. Do you know what is the funniest thing about all this? That one day this blog will disappear, one day Tim will die, janet will die, Mary will die...Anonymous will die...and yet Jesus Christ will be announced and many people saved through the Way...

    1. So the normal Roman Catholic who worships as directed through our Bible and our Vatican will not be saved cause we are not following this"WAY" that was created by a man or men who thinks they have some better system?! Get off that high horse, the air up there is affecting your brain.

    2. Key word is "Many" not all. Read carefully, maybe if you jump on to the horse you'll have a clearer view.

    3. Ok, so following regular catholic teachings and practices, assuming the individual has held a love for God and his fellow man, will be saved. Then the horse im on is just fine. So why you feel you need to jump on another theoretical horse?

    4. I have tried to be open minded about this, thinking the problem was confined to the leadership. Change the leadership and fix the problems.
      But at this point I wish to thank "A Friend" for truly showing me the Way. I can now see the damage has spread beyond the top, and they have successfully infect the whole lot. What a terribly sad day.
      As a Catholic who struggles, but tries to follow the Church the best I can, let me say this on behalf of all others who believe as Catholics are taught to believe...
      I know your catechist Joe Terlaje tells people salvation is through the Way, so why don't you consult our Catechism of the Catholic Church. Will this be OK with YOUR catechist?
      CCC paragraph 169 says: "Salvation comes from God alone; but because we receive the life of faith through the Church, she is our mother: 'We believe the Church as the mother of our new birth, and not in the Church as if she were the author of our salvation." Because she is our mother, she is our teacher in the faith."

      So I ask you "A Friend"...
      Is Archbishop your teacher? He should be but he freely chooses to follow a different teacher [Kiko] with different teachings.
      Is Joe Terlaje your teacher? If he follows the teachings of the Church he could be, but according to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Joe Terlaje is a heretic.
      Follow the Way if you wish, I cannot force you to do otherwise. Just understand, you are wandering away from the Church, and your leaders are heading you down a very dangerous path.
      Good luck to you!

  5. It's all about the liturgy. If your liturgy is outside the Church, than outside the Church it is; nothing else matters. All other discussions are moot and are distractions. Give us an honest discussion about the changes in the liturgy the NCW imposes and the corrections from the Vatican that it disobeys. That is the crux of the matter.

  6. Dear anonymous in the way that is on a high horse.... Please keep on following Kiko...I wouldn't be surprised if one day Kiko decides he doesn't need the pope...he is his own church because he has followers..that is how Protestants are formed. Then who gets the last laugh???

    And to this we answer, if the Catholic Church had been once the true church, then she is still true, and shall be the true Church of God to the end of time, or Jesus Christ has deceived us.
    So my friend...when you and I both die...the CATHOLIC CHURCH and its TRUE MASS will still be the TRUE CHURCH AND TRUE MASS and not your so called "the Way".
    Tell me... Are you claiming your mass is a catholic mass? What makes it catholic? If you can't answer this question then I guess it isn't catholic at all to begin with.

  7. If Archbishop Apuron had been performing as a true and good leader should, he would have rose above the fray and unify the Church in Guam. Unfortunately, instead of being an impartial leader, he has chosen to take sides, the side of the Neo, and worse, join that movement, thus making the Church in Guam headless and leaderless. Instead of being a father to all, and take action as a father would when his children are fighting, he has lowered himself and became one of the children. Fix the problem on top and everything else will follow. What do companies do when a company's fortune is going downhill? The Board fires the president and replaces him with another.

  8. Fyi, NEO means 'new word'...hence it's the New Word incarnate...if this is true then we MUST follow 'The Way' with Kiko and Carmen...they are the new 'Word'....mmmm..1Tim6:3, 2Cor11:4, Gal1:8....umm let me think about it first....maybe that old church was right all along.

  9. To anonymous, all NEO anonymous and especially the one on the high horse,

    Let me once again tell you a story...

    Again, St. Paul, in his Epistles to the Galatians, says: "Though we Apostles, or even an angel from heaven were to come and preach to you a different Gospel from what we have preached, let him be anathema." [Galatians 1:8] That is the language of St. Paul, because, my dearly beloved people, religion must come from God, not from man. No man has a right to establish a religion. No man has a right to dictate to his fellow-man what he shall believe and what he shall do to save his soul. Religion must come from God, and any religion that is not established by God is a false religion, a human institution, and not an institution of God. And therefore did St. Paul say in his Epistles to the Galatians, "Though we Apostles or even an angel from heaven were to come and preach to you a new Gospel, a new religion, let them be anathema."

