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Mary Lou has left a new comment on your post "SORRY TIM, DIANA GOT YOU ON THUS (sic) ONE": 

Anonymous (May 23, 2014 at 11:43 AM) brought up an interesting point by sharing the belief of "a dr who works in mental health issues" that the NCW appeals to those who may have mental health problems. I've read several articles that substantiate this belief, including "The Psychological Mechanisms of Mental Conditioning Inside the Neocatechumenate Community" 

and "Psychological Umderpinnings in the Neocatechumenal Community: Report by Professor Alberto Picano, Psychiatrist at San Camillo Hospital in Rome" 

However, the generalization made by Anonymous (May 24, 2014 at 1:22 AM) that the NCW appeals to the "mentally challenged" is an unfair characterization, in my opinion. To be clear, the term "mentally challenged" is often used as a euphemism for individuals with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities. Granted, thanks to the likes of "Gino from Sinajana," "Old Man from Santa Rita," and numerous "Anonymous" Kiko's/Kiko-bots who rant on this blog, one might be inclined to think they are "mentally challenged." But they are in the minority, in terms of NCW members. 

I know a number of "Neos" — not "Kiko's"! — and they are most definitely NOT "mentally challenged." They may have personal issues — possibly even mental health issues like depression — that led them to join the NCW. It's just too bad that the comments from the Kiko's/Kiko-bots are so vile and project such a poor image of the membership. 


  1. Thank you Mary Lou. I am the person who left the comment about mental health issues. You are perfectly right in your statement and expressed it in words far better than I. I did speak in general term to protect others. But the essence of truth is very much there. In Bristol the united kimgdome we became close to the NCw through a catechist. Because of the important position the catechist had been given by the leadership it was assumed the person was ok. But slowly along the way things began to show. Small things that were strange buy we did not take much notice. Then one day the catechist was demanding land, money, and cars, threats were made, and we later found out the person had lived in a mental institution buy die to government cut backs in uk social services, the home was closed and the residents allowed to live back in society. This individual became a NCW member, then a position and damaged good people. They went up in the leadership. But finally bishop Alexander of Clifton uk removed them all from his diocese. Please believe me Mary Lou I was not posting false stories, though I admit I should have expressed better. Sincerely .

    1. Anonymous (May 24, 2014 at 11:12 PM), I thank you for posting your reply to my comment, in which you provided another bit of information about how the NCW affects parish life. I am now reading the draft of "The Report Into the Presence and Activities of the Neo-Catechumenal Way in the Diocese of Clifton" that can be found via

      I am still in the process of reading the draft, but there is one thing I noticed. “Diana,” along with the Kiko’s/Kiko-bots who stalk this blog, love to point out the NCW has the support of 5 popes — one even claimed the support of 6 popes, including St. Pope John XXIII who died in 1963, before the NCW was established in 1964! — as though everything they do is beyond reproach. However, it must be noted from this draft Report that the “support” the NCW claim from Pope John Paul I is actually based on the time “… the initiators met John Paul I when he was the PATRIARCH OF VENICE and who permitted the NC Way to his diocese …” (my emphasis). Of course, with Kiko-spin the meeting with then-Cardinal Albino Luciani became the “support of (not yet) Pope John Paul I!”

      There are some “caveats” issued by Pope Paul VI as well as St. Pope John Paul II included in the full report, including:

      • Pope Paul VI’s January 1977 statement indicated that in the areas of institutional Church structures “… THE PARISH IS FUNDAMENTAL …” (my emphasis). In Guam’s case, this could be stated as “The Archdiocese is fundamental”;

      • During Pope John Paul II’s 9 December 1985 private audience with NCW priests, he cautioned, referring to the NCW, that “…THE COMMUNITIES CANNOT PUT THEMSELVES ON THE SAME PLANE AS THE PARISH COMMUNITY itself, as a possible alternative,…”. He also reminded the priests about the need in "… exercising your ministry so that YOU DO NOT FEEL SENT ONLY TO ONE PARTICULAR GROUP but serve the whole church …" (my emphases) something the Archbishop might not have heard in 1985 but should now seriously consider;

