Thursday, December 5, 2013



(Said to the girls present): 

"Watch for men, they will say anything to get you and then they will treat you like an orange. They will suck all the sweet juice out of you and when there is no more juice left and you are dry they will spit you out and throw you away." 

I think I'll reserve my comments for something good later. 


  1. Certainly was wholly inappropriate. But that was just the tip of the iceberg.
    Mostly the rhetoric was tiresome and at times felt disingenuous and robotic. It played well to the weak and vulnerable though.
    Of course, in reply, some will cry, "Persecution!" I challenge them, then, to go to the Middle East in countries like Egypt, Iran, or Saudi Arabia and tell their "woes" to the Christians over there living true and real persecution.

  2. Maybe he was talking from personal experience! That is a distorted and aberrant view of the male sex. That kind of thinking or way of thinking leads me to think that not all is there with this guy. God help us!

  3. I don't have any brothers, but my Dad was there with me when Fr Egivaldo said that. It was not a pretty picture of the man who raised me with love and kindness. He treats mom like a saint. And from what I have seen in my limited life he has total respect for women.

    Fr Egivaldo - are all men really like that or just the ones you grew up with?

  4. Since his name will be coming up on this post, we'll need to get the spelling right: Fr. Edivaldo da Silva Oliveira.

  5. I believe what Fr. Said is true. Speaking to our generations now. There are men who do treat women that way, but really, very few who don't. Our society isn't the way it used to be. Maybe your father was one of the few that treated women right. But my father did as what Fr. Edivaldo said. So personal experience makes what he said true to me.

  6. I am sorry for your experience with your father. Shame on him. There has always been evil in the world. But just because something happened to you does not make something generally true. And the priest spoke generally, not personally. But regardless of who he spoke to, speaking of sucking the juice out of women does not belong at a Eucharistic Congress or any public gathering of the faithful, and it is unbecoming of a priest even in private conversation. However, he's probably just repeating what he heard someone else say. I intend to address this comment, and what it says about the "larger problem" in a general post. Keep an eye out for it.

  7. Whether it rang true for individuals or not is irrelevant and beside the point. What is the issue at hand is that it was inappropriate and considering the young audience in attendance, scandalous.
    If someone uses the excuse that he does not yet have a grasp of the English language, more the reason he should not be speaking to children in this manner.

  8. It shouldn't be sugar coated. And from what was said, I think it's only inappropriate if you translate it I appropriately.

  9. It is inappropriate especially coming from a priest! He is a representative of Jesus Christ. Did Jesus ever speak in that kind of manner anywhere in the bible? You are not just addressing are addressing all that the kind of mentality you want every person you address to have? To learn to have a mindset to not trust men at all? Are you trying to teach evil to our island and to our children? Are you telling us it's okay to be evil??? Jesus never spoke evil and he never acted out in evil ways....he spoke of goodness and showed us how to be good. If you think being bad and thinking you are bad is a way to get yourself closer to Jesus and to get go heaven you are greatly mistaken....go to CONFESSION and go see a PRIEST...and maybe even a psychiatrist if you must...because I think something is terribly wrong with your mind!

  10. Wow, don't be so defensive now. Do you know what kind of music your children listen to and what social media is influencing on our island? This little comment said by a priest is not saying being evil is ok. It's to get the point across. Is this all that he said? Were you there? Your so quick to put judgement. And why are you getting mad? Oh that's right, your better than me. Don't think our "children" of this island are innocent. Have you read the paper? Starting from ages 13 they are influenced by violence.

  11. Anonymous of 12/7/13 at 10:37AM.

    I was there and heard the whole talk. I think most of it was good, but that sucking the sweet juice out of women was not appropriate in my mind either. See things for the way they are, not just how your community spins it on Saturday evening.

    Maybe the Archbishop can weigh in on this issue. This priest was just elevated to pastor. Archbishop, do you think the comment on sucking sweet juice from womemn was appropriate or not. If not, do not put him thru a more painful and arduous trial, simply sit him down and discuss this to correct him. Then look at why he had this comment. Is this what the seminary in Yona is teaching our future priests, and shud they stay the course, or adjust. If you are in control, then let us know what you think?

    Much is going on here and we here nothing from you, other than the propoganda that comes from the church paper. talk to us, help us to heal...stop hiding from us and step up and take control.

    Desperate in Dededo!

    ps - the fact that almost everyone remains anonymous says something, doesnt it?

  12. In reply to the comment above:

    What point across? That men are evil? Because that is exactly what he said. He didn't say watch for some men...or watch for certain men...he for men...he was referencing ALL men including the ones that live in your own home!