    You see, then, my dearly beloved people, from the text of the Scripture I have quoted that, if the Catholic Church has been once the true Church, then she is still the true Church.

    You have also seen from what I have said that the Catholic Church is the institution of God, and not of man, and this is a fact, a fact of history, and no fact of history so well supported, so well proved, as that the Catholic Church is the first, the Church established by Jesus Christ.

    So, in like manner, it is an historical fact that all the Protestant churches are the institutions of man, every one of them. And I will give you their dates, and the names of their founders or institutors.

    So you see...your Way is MADE BY MAN and is ANATHEMA...If you would like to read more about what I have just posted you are welcomed to go to


    I hope you see the light....

    1. Advent Greetings Everyone!
      This is Anonymous of Dec.18 at 1:10am.

      Anonymous of Dec18 at 7:30am:
      Thank you for your clarification on a few things. What exactly is your definition of a "proper place" in celebrating the Mass? I do know for sure that the Palanca mass is held in a church. However, I have attended many masses celebrated during the weekends in the dining room of the Carmel on the Hill center. To be clear though, these celebrations I am referring to take place only during the men/women weekends. I was specifically told that I could not add anything to the rollo.....I guess things change with differents presidents. Decolores!

      Glad to hear youve experienced the Cursillo. Im not sure what causes you to think that I am no Cursillo? The Cursillo has helped me and continues to do so in its special way. I think at the next ultreya a good topic would be "charity", to teach us a few things about dealing with others.

      Janet B:
      You must have something against Joe Terlaje because you keep mentioning he alone. Maybe you two should reconcile your differences or atleast approach the guy and try to understand and be clear about what he has said if indeed these are your personal experiences with him.

      In regards to where the Mass is celebrated. You are wrong! The NCW is not the only group celebrating Mass away from the church. Please recall all the Masses that have been held in either gymnasiums, open fields, memorial parks, ballrooms, social halls and more recently Ypao Beach. Although these were not regular scheduled Sunday Masses, they were in fact celebrated away from the church. If you didnt know of these Masses, then you probably havnt been supporting the Archdiocese altogether.
      I still dont know why do you keep bringing up about the catholic church being the True Church? Theres no argument there. I agree with you. The NCW agrees with you also. Im not sure where you are going with that. Its nice to know that you and Janet B are well versed on Church Doctrine concerning Salvation. I hope youve acquired this knowledge prior to your posting and not just now to try and have a come back at my earlier post.
      I think you need to take your accusations of the NCW liturgy being made by man and go ahead and apply that accusation to the entire liturgy of the Catholic Church. You may want to research just how our church and the mass specifically have come to this present day. Read up on the different councils(men) and their influence on the liturgy that we catholics celebrate today.

      Have a Great day!

    2. What do you call it when someone responds with points that have nothing to do with the original comment? Deflection.

      As for the response to me, Anonymous of Dec.18 at 1:10am tried to compare the Neo as like the Cursillo. Whether they are also in Cursillo or not is beside the point. But I guess Anonymous of Dec.18 at 1:10am never let a false assertion go to waste.

  10. Can. 932 §1. The eucharistic celebration is to be carried out in a sacred place unless in a particular case necessity requires otherwise; in such a case the celebration must be done in a decent place.

    §2. The eucharistic sacrifice must be carried out on a dedicated or blessed altar; outside a sacred place a suitable table can be used, always with a cloth and a corporal.

    The celebration outside a consecrated space is admitted by exception or particular need. In other words, it is not to be the norm. Thus special masses are held for particular group gatherings such as a weekend retreat. The NCW differs in that the practice of holding Mass outside a sacred space is the norm. This is not permitted in your statute which says:

    The celebrations of the Eucharist of the neocatechumenal communities on Saturday evening are part of the Sunday liturgical pastoral work of the parish and are open also to other faithful. (Art. 13, § 2.)

    "Part of the Sunday liturgical pastoral work of the parish" means they are to be celebrated as part of the normal parish schedule of Masses. There is no permission to hold them elsewhere.

    It is your blatant disobedience to YOUR OWN statute that is the source of the problem. Rome has spoken and you have said "we will not obey."

  11. Maybe you should get both side of the stories.

    Makes me wonder have you discussed this with that Pastor? Maybe your own point of view or judgement might be wrong. It's always nice to hear what the other has to say.

    Just a thought :)