Monday, December 16, 2013


This post, AND YOU WONDER WHY PEOPLE ARE MAD, has so far received 42 comments. Of all the things posted on this blog, this post deals with the central issue. Let's repeat it and not stray from it:

  1. In the manner of distributing Holy Communion, the Neocatechumenal Way, more specifically, its leadership, has chosen not to conform to its own Statute, and in so doing, has set itself up outside the magisterium of the Church.
  2. Legitimate magisterial authority, first in the letter from the Congregation of Divine Worship and the Sacraments, and second, in the direct message to the Neocatechumenal Way by Pope Benedict, was publicly discredited by Archbishop Apuron. 
  3. The continuation of the offending practice, under the auspices of the Archbishop, since 12/1/2005, is a clear sign that the Archbishop respects an authority other than the pope. 
  4. By discrediting legitimate hierarchical authority, the Archbishop, in effect, forfeits his own. The people are now just beginning to speak up about it. 

This is the central issue. And it is NOT fixable.

There is one more point. Until now, individual members could be excused for their ignorance. They were simply following what their leaders told them. That is no longer the case. Continued complicity with the offending practice in the manner of distributing Holy Communion is a act of disobedience to the Church for which they are now personally culpable.


  1. Please just for your info......PLEASE DO NOT POST...

    Taking a look at the images on Kiko arguello' painting I see a resemblance of him? DO you.

  2. Tim. I disagree with you! You say there is no fix and I disagree with that. For the most part, the people in the NCW who are not a part of the leadership...(presbyters, catechists, and responsibles)...are good people wanting to grow in their relationship with God

    Now that the "Big Lie" has been revealed to them, they should do several things. First go to confession (to a non-Neo priest) and ask for forgiveness in being complicit to the breaking of Church teachings on the way that communion should be received. If they were truly unaware that this method of receiving the Body of Christ, then they can skip this step as you cannot sin if you are truly unaware that an action is sinful. I only mention going to a non-Neo priest, not because Neo priests are not good confessors, but that they may not give absolution since they see nothing wrong with the method of distributing communion. A non-Neo priest will know right away that this is problematic and will absolve each penitent who seeks forgiveness.

    Next, demand, from within the movement, that changes be made immediately so that the masses you attend will fully conform to the Church's requirements.

    For the rest of us not in the NCW, or no longer in the NCW, keep up the roar so that somebody will listen. The Neo has been banned from dioceses in the past and it can also happen here...especially if they fail to heed the cry of the people.

    To Howard Gunther, I hope you are successful in getting someone out here from the Vatican so that we can all know, Neo and non-Neos, what is acceptable and what is unacceptable. It seems that from what I can see that we can no longer trust the word of our own Archbishop. He has lied about the mass restrictions, he has lied about the priests from Yona not going off-island, he lied to the community of Guam about the volunteer worker at Santa Barbara. Who knows what else he has lied about?

    I know you do Tim because you have spoken about a lie the Archbishop and the Chancery tried to get you to go along with. Now the only way to restore confidence is to have Rome come and do a full review of the situation, who has lied and who is telling the truth?

    Once the Vatican visits, let us be obedient to her and respect her findings as the true wisdom of the Church.

    The problems have been fixed elsewhere and the problem can be fixed here. All it takes for evil to exist is for good people to do nothing.

    Too scared not to be Anonymous!

    1. Well, yes, it IS "fixable", but of course there is only ONE real fix.

  3. One fixer upper might be to have Father Pius stay out of the archdiocese business because we are suppose to be under the leadership of the Archbishop. Isn't Father Adrian the head honcho for the deacons? Maybe he should be the rector of the seminary.

    Did anyone notice that during the Santa Maria procession the Archbishop was flanked on both sides by the rector and vice rector of the seminary? What gives? Guess it is showing his support!


    I am horrified. Having grown up on Guam, having walked in the Way, and now living in the States, I am shocked at what is happening to the Church in Guam.

    And now I ask myself a question...WHY DOES THE ARCHBISHOP WALK?

    While still in Guam, I recall the excitement of being invited to attend a talk at the Seminary given by none other than Kiko Arguello himself. Some in the Way refer to him as a Mary of the Way, to introduce a new evangelization.

    He explained that the idea came when he saw how disconnected people had become from their parishes. The Neo was designed to find those Catholics who had drifted away from the Church to enter back into the fold by joining a small community. Once they had strengthened their faith and love of the Church they would be reintroduced to parish life. He drew the circles to show the large community of the parish, and separated smaller communities outside the parish, and then at some point they would reunite. It was very inspiring and very eloquent.

    So if that was the model the Way was built upon, again I ask...WHY DOES THE ARCHBISHOP WALK?

