Monday, May 5, 2014


It has been rather quiet lately, hasn't it? What happened to the constant harping that I was spreading gossip and evil division? Hmmm. Maybe the facts had something to do with it? Of course, most of them have been presented before. And it really is a shame I have to do this again. But just so you know why I am, I am copying again the challenge below.

The original comment can be found here. It came from a person who had been harassing me and mocking this blog for several days. (It certainly sounds like someone "in the know".)
* You have seen according to your own premise. Show me the facts.
*What false allegations has the Archbishop placed against Fr. Paul? A Letter was sent to Fr. Paul for his removal and the reasons as to. Fr. Paul has denied it and this is where we are at today.
As you can see, this is the one we are now on.
*The RMS Seminary was acquired as a gift. The archdiocese did not invest a dollar into its acquisition. Show us the Facts behind the termination of the council, the reasons.
Oh, we're going to have fun with this one.
*The RMS remains a seminary for Guam and the World. All priests formed there are under the jurisdiction of the Archbishop. They belong to Guam, there is no lie in this. The other seminary was formed because Junee Valencia declined to be formed by a NCW RMS and the discernment continues for Junee who was also a postulant with the Friars.
Yes, that other seminary was formed when we, here on this blog, blew the cover on RMS. But really? A second seminary? Gonna have fun with this one too.
*Aaron was not lied to. What Aaron needs to do is ask how did Richard Kidd avail of his off-island formation? This is where the truth lies. I guess Aaron is not on Msgr Benaventes favorite list. It is true though, today Guam has two seminaries who the people refuse to support. By the grace of God and His faithful providence, it continues.
Umm, we really have the goods on this one. You're not going to be happy you brought this up again. In fact, this is the lie the people of Guam care most about. 
*Do you know why we have these filipino priests? Because Guam did not have enough priests. There was no one entering the program. These priests were brought to Guam but they somehow forgot that they were at the service of the Archbishop and the faithful. Record speaks for itself, almost all of these priests have refused and have chosen to be disobedient. I dare you to call any of these parishes that are housing these priests and see if they are willing to go beyond the front doors of the parish. Fr. J. de los Reyes continues to use his financial influence as his weapon to stay untouched in Dededo, hes actually been winning.
Do you really want to go after the Filipino's this way? Really? Remember, regardless of who you are, everyone sees this as though it's coming directly from the chancery. 
*Guam has not lied to the Extension Society. You do the math. We are sufffering and have been way before the NCW arrived. If you dont agree with the existence of the RMS then it is not worth the dialogue, you do not support it period. 
And why was Guam suffering? Do you think it might have had anything to do with the person that has been running the place for three decades?
*Your judgement of the Fruits of the RMS is a personal one and since you are very firm in those judgements, I will not waste my time. We dont need good priests, what we need is Holy Priests.
Why not both? Is this an admission that RMS priests are not "good"? Your words, not mine. 
Guam Catholics are not dumb. If youve never been taught basic math I cannot cite you for your addition mistakes. The same is with the vast majority of people who do not know the NCW, its not their fault that they criticize or persecute, but they do need to be given the truth. I am a member, I have experienced it, I know the truth. What I share is not limited to what I have heard, read or seen but also based on my physical and spiritual presence within the NCW. I stook around for more than one day, one month or even one year.
And that explains pretty much everything. BTW, obviously they didn't teach you to have the courage of your convictions or you wouldn't be hiding. 
You assume again that I am a person of church hierarchy, I am not the Archbishop. I am a catholic who can lay claim to a parish of my own. I have a community of believers who are sinners, people I can say, I know and share in their sufferings. I am a catholic who goes to Eucharist every Saturday evening and again on Sunday morning. I try my best to make it to daily Eucharist on top of the Word Celebration I have within the community. I continue to support our Seminaries, I do not withhold what I have been blessed with. I am a cheerful giver of my time, talent and treasure.
You sound pretty bitter to me. So you admit that you attend two churches. One with the Neos and the other with us regular Catholics. Thanks. 
I do not boast of my Natural Man, this man does not accept the things of the Spirit of God. So if you want to continue to acclaim your manhood, go ahead and be a man. Joy!
Not asking you to boast of your "Natural Man", whatever the hell that is. Just asking if you will boast of your "Christian Man", if you will put your name to your beliefs, otherwise they are worth nothing. Can't imagine the apostles using pseudonyms. 


As you can see, we are just on the first one and they have already gone quiet. Guess that order came from the top. Too late. EVERYONE WILL KNOW THE FACTS. In response to my first post on the Illegitimate Removal of Fr. Paul, this "challenger" quipped that I was making it painful for Fr. Paul. I don't think so. Does the Archbishop know who you are? You better hope not. 

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