Wednesday, May 7, 2014


For those of you sending me comments alleging clerical sex abuse, I will not post those comments unless:

  1. You can provide documentation, or
  2. You personally are willing to go public with those allegations, whereupon we will report them here.
Otherwise, I am not interested. The interest in this blog has been driven entirely by the fact that everything I have posted is demonstrably NOT gossip or hearsay allegations.

Next, there are some commenters who are pretending to be Kiko's and submitting comments meant to provoke a fight. After evaluating over 5000 comments over the last several months I can read right through that kind of crap. So DON'T WASTE MY TIME.

P.S. Also, when referring to the Archbishop in a comment pleaser refer to him as Archbishop Apuron or Archbishop.


  1. Facts-- Thank you Tim for making that a requirement. You won't believe how many times I hear certain individuals who claim to have been abused and have no facts at all. They throw stuff like that out for drama and sympathy but no substance. I hear junk like this and regarding other stuff all the time and have learned that there are many liars out there who make up stuff simply for the drama and the attention. They just want to cause trouble.

  2. Thank Godmfor this decision . I was getting tired of reading posts from Georgie and Gino.

  3. Tim is correct on the abuse issue. When claims are made with documentation and correct process that is the time to place in social media. Tiim is a man of truth and integrity and will not publish anything untrue on this page. This is why junglewatch has integrity. Thank you mr. Rohr.