    The Holy Spirit led the Church to select him to be our next Shepherd, so he has what it takes to be an apostle for Christ, right? I once heard a priest from RMS say that he walks because he also needs spiritual strengthening. But is this why our Archbishop walks, because he is malnourished spiritually? I certainly hope not! I want a shepherd who is strong and ready to lead us wherever we need to be for salvation, not a shepherd who constantly stops to feed himself and leave the flock vulnerable to modernist wolves. So again I ask, WHY DOES THE ARCHBISHOP WALK?

    It cannot be that he or any other priest in the Way feels separated from the Church, or else we have very big problems with huge ramifications. However, it does appear that some priests are ordained prematurely because this is an explanation they give. But our Archbishop was formed in the Capuchin way of simplicity, service and poverty. Every OFM Cap I knew on Guam was smart, pastoral, and a good representative of St Francis of Assisi. The Archbishop included. So I ask...WHY DOES THE ARCHBISHOP WALK?

    As the shepherd appointed by JP II he is charged with leading us all, so maybe joining the Way is a chance for him to get to know this movement. But shouldn't he also be involved with El Shaddai, the Charismatics, Cursillo, Couples for Christ, Catholic Daughters, etc. But he is not. Yes, he attends when something special is happening, but he doesn't participate in the day to day affairs of any other group. How can he focus on a small group and shepherd the whole flock? But I digressed. His involvement cannot be for practical experience to help the people of Guam, because he only looks to one small faction. So I again ask...WHY DOES THE ARCHBISHOP WALK?

    And here is where my lay pessimism now looks at other reasons than just being a good spiritual leader.

    Does he walk because of his strong need for attention and acceptance? Perhaps that is why he has the entire Seminary and NCW mission families to his house every Sunday for pizza and ice cream. Yet he makes no effort to reach out to his priests in similar fashion, and he is supposed to be their spiritual father. These priests hunger for a relationship that he denies them.

    Does he walk because of his love for travel? Pope Francis warned us about "airport bishops". Every time he ordains a priest from RMS, he travels to the ends of the world with them to celebrate first masses. But we also have first masses here on Guam. Recently, the Umatuna proudly boasted about how Fr Luis is the first local boy ordained by the RMS Seminary. But then the Archbishop traveled overseas to celebrate Fr Luis first mass. Is he local or not? Why did they travel for Fr Luis...was it just to be able to travel? After that mass in Saipan they all traveled to Hawaii to celebrate Fr Michael's "first" mass. Airport bishop?

    to be continued


  5. continued

    On several occasions, the Archbishop travelled to New Jersey to witness sisters from Guam take their vows in a Neo only Carmelite monastery, even though the Carmelites have a monastery established on Guam? But did the Archbishop travel to see sisters take their vows at another order? No, but they were from the Cursillos, and not the NCW. Did he travel with Fr Richard to visit family overseas? No. Did he travel with Fr Ken Carriveau when he was ordained to visit his mother in Michigan? No. Only for the Neo vocations. Why? Maybe its not just travel then.

    Does he walk for the power? This is interesting, because he has all the power he needs as Archbishop. Yet, he gets more excited about going on Holy Land convivences and just being one of the guys. He goes through all the same steps that every other person goes through. Everyone in the Neo here on Guam gets more excited about a visit from Fr Pius, or Giuseppi, or Kiko. Power may be a part of it, but I think it is because he can relinquish power to others and just enjoy the ride...almost like the reality show "Undercover Bosses". He can rest from the rigors of the responsibilities he was given so many years ago.

    But all these still don't answer for me the real question...

    If it is not for spiritual belonging, then what?
    If it is not for companionship, then what?
    If it is not for frequent travel, then what?
    If it is not for expanding his power base, then what?

    What can it be if not these? And the average person is normally lured by money. We place the Archbishop above normalcy. His original vocation required him to take a vow of poverty. But he was released from this one particular vow when he was ordained our bishop 28 years ago. Is he so far from this vow that money attracts him in the same way it infects many others? This is the only explanation that makes sense to me.

    In looking over the many speculations and questions that have arisen lately, this is the one that needs to be looked at more seriously. I was in the Way, but never made it to the step where I was expected to give BIG money. But certain times of the year we were all expected to give. But I never really knew where that money was going. Does Pius get a percentage? Does Kiko get some of it? He certainly gets money from all the liturgical goods we have to buy to set up a new community...I guess small communities are great from that standpoint!
    Does the Archbishop get some of this collection? We were told that the money goes to help pay the parishes, but why not just collect each Saturday and turn over the entire collection just like every other mass? And people have commented that many parishes do not see the money, or not all of it. So where does it go?
    But these collections are relatively small. I wonder if Deacon Kim or Deacon Martinez or Sean Leon Guerrero or Joey Duenas ever saw this money reported when they were Finance Officers for the Archdiocese?
    How about the really big money that comes from the scrutinies? Some years, I estimate this to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Where does this go? Is it Archdiocese money or NCW money. Does the NCW have a corporation on Guam, I don't know. But if not then it must be Archdiocese money? Does the Archbishop get a small percentage? How about Kiko and Fr Pius? How about the seminary? How is this money accounted for? Is it added to the assessment all parishes and schools and organizations are supposed to pay?
    Lots of questions, but my suspicion is that money must be a very big factor in how things are here. I have no access to information, but aren’t all diocese called to be transparent? Why not enlighten us and let us know how this money is spent?