      • During Pope John Paul II’s 31 January 1988 visit to a parish in Rome, he stated: “… I think there is a way to rebuild the Parish on the basis of the Neocatechumenal experience. Of course, THIS METHOD CANNOT BE IMPOSED ON EVERYBODY … The PARISH IS THE BASIC COMMUNITY IN THE CHURCH.” (my emphases) Note the reiteration of Pope Paul’s 1977 “Parish is fundamental” message as well as the echo 25 years later by Pope Francis that the NCW “cannot be imposed on everybody”; and

      • Pope John Paul II’s 12 April 1993 letter of 12 April 1993 stated: "On the other hand, it cannot be denied that the Holy Spirit, by means of the Vatican Council, has raised up valid instruments with which to respond to the questions of contemporary man, and AMONG THESE IS ALSO the Neocatechumenal Way." (my emphasis) — clearly he did not state that NCW was "THE Way," but rather "A way."

      There is a Summary Press Statement regarding that report which is available on The findings include:

      • The presence of the NCW in the parishes under investigation demonstrated “… parishes lack unity and have declined pastorally …” (This is indicative of the Archdiocese of Agana)

      • The presence of the NCW in the parishes “… conveys a sign of strong disunity. … the Parish Communities as a whole have suffered in consequence.” (Again, this is indicative of the state of the Archdiocese of Agana)

      • “There is no discernible prospect of ‘inculturation’ …” (An issue raised in February 2014 by Pope Francis)

      Thank you again Anonymous @ 11:12 PM, for pointing me to the NCW issues in Bristol. Although these were findings in 1996 in parishes over 7500 miles away from our island, it is interesting to note that similar NCW concerns — disunity and lack of inculturation at the tip of the iceberg — exist today on our island, 18 years later. The main difference is that in Bristol your Bishop took steps to correct the NCW issues; here on Guam the Archbishop is at the ROOT of the NCW issues.

  2. Thank you Mary Lou. Can see you read a lot and happy you took the trouble to follow up my posts. Yes those years in Clifton were very difficult and as I read your story we had the same. The difference being the Archbisjop of Guam walks bishop Alexander did not. But Clifton had huge problems, the NCW divided parishes, broke up marriages, divided kids from their parents. They took land and property and caused so much pain. A lot of old people gave their wealth to,them before they died, which caused division further. So I simply say if you have old people in your town watch them. Make sure what happened in Clifton does not jaem on Guam. We in England who know what these people are about open junglewatch and see the, doing the same plan. It's very slow very subtle,then you wake up, and bang, they got you in their web. However, your lucky to have Tom Rohr he seems smart and knows their ways.
    Sadly in the end poor bishop Alexander was made so sick by them he asked them to leave. He was being ordered around by them, it made him very sick at that time, but it seems your reading the facts for yourself. Thank you for taking the time to follow up.

    1. Tim Rohr doesn't know shit about the way he just hears whispers so he doesn't even know anything

    2. One of the more intelligent comments I get from the Kiko's.

  3. Janet B - MangilaoMay 26, 2014 at 9:24 PM

    Our Archbishop is sick as well. His ailment is the NCW. It has infected his mind, and now it has also infected his heart. The NCW is the modern disease of the Church. The best minds of the Church must now start to look at cures to rid this disease from our parishes. But those in hierarchy who are in the NCW must be excluded because their ailment renders them unable to think rationally.
    We certainly see this in our Archbishop, and we pray other bishops do not fall victim to this terrible disease. Archbishop Apuron needs ER care, but he only seeks kiko cure. Sad. I hope a cure is found before he is lost forever.

  4. As a mother the greatest pain in life was when the NCW told me I was to withdraw from my son to accept a deeper love in following the way.when your son daughter family members become objects that stop you walking one has to cut them off. This is very hard as mother and caused me great psychological stress even today.