Thursday, January 2, 2014


You have several of my past columns posted on your website. Go to > Headlines > Local > Ite, Missa Est. Or go here for the page or here for a pdf copy. 

You are welcome to leave them there, but the majority of the posts show "Staff" as the author. It's not so much that I need the credit, but you may not want to get the blame for my opinions. So you may want to fix that. 

But seeing that I am probably persona non grata relative to anything having to do with the Archdiocese of Agana (just guessing of course), you may just want to delete them altogether. 

Others who care to read my past columns for the U Matuna can find them at under the tab View From the Pew.

All the best in 2014. 


  1. Mr. Rohr,

    The archdiocese just wants to be given the credit regarding your columns. If certain people or people in authoritative positions were to ask the archdiocese staff who had written certain columns of yours so as to give credit to where credit is due...they would probably just name any NCW member (just guessing of course) to make the movement look good.

    Your columns are always good and I find them very informative! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and may you and your family have a blessed 2014!!!

  2. Interestingly enough, when I went to > Reflections > View from the Pew, I noticed that the tagline “By Tim Rohr” still appears beneath the words “By Editor” (July 7, 2012-Oct. 20, 2012) and “By Staff” (Nov. 7, 2012-April 3, 2013). The complete articles from July 7, 2012-March 22,2013 appear when the reader clicks on the “Read more” tab. However — and I found this even more interesting — the April 3, 2013 article, which begins with the words “Two years ago I was asked to write a regular column for this paper which would focus on the intersection of faith and the world particularly in regards to the impact of that intersection on the laity …” ends right there! When I clicked on the “Read more” tab, I was greeted with a sad face icon along with the words “404 Error. Sorry we can’t seem to find the page you’re looking for.”

  3. Sadly, our Tony has lost control of the flock entrusted to him. It has been a long slow slide downward. How much will we have to endure?
    As Catholics we should endure for as long as necessary, but I fully endorse the actions to bring about the end of our collective arduous and more painful journey in faith here on Guam.
    Tony, you still have a chance at salvation, but not through the Way...through Jesus Christ! Do yourself a favor and step down. Concentrate your future efforts on your own salvation, because your efforts to help us attain ours has been a tremendous failure. Resign and save yourself, and allow a real shepherd to help our island. That would be the right thing to do.
    From constant management failures in leadership, refusal to use good advisers at your disposal, the use of those nefarious thugs David and Adrian, to your gatekeepers, the financial mismanagement only now starting to be revealed, etc, etc, etc. DO YOU SEE A PATTERN IN ALL THIS?
    Tony - step down, because your future contains a more arduous and painful path that will take all your energies to battle. When a real leader arrives, he can then focus on restoring clergy unity, dignity of all the clergy, dignity of the Office of Archbishop, and real spiritual guidance to the people.
    Tony - next time you proudly sit on your throne, looking out at our faces in the pews, I want you to ponder whether you have lived up to your charge as our shepherd to bring us - ALL OF US - closer to our Lord. Tony - STEP DOWN.
    Yes, it will be a huge shock to the Church, but then at least we can begin the long arduous journey to recover from the damages you and your henchmen have caused.
    Tony - step down!
    Sadly, in the end you will realize as you sit on your lonely throne, that your career is just like your once shining singing voice...both are fading fast.
    Tony - STEP DOWN or face a more arduous and painful closure to your ministry.
    Why - because it is the right thing to do!
    Janet B - Mangilao