    1. Ryan, you are right when you said that the Archbishop gave up the vow of poverty when he assumed his present position. Ironically he still uses his capuchin habit on several occasions. So which path does he follow, that of poverty or money?

      One cannot walk on two paths. You either take the high road or the low road.

      I don't know why he WALKS the WAY. Maybe when members of the NEO give their TESTIMONY in all parishes masses in January, he can stand in front and HONESTLY give his TESTIMONY as to why he WALKS in the WAY.

    2. Great comment. You're on the right track. Money, money, lots and lots of money. But that's not the main reason. We'll get to it.

    3. Tim - Then let's get to it. If you know something then stop the speculation and come out with it, otherwise stop stringing us alone like somebodies fools. I am in the Neo and I have seen all that you have written. Although I don't necessarily agree with you, you at least lay out your facts so people can judge. But is it so irresponsible to string this out and allow all kinds of other neer do wells to comment on things they know absolutely nothing about.
      Over all on Guam, the Neocatechumenal Way does more than any other group on island. When the Archbishop asks for help, who responds to his request? The communities respond. When he needs a priest he can rely on, who does he call, a priest trained in the Way. They are the pastors of the future, they are the way the Church on Guam will recover. The good we do far exceeds any bad that people accuse us of. All this infighting must STOP!
      Rome is certainly aware of the way in which we celebrate the Eucharist, and they still allow it to this day. If they say change, we will change. What does that tell you Tim? There is an understanding that you and I are not aware of. Some body actually suggested that I go to confession because I go to Eucharist with my community. That is over the top to suggest that it is sinful to receive Christ in the way we do. If there is a division here on Guam, isn't it just possible the division is caused by those not in the Way, spawned by jealousy? But they are not willing to put in the hours and hard work we do.
      The Archbishop goes to all the fiestas possible, more than any Archbishop in the world, I would guess. He visits all catholic schools, every year. By brother recently finished a Cursillo course and the Archbishop was there for the graduation. And guess what, they sing a lot to. He supports all people fairly as is his job. Don't get mad at him or us just because the Neocatechumenal Way is what fires the flame within us.
      Blessed Pope John Paul II and even Benedict have called for the world to help bring Jesus to China. Kiko wants to do his part by sending 10,000 priests to storm that heathen nation. If there are a few problems, these can certainly be offset with all the good that has come from us, and our commitment to supporting the missionary reach of the Church.
      You have planted a seed of suspicion in your comment to Anonymous/Ryan. I think it is a weed that will not grow straight.
      Prove me wrong if you can, but until then stop baiting the trap for the unknowing to wander into and make terrible claims about. Most of it just isn't true, or taken completely out of context.
      I saw what Zoltan said and wonder if it is true about you publishing only what you want to hear. Well, lets see if you are as balanced as you say you are. Publish this, and lets see who else in a community agrees with me?

      Had enough, and the real truth has to get out!

    4. Apparently you don't think the following is enough:

      1. In the manner of distributing Holy Communion, the Neocatechumenal Way, more specifically, its leadership, has chosen not to conform to its own Statute, and in so doing, has set itself up outside the magisterium of the Church.
      2. Legitimate magisterial authority, first in the letter from the Congregation of Divine Worship and the Sacraments, and second, in the direct message to the Neocatechumenal Way by Pope Benedict, was publicly discredited by Archbishop Apuron.
      3. The continuation of the offending practice, under the auspices of the Archbishop, since 12/1/2005, is a clear sign that the Archbishop respects an authority other than the pope.
      4. By discrediting legitimate hierarchical authority, the Archbishop, in effect, forfeits his own.

    5. Why do they allow the NCW to continue?


      In his posting on why the Archbishop walks, Ryan addressed power, but mused that the Archbishop seems to give it away to others so he can bask and glide. Understandable since the Archbishop basically has a job for life and has been in this job for almost 30 years. He has probably amassed more than $2,000,000 in earnings during that time, plus the innuendo of vast fortunes not yet discovered through secret percentages cut from the top.

      But then it dawned on me after reviewing some comments that the Archbishop has ultimate power, and ultimate least from the Neo priests.