    He is a priest...he is held to a higher standard. He should have chosen his words carefully and thought about the age group of the people he is addressing.

    As for the music and should know the answer to that. If you don't want your children to listen to or be influenced by it then don't let's that simple. Teach them why it should or should not be allowed. You're the parent you take control, don't let your children control you.

    Point was...HE IS A PRIEST who spoke INAPPROPRIATELY. Maybe if the EVENT was HELD IN an actual CHURCH he would have been more respectable.

  13. Here we go again.....He said women are LIKE oranges...maybe the word "suck" could have been substituted for "squeeze" but in any case I dont think how it is being negatively perceived was the intent of Fr. Edivaldo. Like almost everyone in here has shared "He is a Priest", "He is expected to be of better standards"......I believe he tried his best to speak to a crowd that are predominantly youth in their teens and mostly female. It sucks to see people drawing very broad conclusions on this issue. Anyways I vote to restore all the Masses back to the times when we couldnt even understand what was being said....Only cause then it wouldnt bother us, cause many will not understand, many wont even be paying attention cause they'll be praying their rosaries and novenas simultaneously with the mass, lets just do this already. We'll all be happy. We wont even need all of the conferences/congresses of the Archdiocese anymore cause we'll all be good Catholics again. I think this is what everyone wants, right? The youth, the church of today, they'll really love that. Lets have more priests majoring in psychology, so that they can spend more time trying to figure out the brain of their parishioners, the mental conditions that are at the root of their issues, rather than speaking plain GOD to them, reminding them of the Good News. We talk about divisions here and there, but what are we doing? Yes, we are opening our mouths, but at the same time we are pointing fingers. Most of the time, when we do this we have three more fingers pointing right back at us. We are jumping to conclusions here when we should be giving Fr. Edivaldo every benefit of the doubt. We cant do this though, because we are all biased already. We all have our judgments and most of us only have these judgments based on hearsay. I do see that only a few are sharing their DIRECT PERSONAL EXPERIENCES, and that deserves respect but all others need to step back and maybe give it a try, find out for themselves. Let me be like Fr. Edivaldo and refer to us as oranges too.
    "When you squeeze an orange, orange juice comes out cause thats whats inside, when you are squeezed, what comes out is what is inside." -unknown
    I hope we have nothing but love for the other inside all of us.

  14. These troubling personal experiences are real and should not be dismissed. I was there at this event and was truly horrified. Neo or not, it was a shame to see solemnity thrown out the window.

    Also, your attack on the liturgy of the pre-Vatican II Church is duly noted yet not unexpected. The script is always the same.

  15. "Attack on the pre-Vatican II Church" ??????????????????? Is there such a thing? The Pre-Vatican II Church? That sounds like division. I thought we've all been a part of the same church? Our Church has two forms of the One Rite. Although I may prefer the Priest facing the assembly I understand that there are those that dont. The script is always the same? What script? Drink some orange juice the Vitamin C is good. Has anyone who found Fr. Edivaldo's choice of words offensive or inappropriate actually spoken to him personally about it, to understand why? The Bible says that this should be our first option in dealing with this trouble. If that doesnt work, call a second person to try and resolve it. If this then fails, take it to the judge. I think Fr. Edivaldo can now be reached at the Chalan Pago Church, give it a try.

  16. Let's talk about sucking the juice....

    So I could reference this same phrase to what the NCW is doing to the people of Guam.

    You recruit new members all the time and you slowly steal from their pockets by having them spend on hotel retreats...liturgical items ...and off-island trips. You are slowly sucking the juice (money) from them and they don't even realize it. And as they progress in their "walk" their expenses increases as well. Who benefits from this? not the "walker" only the higher ups. And who is affected? The families...their living expenses...their children...their home. Take a look at your they seem happy? Take a look at yourselves...are you happy?

    In the words of Edivaldo da Silva Oliveira (let me change it up a bit) Don't wait until they suck you dry for them to spit you out!

  17. Dear "Attack on the pre-Vatican II Church." The expression denotes a time, not a different church. However, many will argue that what came after Vatican II was in fact a different church, a very different church. Of course, that is what some of the council fathers wanted.

  18. Many priest cannot give homilies related to the gospel regardless whether they are Neo or not. You have some that really prepare and give interesting sermons which makes you think and reflect. Others just pull words from the air or go in circles until time is up. I would rather listen to a homily that is two minutes long yet to the point than to listen to a homily for the required 10 minutes and either don't understand a word the priest is saying or lose interest because there are just too many repititions. Maybe they should tape their prepared sermons and play it back to see if it makes sense, just a thought.