      Fr Paul is not Neo so when he fell from favor of the Archbishop and Archellor Adrian, the only choice was a painful and more arduous experience by publicly humiliating him. Obviously, their years of experience have paid off as so far they have discredited him at every opportunity. Unfortunately, they just can't seem to get that darn procedural stuff correct because their in house canon lawyer must have skipped class the day the professor covered getting rid of unwanted pastors.

      But we are now seeing a new wave of pain and arduosity at work. In an effort to show real leadership and ultimate power, four priests are seeing the consequence of a painful and arduous journey Neo style.

      Fr Fabio's more painful and arduous journeys leads to Asia, probably as a result of refusing a funeral mass for a parishioner. Fr Edwin will suffer his painful arduous trip to Africa. His specialty is water-boarding, and nearly drowning babies during baptism, and using foul language at parishioners. We have been hearing that Fr Santiago was being recalled to Japan by his bishop, but this was just a ruse. Archbishop can only send Fr Santiago on mission if he owns Fr Santiago, so there must have been a midnight transfer of ownership some time ago we were not told of. I have no idea what he did to warrant his painful journey, but we will miss him in Chalan Pago. He was a good priest who cared for all the people in the parish....oh...maybe he was ignoring some of the Neo a little too much, or maybe he didn't pass money upstream like the rest. Then there is Fr Art. He was the first to go on mission, to Saipan. He didn't do anything wrong. But in order to give a taste to pain and arduous reality to Fr Luis, who must have done something only slightly bad on the welcome to my first mass tours throughout the Pacific, Fr Art goes back on mission so Fr Luis can be thrust into a pastor position that he is completely unprepared for. That will be painful, but hopefully a more seasoned priest can help him survive.

      So remember, a more painful and arduous closure is yours if you do not follow and obey the Archbishop and Archellor blindly and absolutely. Sent away hungry if you are Non-Neo, or sent away to a distant land if you are Neo.

      So I agree with Ryan that money must be involved, but I also think power here has an important role in this whole debacle.


  6. I try to make it to the procession almost every year. Normally the leadership is on the balcony outside. A deacon reads the gospel and then a priest gives the homily...good job this year Fr Jeff! We miss you in OLOL but know FD is lucky to have you ;-) .

    But I noticed this year that the Vicar General wasn't there, nor was the Chancellor. These are the #2 and #3 guys in the Archdiocese aren't they? Why were they absent on the most important feast day on Guam? Was Monsignor David in Saipan on Neo business? How about Archbishop Adrian? That picture in this blog site of a man with his head buried in the sand seems pretty appropriate to the top three.

    Odd that I saw the priest from Sta Bernadita, Fr Edwin. Don't know why he was there but we wish him all the luck in the world in Africa.

    1. Archbishop Adrian. Hmmm. Has a certain ring to it.

    2. Yes it does. Rumor has it that when he was passed over for Monsignor he was so upset he went to Denver for several years. Me thinks he has a new title in the cross hairs. If that doesn't happen, where will he go? I'll bet it is not to a third world spot, but to some place safe and easy, again in the US of A.

    3. Archbishop Apuron walks in the Neo because he loves the attention that he gets from them. It feeds his ego and vanity, and fills a big hole of loneliness in his life. The archbishop has no friends or confidants outside of the Neo.The neocats love, adore, and worship the archbishop because he allowed Fr. Pius, the Neos spiritual leader, to operate in Guam and to do whatever he wants. They all feed of each other. Until Guam, Fr. Pius was just wandering around for the Neo trying to catechize, but in Guam, he made a BIG name for himself. If you ever hear the neocats talk about Pius, you would think the man walks on water, followed by the archbishop who supplied the water on which Pius walks. The Vicar General and Chancellor are right there with them. The neocats will defend Pius and the trinity from the hill no matter how wrong their position may be. They are taught to be absolutely obedient and if they suffer because of it, it is God's Will even if it was man's doing. Pius and the archbishop have several hundred adoring fans and right now, they are like Rock Stars...a high they probably have never felt in their entire life. Without the archbishop, the neocats have nothing. They hold unbridled power and influence in this archdiocese. Houston....we have a problem here!

    4. Archbishop Adrain? He is too brained washed by the NCW. He is not a people person. Archbishop Quitugua? HMMM...too timid to lead the flock.

  7. Father Adrian left for Denver as a so called missionary to spread the move of the NCW under the directive of father Pius. He was the pastor at San Vicente Parish and this is where the very first NCW community was formed. You can called him a pioneer of the Way. The NCW back then was called "Joy".

    1. the idea may have been joy, but it doesn't seem to be spreading joy all over Guam. I say dump, throw all the money wasted in the Way into something really important like better formation for our priests and parishioners.

    2. Maybe that it why they change it to NCW.